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Published on November 24, 2013

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Behavior Assertiveness Responses


ASSERTIVE • Responding in an assertive manner will contain various acts and responses that will provide you with an opportunity to be heard, validated and respected. It usually ends with a form of assertion. • In dealing with being assertive, one needs to acknowledge and understand their tone of voice, terminology usage and body language. This will help others understand how an what they are trying to convey through conversation.

EXAMPLE • An example of an assertive response would be as follows: • “This project is important because it will determine your bonus incentive at the end of the year.”

PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE • This refers to an act of communication that is considered indirect and hostile. It is usually communicated in a confusing manner, where the message can be interpreted in different ways. • In being passive-aggressive, one should take a step away from a conversation and try to put their emotions or notions on the side or under control before hearing what another person has to say. Once they have taken the time to regroup themselves, they can then try to have a conversation with someone and take just the request for what it is.

EXAMPLES • An example of a passive aggressive response would be as follows: • “Oh, you just want everything to be perfect.”

AGGRESSIVE • To act or respond in a way that is intended to increase social superiority amongst an individual or group. It is usually conveyed in a manner which consists of a hostile, raised or forward tone of voice. • When acting in an aggressive behavior, one must understand that they are not only setting a standard of confusion or fear for other individuals to communicate with them; but they are also creating a barrier for themselves in dealing with other people. Should they want to interact or have to initiate projects with others, it is going to be difficult for the other person to respond to them. Making the cycle repeat.

EXAMPLES • An example of an aggressive response would be as follows: • “Your work needs to be up to company standards, or there will be consequences.”

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