IPv6 development in China

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Information about IPv6 development in China

Published on October 12, 2007

Author: Cannes

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IPv6 Development in China:  IPv6 Development in China Xing Li 2003-10-31 Outline:  Outline A brief history Experience CNGI project CERNET2 design China IPv6 Efforts:  China IPv6 Efforts 1998, CERNET-IPv6 Testbed 1999, IPv6 demo system funded by MST 863 1999, CERNET-Nokia joint IPv6 project 2000, NSFCNET funded by NSFC 2001, IPv6 Router funded by MST 863 2001, IPv6 MAN demo system funded by CAS 2002,6TNET by MII 2002, IPv6-CJ funded by Chinese government and Japanese government started 2003, CNGI project CERNET IPv6 History:  CERNET IPv6 History May 3, 1998, IPv6 on FreeBSD at Tsinghua University Sept. 1998 first BGP4+ peer to Sprint (MRTd) Nov. 1998, First 6Bone backbone node in China Mar., 2000 IPv6 BBS--6th Galaxy opened April 26, 2000 obtained sTLA (2001:250::/35 ) from APNIC Aug., 2000《IPv6原理与实践》published Sep. 25, 2000 CERNET joined IPv6 Forum Jan. 2002 DRAGONTAP IPv6 IX is running Jun. 2002 NSFCNET double stack is running Sept. 2003 CERNET2 test nodes are running CERNET IPv6 Testbed:  CERNET IPv6 Testbed pTLA in 6bone 3FFE:3200::/24 sTLA from APNIC 2001:250::/32 CERNET IPv6 (1):  CERNET IPv6 (1) CERNET IPv6 (2):  CERNET IPv6 (2) CERNET IPv6 (3):  CERNET IPv6 (3) CERNET IPv6 (4):  CERNET IPv6 (4) CERNET IPv6 (5):  CERNET IPv6 (5) CERNET and Next Generation Internet:  CERNET and Next Generation Internet IPv6-CJ Test-bed:  IPv6-CJ Test-bed IPv6 Challenges :  IPv6 Challenges Scalability Routing Functionality High performance Mobility Multicast Security Service Smart Device World Charging Model Transition China Next Generation Internet Project:  China Next Generation Internet Project Testbed Test and Measurement Network Services Demo Applications Commercial Services Network Equipment Need new backbones and new network protocol:  Need new backbones and new network protocol Native IPv6 High performance Mobile/Wireless More Secure Charging/Business Model CNGI Structure :  CNGI Structure CNGI Backbone:  CNGI Backbone CNGI Backbone Members:  CNGI Backbone Members CNGI IX:  CNGI IX First Phase Beijing IX CERNET CNGI Design Principles:  CNGI Design Principles Open structure High Start level Utilize the existing infrastructure International collaboration Long term plan Service Applications:  Applications Video ITS Gird Environment monitoring Remote control, virtual lab Advanced manufacturing Remote education, digital library Medical care Key Issues:  Key Issues Standard Large scale routing Massive terminals Compatibility End-to-end High-performance Large Scale multicast QoS Security Mobility Measurement Management Addressing and naming Transition Accounting and business model Equipment CERNET:  CERNET CERNET2:  CERNET2 CERNET and CERNET2 Comparison:  CERNET and CERNET2 Comparison CERNET2 International Connectivity:  CERNET2 International Connectivity Dual Stack(2002) : 1~100Mbps for IPv6:  Dual Stack(2002) : 1~100Mbps for IPv6 IPv4 Dual Stack(2002) Europe Australia Korea Japan China Thailand Malaysia Singapore Indonesia USA Philippines Vietnam Hong Kong SriLanka Taiwan

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