IPv6 Deployment in the Middle East - Amman, Jordan 2013

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Information about IPv6 Deployment in the Middle East - Amman, Jordan 2013

Published on December 15, 2013

Author: kleknes

Source: slideshare.net


Update as per November 2013 of deployment in IPv6, the new internet protocol, in the Middle East. By Kjell Leknes, RIPE NCC, Internet Registry of Europe, Middle East and Central ASIA.

Registration Services Update Kjell Leknes Registration Services RIPE NCC

Overview • Regional Internet Registries (RIR) and RIPE NCC • Use of the last /8 • IPv6 in the Middle East 2


Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) • Five RIRs worldwide • Not for profit organisations • Founded by membership fees • Distribute IPv4, IPv6 and AS Numbers • Neutral, impartial, open and transparent • Policies decided by regional communities 4

The Internet Registry System Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 12.06.59 PM.png

The RIPE NCC   Serving Europe, Middle East & parts of Central Asia Provides Internet number resource allocations and assignments, registration services and coordination activities  Started in 1992 by the RIPE community  Based in Amsterdam  Over 9,700 members in 76 countries  Provides technical and administrative support to the RIPE community

The RIPE Community     Open forum to anyone interested in the way the Internet is managed, structured or governed in Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia Includes businesses, government, regulators, law enforcement agencies, civil society, academia, private citizens and more Participation through mailing lists and attending meetings Various Working Groups

Use of the Last /8

IANA and the RIRs: IPv4 Pool

IPv4 Distribution The RIPE community’s policies for allocations from last the /8 apply September 2012: The RIPE NCC starts to allocate IPv4 address space from the last /8 The RIPE NCC can only distribute IPv6 address space ? Time Now RIPE NCC IPv4 pool exhausted

IPv4 Exhaustion

Last /8 Policy • Each LIR can get one final /22 allocation • Applies for both new and existing members • 16.000 /22s in one /8 • Returned addressing space goes into the free pool • LIR must already hold an IPv6 allocation 12

/22 IPv4 Allocations – Regional Statistics Total allocations: 192

RIPE NCC available pool

Need more IPv4 space? Three different types of intra-RIR transfers: 1) Mergers and acquisitions 2) IPv4 allocation transfers under the IPv4 policies 3) Legacy space transfers 15

IPv6 Distribution

IPv6 Distribution

Getting an IPv6 Allocation • Must be an LIR • Plan to make assignments within two years • Minimum allocation size is a /32 • Up to /29 without having to justify need • Existing /32 can be extended up to a /29 18

Getting IPv6 PI Address Space • End Users must meet the contractual requirements for Provider Independent (PI) resources • LIRs must demonstrate special routing requirements • Minimum assignment size is a /48 • PI space cannot be used for sub-assignments 19

IPv6 in the Middle East

IPv6: Middle East Regional Statistics Number of allocations: 377

IPv6 RIPEness A star rating system based on IPv6 readiness An LIR receives one star each for: 1) Holding an IPv6 allocation 2) Announcing the IPv6 allocation 3) Registering a route6 object in the RIPE Database 4) Setting up reverse DNS for the IPv6 allocation A list of all LIRs’ RIPEness: http://ripeness.ripe.net 22

IPv6 RIPEness in the Middle East 23

Summary • The pool of IPv4 addresses is depleted • The RIPE NCC now allocates from the last /8 • IPv6 deployment is more important than ever • If you need help filling in the IPv6 allocation request or have any other RIPE NCC related issues – come see me in the service center! 24


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