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Information about iPv4 Exhaustion Timeline - White Paper

Published on February 12, 2014

Author: Millitzer

Source: slideshare.net


iPv4 IP numbers are running out. December 2014 (this is February 2013) is the most recent exhaustion date. Will new iPv6 networks be ready? Will new services come to a standstill?
This paper may is intended to give the network provider direction.

iPv4 Exhaustion WHITE PAPER NCC International, Inc.

iPv4 Running out fast. But really, isn’t the problem overblown?

iPv4 As of December 2013.

iPv4 As of December 2013.

iPv4 As of December 2013.

iPv4 You may want to go back to the previous slide. What happens in10 months? Don’t believe me? Go here: http://www.netuf.net/p/ipv6.html

iPv4 Let me summarize: In 10 months iPv4 is depleted. Most networks won’t handle iPv6. Where will you be?

Hush Hush

Fill it up!

NCC International has… /16 Blocks For Sale

Pre-ARIN Unregulated Unused

▪ A /16 block equals 65,534 numbers in a single, contiguous, number block commonly referred to as either a “Class C” number block or a “/16”. ▪ This “legacy” IPv4 block is not subject to any Regional Internet Registry (RIR) agreement. ▪ These blocks were Pre-Arin ▪ The seller’s exclusive rights and interest in the number block has been fully researched and documented. ▪ The Buyer will acquire all the attendant rights of use, transferability and exclusivity. ▪ The sale and transfer of the number block is not subject to any RIR transfer policies. ▪ Due to the unique attributes of this number block, such as its Certification, its size, and the applicable global routing policies, to name just a few, this asset is both highly desirable and extremely valuable. ▪ NCC believes that due to certain security issues these assets may be considered interesting. ▪ There are no costs, no risks, and no hidden obligations to exploring this opportunity further. Contact Tom Millitzer 239-292-5550 Contact NCC for multiple blocks.

iPv4 Contact NCC International Tom Millitzer 239-282-5550 tomm@com-broker.com

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