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Information about IPTV

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: bswaroopreddy

Source: slideshare.net



Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Presented by B. Swaroop Reddy 12011J6077


What is IPTV?  IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.  It is a digital television services that receives both TV or multimedia services via Internet connection.  IPTV will provide better quality of service than Internet streaming video.  IPTV has the potential to offer an interactive, customized experience. Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 3

Origin of IPTV A Triple Play Service IP-TV CABLE (VIDEO) MEDIA Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH TELCO (VOICE) TELECOM ISP (DATA) IT 3/7/2014 4

What is not IPTV? • Video streaming over internet • Watching TV on your PC (Personal Computer) • IPTV is distinctly different from “Internet Video” that simply allows users to watch videos Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 5

Why IPTV? • It provides all digital, two way connected, unlimited channels. • Simple o EPG (Electronic Program Guide) o PIP (Picture In Picture) o PPV (Pay Per View) • Personalized o Parental controls o Account settings Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 6

Internet TV & IPTV Internet TV IPTV Transport Use general internet Use dedicated, private network Geographical Reach Can be access from anywhere in the globe Limited by service provider Service quality Not guaranteed Guarantees high quality audio and video Access Mechanism A PC with media player Set-Top-Box most of the time Content Generation Use own content Provided by existing TV broadcasters 7 3/7/2014 Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH

IPTV Services • Live Broadcast • Video-on-Demand (VoD) o Stored videos are sent to subscribers on request o Subscribers receive their own copy of the video o Subscribers can control playback – VCR operation Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 8

• In addition to the two basic broadcast categories, there are three basic fee structures for IPTV o Free o Subscription • subscriptions can cost as little as $20 and as much as $120, depending on the number of channels you want. o Pay Per View • Pay-per-view videos can cost nothing if the site is free, and major networks generally charge between $3 and $7 for downloads and rentals Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 9

IPTV Transmission • Unicast • Multicast Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 10

IPTV Architecture Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 11

Content Services in IP - TV Triple Play On Demand type         Interactive VOD Scheduled Play-out( n-VOD) Scheduled Capture ( n-PVR) Client side Personal Video Recording Pay per View(PPV) Games on Demand Time Shifted TV Others ( Music Download, Music on Demand, Karaoke on Demand, TV based internet access, caller ID pop up) Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 12

Content Services in IP - TV Triple Play Interactive type       Interactive TV Video Conferencing Interactive Online Network Gaming Interactive E-Learning Interactive E-Shopping Tele-Medicine Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 13

Content Services in IP - TV Triple Play Internet and Voice types     VoIP Browsing on TV E-mail/SMS/MMS from TV Caller ID Popup Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 14

ADVANTAGES OF IPTV Traditional TV Distribution Proprietary STB lease   Proprietary systems Tied to single STB vendor technology roadmap IPTV Cheaper STB   Broadcast architecture    No 1:1 potential without monumental upgrade cost Video delivery separate from data Difficult to integrate with Web/PC content and services. Little or no interoperability Scale efficiencies and merchant components will ensure cheaper devices and better availability Thin client will be embedded in various devices (such as XBox) 1:1 communication will enable    Targeted custom TV services and commerce Collection of usage data Simplified integration of IP content and services (ITV - weather, games, photos, music etc. on TV) TV integrated with broadband home devices  Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH The IP STB is the TV’s gateway to digital music, home videos and photos 3/7/2014 15

LIMITATIONS OF IPTV • High bandwidth requirement • Channel change time o It is the latency of response to requests to change channel, display an EPG(0.25 seconds) Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 16

Future of IPTV • TV set become a all in one box o Replace the PC for entertainment (Limit it for programming, documenting) o Everything (e-mail reading, FB, answering calls) from TV remote controller Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 17

Conclusion • Advantages o Triple Play o Interactivity o VoD • Challenges o High bandwidth requirement o Being compared to traditional TV – the gold standard o Channel change time • Still in the early stage, but an important factor in the video market place Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 18

REFERENCES WEB REFERENCES:  http://www.faqs.org  http://www.btcpl.net/  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPTV  http://www.althos.com  http://www.microsoft.com BOOKS:  Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies By Gerard O'Driscol  Understanding IPTV By Gilbert Held Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 19

Thank You Department of ECE,JNTUHCEH 3/7/2014 20

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