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Information about IPRRC17

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: MellyDodd

Source: slideshare.net


Welcome to the 17th annual meeting of the International Public Relations Research Conference! You can access the conference guide and program via these slides.

www.iprrc.org 17th Annual March 5-9, 2014 Miami, Fla.

Welcome! #IPRRC17 Welcome to the 17th annual meeting of the International Public Relations Research Conference. IPRRC is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing together public relations research and practice aimed at advancing the discipline as a whole. Throughout its history, IPRRC has become one of the top venues for presentation of new public relations research and for interaction among scholars and PR professionals.

The Venue The Holiday Inn, University of Miami 1350 South Dixie Highway (U.S. 1) Coral Gables, FL 33146 #305-667-5611 Why IPRRC? • The only conference devoted entirely to merging the scholarly and professional via research in public relations • Featuring informal roundtable sessions where participants actively discuss (and even contribute to) the research • Attended by grad students, professors and practitioners for real bridge-building between the academy and the profession • Limited attendance to facilitate interaction — during research sessions as well as social events #IPRRC17

Conference Format Roundtable Format: • Four presentations to groups • Total time: One hour Each Presentation: • 7-8 minutes presentation • 7-8 minutes group discussion Visuals: • No visual equipment provided • PowerPoint is discouraged • Handouts are encouraged #IPRRC17

Social Scene Be sure to use the hashtag #IPRRC17 for tweets, posts, photos, and videos during the conference. Connect with IPRRC for year-round updates via Facebook (facebook.com/iprrc) & Twitter @IPRRC IPRRC hosts two poolside socials (March 6 & March 8) that allow new friendships and collaborations to arise. The IPRRC socials also offer the opportunity to continue research discussions beyond initial roundtable presentations. #IPRRC17

Friendly Faces for First-Timers New to IPRRC? Because it has been IPRRC’s mission to limit attendance in order to facilitate interaction, you’ll find that many attendees already know one another. Attendees often make it a point to attend IPRRC year-after-year in order to stay in-touch with colleagues and friends! We hope you will connect with us and our Board of Directors/Research Advisory Committee Members during your time in Miami (http://iprrc.org/board.php). Dr. Don W. Stacks University of Miami Zongchao “Cathy” Li University of Miami Michelle Drifka Hinson Nue Medical Consulting @DonStacks @ZCathyLi @MichelleHinson Executive Director Conference Coordinator Director #IPRRC17 Dr. Melissa Dodd University of Central Florida @MellyDodd Social Media Director

Overview: Conference Schedule Wednesday, March 5 • 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.: Conference Registration (Holiday Inn Hotel Lobby) Thursday, March 6 • 8:10-8:30 a.m.: Opening Session, Dr. Don W. Stacks, Conference Chair • 8:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.: Paper Presentations • 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Opening Poolside Social Friday, March 7 • 8:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.: Paper Presentations Saturday, March 8 • 8:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.: Paper Presentations • 1:00 – 1:30 p.m.: Awards Ceremony • 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Closing Poolside Social ADJOURNEMENT UNTIL 2015 #IPRRC17

Thursday, March 6

Thursday, March 6 8:30 – 9:30 AM 1 Resource-based Public Relations Efforts for University Reputation from an Agenda-Building and Agenda-Setting Perspective YoungAh Lee, Wayne Wanta, & Hyunmin Lee 2 Reputation management of four African countries in the United States: Effects of Direct and Indirect Experiences Dane M. Kiambi 3 Do you Twust Me? -- Measuring the Impact of Social Media on Trust and Credibility Katie Delahaye Paine 4 Is Awareness Bullsh*t?: A Case-Study of Reactions to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Myleea Hill & Marceline Hayes 5 Corporate Social Responsibility: Perceptions and practices among SMEs in Colombia Nathaly Aya Pastrana & Krishnamurthy Sriramesh 6 Public diplomacy efforts with diaspora communities in the U.S.: Perceptions of Latino diaspora community members Vanessa Bravo #IPRRC17

Thursday, March 6 9: 45 – 10:45 AM 1 The Role of Public Relations in Social Capital and Democratic Engagement Weiwu Zhang & Alan Abitbol 2 From #mcdonaldsfail to #dominossucks: An analysis of Instagram images about the 10 largest fast food companies Jeanine Guidry, Marcus Messner, Yan Jin, & Vivian Medina-Messner 3 Perceptions of Public Relations Graduates Concerning Public Relations Degrees and Positions John Forde, Gemma Puglisi, Brad Rawlins, Kenneth Plowman, Bill Farrar, & Judy VanSlyke Turk 4 Banning Lifestyle Propaganda: Public Relations, Crisis Communication and Activism in the Wake of the Russian Homosexual Propaganda Ban Laura A. Mitchell & Denise P. Ferguson 5 Outline of a General Theory of Intermediaries Finn Frandsen & Winni Johansen 6 Introducing Cross Impact Analysis as a Methodology to Understand Stakeholders’ Reciprocal Influences Simone Mariconda & Francesco Lurati #IPRRC17

Thursday, March 6 11:00 AM – 12 PM 1 A Nine-Year Longitudinal Analysis Tracking and Measuring Social and Emerging Media Use in Public Relations Practice Donald K. Wright & Michelle Drifka Hinson 2 A PR ‘Meta-Strategy’ Based on an Examination of ‘Transparency,’ ‘Pseudo-Transparency,’ ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Trust’ Marina Vujnovic & Dean Kruckeberg 3 An Assessment of the Situational Factors in Promoting Public Health Communication: A Triangulation Design Juan Meng, Po-Lin Pan, & Bryan H. Reber 4 Responding to Negative Celebrity Endorser Publicity: The Case of Nike Osenkor Gogo 5 Does Ethics Matter? An Analysis of How Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts on Facebook Affect Stakeholder Perceptions and Intended Behavior Marcia W. DiStaso & Tina McCorkindale 6 Understanding Public Interest Communication: What It Does and How It Does It Maria De Moya #IPRRC17

Thursday, March 6 1:45 – 2:45 PM 1 Seeing Through the Golden Arches: Transparency in the Digital Age Prisca S. Ngondo & Clay Craig 2 Types of Media Relations Activities and their Effects Makiko KAWAKITA & Yusuke IBUKI 3 Cultural Discrepancies in Online Dialogue: A Case Study Of Starbucks’s Use of Facebook in the US, Canada, and Southeast Asia. Roxana Maiorescu 4 Every package we deliver also carries hope: Yamato Holdings’ post-quake rescue efforts Koichi Yamamura 5 More than just a gut check: Evaluating ethical decision making in public relations Katie R. Place 6 Publicity Under Siege: A Critical Comparison and Analysis of Content Marketing, Brand Journalism, Native Advertising and User-Generated Content As Challenges to Professional Practice and Transparency Kirk Hallahan #IPRRC17

Thursday, March 6 3:00 – 4:00 PM 1 Event Planning as Connection, Collaboration, and Community Building Ann D. Jabro 2 Public Relations Practitioners’ Motivations for Self-Employment: Testing a Predictive Model Ania Izabela Rynarzewska & Jay Rayburn 3 “Who Says What, in Which Channels” in Public RelationsExtension of the Situational Theory of Problem Solving (STOPS) in Terms of Multiple Channels Myoung-Gi Chon 4 The Syrian Civil War Crisis Analysis: Contingency Factors Displayed on the Press vs. Public Opinion Displayed on Twitter Ella Jennings, Namra Farooq, & Ryan Shamy 5 Corporate Communications from the CEO’s perspective: Experiences and expectations of top executives in Germany Ansgar Zerfass & Muschda Sherzada 6 Taming the Lions and the Lies:Penn State’s Crisis Response Strategies and What Trustees Need to Learn From Them Sally A. Chynoweth & Debbie A. Davis #IPRRC17

Thursday, March 6 4:15 – 5:15 PM 1 Risk Communication and Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs): Longitudinal Analysis of Emergency Response Awareness and Practices Robert L. Heath, Jaesub Lee, & Michael J. Palenchar 2 Under what specific situation is a transparent statement necessary? The Interplay between Preemptive Disclosure, Timing of Disclosure, and Image Repair Tactics in Food Recall Crisis Bokyung Kim & Seoyeon Hong 3 Embracing Advocates and Influencers: Practices of the Top Social Media Brands Kelli S. Burns 4 Stakeholder Engagement on YouTube: Corporate Use of Video to Introduce and Explain CSR and Sustainability Reports Denise Bortree & Melanie Formentin 5 The Effect of the Attacker’s Reputation on Reputation Attacks As a Function of Organization Transparency Anli Xiao 6 Untangling the Relationship Between Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Best Practices Perspective of PR Goals and the Use of CSR Initiatives Holley Reeves #IPRRC17

Friday, March 7

Friday, March 7 8:30 – 9:30 AM 1 How Health Nonprofits are Using LinkedIn for Issue Management and Dialogic Communication: A Narrative Analysis Yue Zheng 2 Towards an emic understanding of labor retention—A culturecentered approach to measurement development in the context of manufacturing labor in China Zhuo Ban 3 Assessing and Improving Employee Communication for a Polish Manufacturer: Channels Categories and Structures Alan R. Freitag & Jacek Trébecki 4 Public Relations Efforts in Social Media: An Examination of Corporate Partner’s Social Media Responses to a Partnership Charity in Crisis Christina Cameron & Michael Mitrook 5 Relationship Cultivation through Social Media: An Analysis on Relational Use and Adoption of Social Media amongst Colombian Top 100 Companies Jennie B. Pena 6 Corporate Responsibility in Postcommunist Eastern Europe Sorin Nastasia #IPRRC17

Friday, March 7 9: 45 – 10:45 AM 1 A Social Capital Model of Public Relations: Development and Validation of a Social Capital Measure Melissa D. Dodd 2 Dealing with Subsequent Crisis Response: An Evaluation of Transparency in Government Response to the New Jersey Boardwalk Fire Mimi Wiggins Perreault & Anli Xiao 3 What and How to Communicate for Effective CSR Communication: Predictors to Evaluate Effective CSR Communication Sora Kim & Mary Ann T. Ferguson 4 Communicating in the heat of chaos: A study of the stages in the life cycle of a crisis in the media Tulika M. Varma 5 Strategic Ambiguity in Crisis: Fracking Information Designed to Educate or Deceive? Kristi S. Gilmore & Sun Young Lee 6 The influence of crisis response strategy on perceived organizational transparency Ginny Chadwick #IPRRC17

Friday, March 7 11:00 AM – 12 PM 1 Capturing potential contribution of public relations to organizational success: An approach to evaluation of consistency in corporate messages Hinako Suda & Junichiro Miyabe 2 Examining Facebook Message Strategies during a Crisis Situation. A Case Study of Susan G. Komen’s Announcement to Defund Planned Parenthood Alan Abitbol 3 Corporate Tweets: Social or Parasocial Interaction W. Timothy Coombs & Sherry J. Holladay 4 Community Building and Relationship Maintenance Strategies: A Case Study of the Downtown Revitalization of Goshen, Indiana Grace Bonewitz & Minjeong Kang 5 A Comparison of Employment and Income to Economic Indicators Between 2007-2012: Is Public Relations Recession Proof? Vincent Hazleton & Morgan A. Hayes 6 The Influences of Transparency on Risk Perception in Regard to Nuclear Energy Lindsey J. DiTirro #IPRRC17

Friday, March 7 1:45 – 2:45 PM 1 Why Does Social Media Engagement Matter? Perceptual, Attitudinal, and Behavioral Outcomes of Organization–Public Engagement on Social Networking Sites Linjuan Rita Men & Wanhsiu Sunny Tsai 2 Cultivating Relationships through a Mobile Website: The Importance of Modality Interactivity and Message Interactivity Xue Dou & S. Shyam Sundar 3 The Pathways of Successful Entrepreneurial Women in Public Relations: Ethical Challenges and Modes of Practice Emma L. Daugherty 4 Building a Global Brand Identity: Analysing the PR Campaigns of Turkish Airlines Bahtiyar Ahu ERDOĞDU & Ahmet Gökçe ASLANER 5 Google’s crises: The role of culture in stakeholders’ perceptions of crisis responses Roxana Maiorescu & Andrew P. Williams 6 Agenda-building in corporate social responsibility: Analyzing influence in corporate crisis Young Eun Park & Sung-Un Yang #IPRRC17

Friday, March 7 3:00 – 4:00 PM 1 Telling the Untold Management: Transparent Leadership in Small Businesses HyungJin Gill 2 To Entertain or to Enlighten, that is the Question: How Institutional Ideals Resonate with Stakeholders in the Social Sphere Pamela Brubaker & Robert Wakefield 3 Cross-national ongoing crisis communication on social media: A comparative analysis of Twitter regarding Asiana Airlines crash crisis in South Korea and the U.S. Young Kim, Myung-Gi Chon, & Eunjin (ANNA) Kim 4 An Explorative Investigation of Consumer Empowerment in a New Media Age Zongchao Li 5 How nonprofits engage stakeholders: An analysis of the top 100 nonprofits on Facebook Hilary Fussell-Sisco, Tina McCorkindale, & Marcia W. DiStaso 6 Implications of Message Delivery Strategies on Sexual Assault Prevention Bystander Intervention Training Cate Cook, Jeannie Groeneveld, & Mark Walton #IPRRC17

Friday, March 7 4:15 – 5:15 PM 1 Exploring the Typology of Organizations’ Social Media Usage Eun Go & Kyung Han You 2 Does Green Strategic Communication Help During Environmental Crises?: The Influence of Personal Involvement and Crisis History on Company Evaluations Matthew S. VanDyke & Zijian Gong 3 Why Won’t You “Like” US? : An Analysis of University-Student Relationship Cultivation on Facebook Fan Page Engagement Yi Grace Ji, Jiangmeng Helen Liu, & Randall Martinez 4 Integrating Public Relations into Corporate Diplomacy: Application of the Relationship Principles Laishan Tam & Soojin Kim 5 Assessing the Reliability Metrics Proposed as Standards for Traditional Media Analysis – Phase Two Marianne Eisenmann, Julie O’Neil, & David Geddes 6 A Meta-Analysis of Effects of Attributed Responsibilities And Match of Response Strategies with Crisis Types on Organizations’ Reputation Liang Lindsay Ma & Mengqi Zhan #IPRRC17

Saturday, March 8

Saturday, March 8 8:30 – 9:30 AM 1 Exploring media practices in Vietnam: How to get public relations practices right? Tham Nguyen 2 Campus health inhibitors may harm the college/student relationship: A relationship management case study Cheryl Ann Lambert 3 Examining the Effects of Gender and Response Strategy in Social Media Crisis Communication: Evidence from China Zifei Chen 4 They Want to ‘Have It All’: A Survey of PRSSA Students’ Career Aspirations Hongmei Shen & Hua Jiang 5 Global Brands and Message Content: The Use of Images in Social Media Pamela Brubaker & Matthew Curtis 6 CSR dialogue on social media platforms: An analysis of CSR tweets Lina M. Gomez, Lucely Vargas-Preciado, Ramiro Cea-Moure, & Ismail Adelopo #IPRRC17

Saturday, March 8 9: 45 – 10:45 AM 1 The Role of Media Selection in Predicting Trust: Evidence from the Global Trust Study Alan VanderMolen, Michael Cacciatore, Juan Meng, & Bryan H. Reber 2 Understanding Publics’ Perception in Crisis Communication: A Public-based Approach to Crisis Communication through Situational Perceptual Variables and Third-Person Perceptions Young Kim 3 Practitioners’ Picturing Public Relations: Photovoice, Creativity, and Passion Amanda Kennedy 4 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication: Intermedia Agenda Setting Effects between News Releases and Press Coverage Laishan Tam 5 Confessions of an Angry Employee: Making a Case for Internal Public Engagement through a Content Analysis of Employees’ Anonymous Posts on Facebook Arunima Krishna 6 “Consistent Experiences for All”: The End of Guest Assistance Cards for Individuals with Disabilities at Disney Parks Jessica E. Wendorf & Randall Martinez #IPRRC17

Saturday, March 8 11:00 AM – 12 PM 1 Tweeting for your Second Amendment rights: A content analysis of how the NRA uses Twitter to serve its members and target its opponents John Brummette, Lynn M. Zoch, Nara Cavalcanti, & Sheena Palmer 2 Transforming the Employee for Corporate Strategic Orientation: A Theoretical Look at Transformational Leadership, Employee Professionalism, Scouting, and Microboundary Spanning Christi Larimer Eden & Soo Hyun Park 3 #socialmedia's #impact on #fortune500companies Cong Li, Don Stacks, Yi Grace Ji, & Jiangmeng Helen Liu 4 The rise of the in-house agency: Trends and best practices for leveraging effective internal-external agency relationships. Dustin W. Supa & Matt Kelly 5 Testing Immediate Effects of OPR Cultivation Strategies Nicole Lee 6 “Is that LinkedIn Account Mine or Yours?”: An Analysis of Social Media Ownership Struggles Between Organizations and Individual Creators Cayce Myers #IPRRC17

Saturday, March 8 1:45 – 2:45 PM 1 An analysis of undergraduate public relations education and the prioritization of skills and industry knowledge for new hires in an integrated communications world Michele Ewing 2 Hostile Internet Communities and Organization-Public Relationships Clark Carpenter & Staci Reidinger 3 The Rules of Engagement: How Donor Identification Relates to Donation Intention Bey-Ling Sha & David M. Dozier 4 Building online communities after crises: Two case studies Melissa L. Janoske 5 Repairing image of nuclear power after the Fukushima accident Tsuyoshi Oshita 6 Improving Grease Disposal among Latino Populations in North Carolina: A Public Relations Case Study Alan R. Freitag, Robin Rothberg, & Sayde Brais #IPRRC17

Saturday, March 8 3:00 – 4:00 PM 1 Gift-Giving Culture in Vietnam and How It May Affect Media Transparency Katerina Tsetsura & Tham Nguyen 2 Emotional tweeting: Using Twitter as a means of coping with uncontrollable crises John Brummette & Hilary Fussell Sisco 3 Using Appreciative Inquiry Research to Build Community During Culture Change Shirley Serini 4 Rumor Selection and Transmission: Applying the Situational Theory of Problem Solving Hyegyu Lee & Jeong-Nam Kim 5 The Evolution of the Congressional Press Secretary… As Public Relations Practitioner? Edward J. Downes 6 Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood: The Cost of NOT Understanding the Connections Between Cultural Values and Brand Values for Nonprofit Organizations Christine M. Willingham #IPRRC17

Saturday, March 8 4:15 – 5:15 PM 1 Citizens United Against Corporate Political Behavior? Understanding the Role of Social Advocacy in Influencing Public Perceptions and Corporate Political Public Relations Goals Heather LaMarre 2 Employees as CSR advocates: The role of skepticism Georgiana Grigore, Anastasios Theofilou, & Tom Watson 3 When the World is Watching:A Case Study of the Olympics as a Venue for Soft Power Diplomacy and Crisis Communication Kelly Vibber & Arunima Krishna 4 Alumni Commitment, Social Media, and Organization-Public Relationships: A Study of the University of South Carolina’s No Limits Campaign Diana C. Sisson 5 A “Corporate Social Advocacy” Approach to Gun Control, Firearms Violence: Attitudes Underlying Consumer Purchase Intentions and Policy Recommendations Melissa D. Dodd & Dustin W. Supa 6 Green Social Movements and Government Public Relations Efforts in Turkey Gülşah Aydın & Duygu Aydın Aslaner #IPRRC17

Corporate Sponsors Please join us in giving heartfelt thanks to our generous sponsors, many of whom will have representatives in attendance!

Award Sponsors Please join us in giving heartfelt thanks to our generous sponsors, many of whom will have representatives in attendance!

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