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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: Jolene

Source: authorstream.com

Recent Progress in ASON Technologies in the OIF:  Recent Progress in ASON Technologies in the OIF Joe Berthold President – Optical Internetworking Forum Outline:  Outline OIF Overview Control Plane Interoperability Demonstrations Current Work and Future Directions About OIF:  About OIF Launched in April of 1998 with an objective to foster development of low-cost and scaleable internet using optical technologies The only industry group bringing together professionals from the data and optical worlds Open forum: 100+ member companies International Carriers Component and systems vendors Testing and software companies Our Mission To foster the development and deployment of interoperable products and services for data switching and routing using optical networking technologies Output from OIF – Implementation Agreements:  Output from OIF – Implementation Agreements 35 agreements published to date Applications include: Control plane interfaces User-to-Network (UNI), Network-to-Network (NNI), Security & Billing Intra-office Optical interfaces Very Short Reach (VSR) 10Gbps & 40 Gbps Tunable Lasers Assembly and Control Intra-system Electrical interfaces Serializer/Deserializer-Framer interface (SFI), Physical-Link Layer device interfaces(SPI), Fabric-to-Framer interface VSR SPI SFI E/O Tx SER DES Framer Link Layer (Packet & Cell Protocols) VSR SPI SFI E/O Tx SER DES Framer Link Layer (Packet & Cell Protocols) Optical Control Plane – The Overall Benefits:  Technology Benefits Optical Control Plane – The Overall Benefits Routing Signaling Discovery Service activation Multi-layer resource control Resiliency mechanisms Topology discovery Path Selection Resource discovery Inventory management Control channel management Evolution from Requirements to Deployment:  Evolution from Requirements to Deployment OIF Interactions with other bodies:  OIF Interactions with other bodies IETF Frequent informal liaisons on protocol issues and activities Example: Ethernet traffic specifications Security Aspects ITU-T Liaisons for exchange of documents, issue identification Cooperative discussion on ASON-related Demos and Implementation Agreements MEF Recent liaisons on Ethernet-related work Support of MEF Ethernet service characteristics in OIF UNI 2.0 Outline:  Outline OIF Overview Control Plane Interoperability Demonstrations Current Work and Future Directions 2005 - Second Worldwide Demonstration:  2005 - Second Worldwide Demonstration World's leading optical technology carriers and suppliers 7 carriers and 13 vendors invested significant time and resources to complete the demonstration Collaborating to build a global optical network delivering Ethernet services Global Reach 3 Continents, 6 Countries Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific network connection set-up OIF Interoperability Labs:  OIF Interoperability Labs Beijing, China Berlin, Germany Musashino, Japan Lannion, France Middletown, NJ-USA Waltham, MA-USA Torino, Italy Technical Highlights:  Technical Highlights The network consists of over 70 nodes from 13 vendors in the 7 carrier labs Equipment includes Ethernet switches, routers, MSPPs, SONET/SDH cross-connects, OADMs, ROADMs Ethernet Services demonstrated: Ethernet Private Line service Enabled by OIF optical control plane Virtual Ethernet services (Virtual Private Line, Virtual Private LAN, Internet Access/Virtual Trunking) Enabled by VLAN tags Major Accomplishments:  Major Accomplishments Multi-layer call/connection control of UNI-N devices Orchestrates actions between client and server layers Controls Ethernet adaptation using GFP-F/VCAT/LCAS Creation of end-end calls and connections across: Multiple data plane layers Multiple vendors’ equipment Multiple carrier labs The major features (1) Ethernet over SONET/SDH adaptation and (2) distributed optical control planes have each been demonstrated before However, this is the first event bringing both together in an integrated fashion on a global scale Feedback from OIF/ASON Prototyping Work:  Feedback from OIF/ASON Prototyping Work Prototyping of ASON routing principles Participation by OIF members in IETF Joint Design Team IETF Routing Evaluation draft (RFC 4652) Followed up by IETF Solutions draft, in progress Example Areas: Flexible distribution of control and data plane elements Modified SONET/SDH bandwidth accounting Flexible Distribution of Control and Data Plane:  Flexible Distribution of Control and Data Plane Allow one Routing Controller to advertise for multiple Data Plane Nodes Result: Supported by adding Local and Remote TE Router IDs to the Link State Advertisement see draft-ietf-ccamp-gmpls-ason-routing-ospf-03.txt routing NE LSR Model routing ASON Model Modified Bandwidth Accounting:  Modified Bandwidth Accounting Under certain conditions, overall bandwidth does not reflect ability to support connections e.g., enough timeslots but not contiguous for a large signal type Result: advertise actual availability for connections at each signal type if appropriate see draft-ietf-ccamp-gmpls-ason-routing-ospf-03.txt Outline:  Outline OIF Overview Control Plane Interoperability Demonstrations Current Work and Future Directions OIF Optical Routing Activities:  OIF Optical Routing Activities OIF-ENNI-OSPF-01.0 Implementation Agreement approved 01/2007 OSPF-based Inter-domain routing within carrier network Uses ITU-T G.7715 and G.7715.1 ASON routing requirements Incorporates inputs from OIF Carrier WG Documents prototyping of OSPF-based ASON routing codepoints used for prototyping purposes prototyping example Points towards future incorporation of routing standards work from IETF and ITU-T OIF Optical Signaling Activities:  OIF Optical Signaling Activities OIF UNI 2.0 Implementation Agreement in progress Adds MEF-based Ethernet UNI service interface Ethernet Private Line and Virtual Private Line MEF traffic parameters (liaison with IETF CCAMP) Ethernet Label formats (liaison with IETF CCAMP) Ethernet bandwidth modification OTN and sub-STS-1 rate services OIF E-NNI Signaling 2.0 also in progress Ethernet support over VCAT SONET/SDH Bandwidth modification using VCAT group resizing Multilayer model derived from ASON work Ethernet Virtual Connection over VCAT:  Ethernet Virtual Connection over VCAT Domain C OIF UNI OIF E-NNI OIF UNI Domain A Domain B OIF E-NNI NE NE NE NE NE NE Ethernet Client Ethernet Client Ethernet Layer Call/Connection Flow VCAT Layer Call/Connection Flow UNI-N UNI-N UNI-C UNI-C Ethernet Ethernet SONET/SDH SONET/SDH Layer Call/Connection Flow added VCAT sublayer coordinates end-to-end VCAT group setup and teardown OIF Discovery Progress:  OIF Discovery Progress Prototyping work in progress Relies on ITU-T G.7714.1 Layer Adjacency Discovery specification Exchange Discovery messages over J0 Follow up with miswiring detection Node B 2. J0: (Node B, Port 2) Neighbor Discovery Node A 1. J0: (Node A, Port 5) 3. Verify Wiring 4. Verify Wiring {B.2, A.5} {A.5, B.2} OIF Security Work:  OIF Security Work Security requirements Driven largely by input from US Dept. of Defense For UNI, ENNI and Management interfaces Application of IPSEC and IKE technology Use of Syslog for event recording Documented in multiple IAs OIF-SEP-01.0, OIF-SEP-02.1, OIF-SMI-01.0 Working now with IETF MPLS/GMPLS security framework design team Come to ECOC 2007!:  Come to ECOC 2007! Thank you!:  Thank you! For more information on the OIF please visit www.oiforum.com

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