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Published on January 29, 2010

Author: heath.nicholas

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 2: It’s a Laptop! Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas Slide 3: It’s an iPhone! Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas Slide 4: It’s BOTH Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas And so much more! Slide 5: Introducing the Revolutionary iPad Touch Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas This changes everything… Slide 6: So What’s so special about the iPad? Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas Lets start with the basics: First things first. Anytime you tout a great new product, there is always a critic. The first 20 seconds after the launch announcement, people were already saying, so what, it’s a giant iPhone. OK, acknowledged, this device does do absolutely everything that the iPhone does, AND it is significantly larger. However, this device does not stop there. Let’s go beyond the obvious and see what else this extraordinary machine can do. The performance in this fine machine is FAR superior to the iPhone. There are double the amount of touchpoints per square inch than the iPhone, so the touch accuracy is amazing! Next, look at the graphics on this baby! We are oohing and aheing over these new super flat panel LED Televisions that are coming out because they are so thin. I say so what, this is a thin LED, with the extraordinary performance of a top of the line interactive human interface device. Slide 7: So What’s so special about the iPad? Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas Next let’s move to Strategic functionally: Apple has ALWAYS been an innovative company that’s set the bar for innovations in technology. However, up until now, they have gone to extraordinary measures to ensure that Apple, and only Apply played in the Apple game. The Monumental shift to an open environment became evident when they announced that the iPad comes UNLOCKED, and you DO NOT even have to sign up for a contract if you activate the 3G Data Plan. Not only do you not have to sign up for a contract, you don’t even need assistance activating the service. Just take it out of the box, and activate the prepaid service on your iTunes account. It’s THAT simple. Slide 8: So What’s so special about the iPad? Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas Apple listened to their customers: Historically, Apple has relied on their internal visionaries for the Product Development. There are some KEY areas which were big frustrations for average consumers which Apple hit head on with the iPadPricing: For a cutting edge product Apple has typically been priced as a premier product, making it out of reach for the average consumer. For cutting edge technology, the $499 Opening Pricepoint makes this product very affordable for MANY consumers. A way to get around sticker shock for cutting edge technolory is to offer a lower purchase price which is subsidized by long and expensive service contracts. Not with iPad. When you buy an iPad, it’s yours! NO SERVICE CONTRACTS! Although there are not contracts, Apple has made arrangements for VERY affordable service with AT&T, just $14.99 for 250 MB, or $29.99 for Unlimited! Slide 9: So What’s so special about the iPad? Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas Apple listened to their customers: iWorks lets ANYONE create STUNNING documents, even if you are not that familiar with Word Processors, Spreadsheets, or Presentation software. And for $10 a piece, you don’t have to be a business owner to enjoy having these professional capabilities at your fingertips. App for Everything! Because nearly all iPhone apps are already available, to the iPad. There isn’t much you can’t do with this thing. Imagine what this thing can be: Slide 10: So What’s so special about the iPad? Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas MyPad Apple didn’t create such a great device that anyone can use, Apple created a device that you can use however YOU want to use it. The iPad is not computer or a phone or a tablet or a portable dvd player or an MP3 player, iPad is a Human Interface Device you can interact with just by using your senses. See it, Hear it, Feel it, Talk to it, Touch it, or if you have to, hook up a keyboard and mouse to it. Here’s a few ways I have thought of using the device Slide 11: Internet and Digital cable Interact with the iPad Touch however is best suited to you Watch TV Just like you do today Or experience EVERYTHING you can experience in your iPad, on your TV as easy as changing a channel Make Phone Calls right from your iPad. Never hold a phone to your ear again Imagine the Possibilities Slide 12: Manage Your Shopping Slide 13: More to Come Slide Designs by Heath Nicholas These ideas are only brushing the surface of what can be done by combining existing technologies with the iPad. They are also centered around things that are part of MY daily life. The great thing about these new platforms is that they can be what YOU want them to be. What can YOU do with an iPad?

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