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Published on August 2, 2010

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Apple ipad : BY MR. BAKARY YABOU Apple ipad APPLE IPAD LAUNCHING : APPLE IPAD LAUNCHING Queue outside stores on ipad launching day THIS PRESENTATION INVOLVES: : THIS PRESENTATION INVOLVES: Introduction Situation Analysis Research Technique Competitor Analysis Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategy Marketing Mix SWOT Analysis Target Market INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION Apple is an American international Corporation, Founded by Steve Jobs on 1st April 1976 The presentation is about Apple ipad product extension Apple launched ipad in us market in March 2010 and worldwide market in June to July 2010 Ipad display is lot lesser than its physical dimension SITUATION ANALYSIS : SITUATION ANALYSIS Market Analysis Internal Power/Influence To ensure continues improvement of ipad efficient management is needed to train the staff Enough cash flow must be accessible to counter rivals should they emerge with their product in market Competent and incorporated technology must be engaged, directly link to processes, ipad orders and delivery SITUATION ANALYSIS CONTINUES : SITUATION ANALYSIS CONTINUES Micro Environment Porter's Five Forces Analysis Threat of New Entrants Threat of Substitutes Rival Competitors Bargaining power of Buyers Bargaining power of Suppliers SITUATION ANALYSIS CONTINUES : SITUATION ANALYSIS CONTINUES External Power/Influence The strategy to be engage will be control by the action of rivals, as any emerge product in the market will put pressure on ipad International influence-overcoming barriers among countries can enhance sale of ipad Demographic prototype- ipad is at introduction stage, only innovators aged 12 and above will favour it SITUATION ANALYSIS CONTINUES : SITUATION ANALYSIS CONTINUES Macro Environment PEST Analysis Political Economic Social Technology PRODUCT ANALYSIS : PRODUCT ANALYSIS Ipad is at introduction stage of product life cycle Ipad is demand by innovators and early adopters More cash outflow to increase product awareness SWOT ANALYSIS : SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Sufficient resources assigned to process the product Ipad is attractive to both men and women Ipad Superior quality to compete Previous products has good name/standing Ipad has enhance major technology Ipad is a Wi-Fi device SWOT ANALYSISCONTINUES : SWOT ANALYSISCONTINUES Weaknesses The product line is thin, incapable to develop in other market The price is high, which might switch customers to rival competitors Beginning new product while niche market is being directed by other rival competitors Poor advertisement plan, customers are not correctly introduce to the important use of ipad SWOT ANALYSISCONTINUES : SWOT ANALYSISCONTINUES Weaknesses continues Ipad lacks flash player, vital for web video use-nowadays 70-75% of internet videos and games run on flash player Ipad display is lesser compare to its physical dimension- 4:3 resolution ratio screen Ipad is a large gadget compare to iphone, does not fit pocket Ipad less applications compare to netbook and laptop SWOT ANALYSISCONTINUES : SWOT ANALYSISCONTINUES Weaknesses continues Ipad lacks multitask application-run more applications at a time Ipad lacks USB ports and camera-to import photos from cameras etc Ipad lacks HDMI-High Definition Multimedia Interface (audio/video) to convert uncompress digital information Ipad lack extra memory space-e.g. MicroSD-smaller memory card OPPORTUNITIES : OPPORTUNITIES Chance to exploit strong finance Build up excellent support for prospect money value Chance for rapid market development-education gadget talented to read eBooks Chance for developing market trend THREATS : THREATS Persistent market entry by new rivals Risk of not attracting intended customers-hence loss instead of profit Risk of rivals to emulate Exposed to the risk of business rotation Hard laws and regulations put on internet downloads COMPETITOR ANALYSIS : COMPETITOR ANALYSIS The competitors are Amazon Kindle, Netbook, laptop Rio Carbon- iriver H10 Their aim is to raise the sale of their products and become leaders of Mp3 supply in market Their current strategy is to sale their product at competitive price, returns, retain customer pleasure and top rival products through improvement Rio Strength- attracting customers with reasonable price whilst retain strong excellence RESEARCH TECHNIQUES : RESEARCH TECHNIQUES Secondary research technique adopted Data is sourced from apple websites Relevant data bases are also explored Other relevant websites also explored COMPETITOR ANALYSISCONTINUES : COMPETITOR ANALYSISCONTINUES Rio carbon weaknesses- new rivals, risk of lower market share due unfamiliar brand Netbook is slow and low quality display software Ipad is admired than Kindle, iriver H10, because market is well conscious of ipad MARKETING OBJECTIVES : MARKETING OBJECTIVES Leaders of Mp3 supply in market of operation Boost sales by 20% Gradually boost market share by 15% Increase department stores supplies by 10% Boost brand knowledge by 60% to prospective customers TARGET MARKET : TARGET MARKET Ipad targeted young adults especially age 16 and above Innovators and early adopters Grandma who often do not use computer Gear heads who care for devices Kindle holders attract with more trick gadget Iphone holders attract with better touch screen Mac holders attract with gadget better than iphone, less than laptop. MARKET STRATEGEGY : MARKET STRATEGEGY Apple ipad engage differentiation strategy The same marketing strategy as iphone and ipod Market the ipad in US, market to other countries after 3-4 months The product is market as high quality The marketing strategy target both male and female MARKETING MIX : MARKETING MIX PRODUCT Ipad is a mobile gadget that read e-books glance webs, write and receive mails Sight movies and photos Wi-Fi connectivity Battery last 10hours MARKETING MIX CONTINUES : MARKETING MIX CONTINUES PRICE Initially, ipad 16GB without 3G connectivity will be price at $499 Ipad 64GB with 3G connectivity will be price at $829 Six month later, ipad 32GB will be price at $399 and ipad 64GB will be price at $599 MARKETING MIX CONTINUES : MARKETING MIX CONTINUES Place Indirect distribution via intermediaries Transport the products by lease truck to intermediaries Warehouse the products close to intermediaries- for easy transport and minimise cost. MARKETING MIX CONTINUES : MARKETING MIX CONTINUES Promotion Advert on Television and Magazines with focus on: Target market Time to reach target market Attain the objective at the lowest feasible cost RECOMMENDATIONS : RECOMMENDATIONS RELAUNCH APPLE IPAD WITH THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONALFEATU-RES: Flash Player Camera HDMI MicroSD memory cards Wider Display Adapter for everything-USB Multitasking THANKS YOU : THANKS YOU IPAD Reference : Reference http://www.apple.com/ipad/apps-for-ipad/ -Accessed 30/08/2010 http://www.centernetworks.com/ipad-target-audience -accessed 28/07/2010 http://www.daniweb.com/news/story258545.html -Accessed 28/07/2010 -26/07/10 http://www.geeklyupdate.com/2010/01/29/apple-ipad-an-objective-apology/ - Accessed 29/07/2010 http://www.ipadinsider.com/tag/ipad-sales-figures/ -Accessed 27/07/2010

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