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Information about Ip Address Spoofing

Published on February 17, 2011

Author: kittukind

Source: authorstream.com

IP address spoofing : IP address spoofing B.RAMESH II-MCA 10028 What Is Spoofing?: What Is Spoofing? Spoofing refers to creation of IP packets with a forged IP source address Spoofing is for the Purpose of Spoofing is to conceal the Identity of sender History: History The Concept of IP Spoofing was Discussed in 1980’s Spoofing problem Arised due to in-depth Security problem in TCP/IP Protocol Suite spoofing can still be used and needs to be addressed by all security administrators. Applications: Applications IP spoofing is most frequently used in denial-of service attacks In such attacks, the goal is to flood the victim with overwhelming amounts of traffic IP spoofing can also be a method of attack used by network intruders to defeat network security measures Why Spoof the IP Source Address? : Why Spoof the IP Source Address? If sender has some kind of malicious intention and does not want to be identified so the attackers want to hide their identity, they need to change the source address Didn’t want reply back from the victim host Internet Protocol (IP) : Internet Protocol (IP) The Internet Protocol is a network-layer protocol that contains addressing information and some control information that enables packets to be routed Along with the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), IP represents the heart of the Internet protocols. It provides connectionless, best-effort delivery of data through an internetwork. IP Packet Header Format: IP Packet Header Format Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) : Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) TCP/IP is a set of protocols developed to allow cooperating computers to share resources across a network Because TCP and IP are the best known of the protocols, it has become common to use the term TCP/IP or IP/TCP to refer to the whole family. Initially TCP/IP was used mostly between minicomputers or mainframes. TCP Header Format: TCP Header Format Consequences of the TCP/IP Design : Consequences of the TCP/IP Design Obviously, it's very easy to mask a source address by manipulating an IP header sequence number prediction, which can lead to session hijacking or host impersonating This Design is employed in several of the attacks discussed below Spoofing Attacks : Spoofing Attacks Non-Blind Spoofing Blind Spoofing Man In the Middle Attack Denial of Service Attack Services vulnerable to IP spoofing : Services vulnerable to IP spoofing RPC (Remote Procedure Call services) Any service that uses IP address authentication The X Window System The R services suite (rlogin, rsh , etc.) Defending Against Spoofing : Defending Against Spoofing Filtering at the Router Encryption and Authentication Upper layers Scanning Counter measures for IP Spoofing : Counter measures for IP Spoofing Spoofed Packet Detection Tracing Spoofed IP Packets IP Spoofing and IPv6 Conclusion : Conclusion IP spoofing is a difficult problem to tackle IP packets can be exploited in several ways Although there is no easy solution for the IP spoofing problem, you can apply some simple proactive and reactive methods at the nodes

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