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Information about IoVolcanism

Published on January 21, 2008

Author: Tirone


McEwen Active Volcanism on Io Science 297, 2220-2221,2002.:  McEwen Active Volcanism on Io Science 297, 2220-2221,2002. 今週の科学2002.10.4 Facts on Io:  Facts on Io Jupiter’s Moon found in 1610 by Galileo Galilei Diameter: 3630km Mass(Earth=1): 0.015 Gravity(Earth=1): 0.183 Density: 3.57g/cm3 Orbital period: 1.77day Rotational period: 1.77day From Jupiter: 421,600km Voyager1 Expedition in 1979:  Voyager1 Expedition in 1979 volcanoes rugged mountains colorful surface rich in sulfurous materials giant plumes of gas and dust Nature of the volcanism sulfur volcanism burying a silicate subcrust or silicate volcanism and crust with thin sulfurous coating ~700K 1300-1450K (earth’s basaltic lava) Galileo Expedition from 1989-:  Galileo Expedition from 1989- First Io flyby in 1995 delay of launch failure in expansion of high-gain antenna tape recorder anomaly NO DATA Six flybys 1999-2002 some detectors were dead or degraded on NIMS Solid State Imaging (SSI) Near-Infrared Mapping Spectometer(NIMS) Galileo Image of Io:  Galileo Image of Io distant Galileo observations 1996-1998:  distant Galileo observations 1996-1998 found 41 hotspots above ~1000K all in the dark patches Six close Io flybys 1999-2002:  Six close Io flybys 1999-2002 hot silicate sulfur dioxide frost 150-300 major hotspots - lava flows - lava lakes -caldera-like depressions Dramatic eruption at Pillan Patera in 1997:  Dramatic eruption at Pillan Patera in 1997 4 April 1997 19 September 1997 400km lava flows (Arizona-size) 120km high plume High temperature ~1800K High temperature volcanism:  High temperature volcanism High temperature > 1500K Today’s Earth basaltic eruption: 1300-1450K Hottest terrestrial lava at 1700-1900K are ancient (age>2000my) The study of Io may thus provide important clues to understanding the early Earth Mg rich volcanism:  Mg rich volcanism The ancien high-temperature lavas on earth are rich in Mg Spectral data shows absorption band at ~900nm in dark patches = orthopyroxene spectra Io is an ultramafilc world? The idea seems at odds with mantle segregation…… Keszthelyi et al. (1999) Io’s lower mantle could be a crystal-rich magma ocean upper mantle would consists of orthopyroxene-rich magma overlying crust is about the same density of upper mantle hot mantle suppress convection in Io’s core - no magnetic field difficult to explain how Io first got into that state Galileo Today:  Galileo Today 32 days to Amalthea flyby Largest of Jupiter’s smaller moons - 270*170*150km - irregular “potato” shape Orbit inside the orbit of Io -Only 2.5 Jupiter radi Reddest object in the solar system

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