IoTMidlands #4 - Steve Priestnall from Movoball

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Information about IoTMidlands #4 - Steve Priestnall from Movoball

Published on February 4, 2014

Author: WMGSME



Movoball slides from IoTMidlands event on Tuesday 28th January 2014.

Contents Introduction Getting an IOT Product to Market What is MOVOBall Real World Example (Health) Summary Questions

How I Got From A Broken Chair


The Idea was the easy bit !!!

Process Not a Linear A to B

More Like Brownian Motion

The Ice Cubes since 2009 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Business Link 5 Day Assessment Patent Protection – Dehns UK Patent Plastics and Aluminum Manufacturing Consultant - Matt Powell Manufacturing – Berkley Plastics Limited Foam Inserts – RAM Foam Limited AluCast Limited – Aluminum Casting Serious Games Institute – Coventry University Exploding Phones – Andrew Long Growth Accelerator – Dan Licari Funding – TSB SMART POM - Proof of Market Physioworld Access to Physio’s for Market Research Fit Pro – Fitness Instructors - Market Research App Developer Magazine – Applications Developers TSB SMART – POC - Proof of Concept

Application Driven Device Internet Enabled (ADDiE)

Uses Accelerometer and Gyroscopes

Applications Drive Desired Behavior

Application and Data Platform Cloud Based - Big Data – Social / Community

Virtuous Circle – Improvement Cycle Research and Development Feedback, Assess and Change Comprehensive Analysis Technology and Applications Usage and Data Capture

MOVOBall - 3 Defined Market Sectors - Strategy GAMING FITNESS HEALTH CARE

Health Care Applications

Real World Problems – Lower Back Pain Facts and Figures • 5 Million Days lost LBP Per Year (40 Million Hours) • £1.1 Billion NHS Costs • £0.5 Billion Private Health Costs • 1-2% of UK GDP Lost Per Year (£200 per employee) • Number 2 Condition for Long Term Sick • Number 1 Condition for Manual Labour Jobs Recommendations Treatment Options • Physical Activity • Staying Active • Physiotherapy

Traditional Treatment Using a Gym Ball 1. Pelvic Tilt 2. Spine Extension

Traditional Treatments – Problems Encountered • Subjective not Objective (Exercises may differ from each Individual) • No historical Data, Bench Marks, Comparison Charts • Treatment Programs on a One to one or one few basis • High Degree of Health Care Provider direct supervision • Exercises difficult without supervision • Difficult to Innovate treatment based upon Individual Behavior • No Variation in treatment based upon Individual requirements

Application Design • Specific Application for Back Exercises • Tolerances and Goal Setting • Actual Motion and Movement Capture • Improvement Monitoring and feedback • Ensure Exercises are completed and regime followed

Examples Screen Shots For New Exercises

Monitor, Feed Back, Comparison, Reporting

Big Ball of DATA - IOT • Cloud Platform • Internet Enabled Cradles • All Motion Data Captured • Continuous Feed Back Loop • Continuous Application Improvement • Use , Observe and Analyse and Change • Comparative to base line and user types

Summary • • • • • • • • Viable Idea – YES USP – Application Driven GymBall connected to Internet Resources – YES Gymball and a plastic Wok Applications using Cloud Strategy – Licensing 3 Defined License Channels Prove it works - YES Patent Protected – YES Manufacturing – YES Per Unit Cost £15 Market Sustainable QUESTIONS?

The End

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