IoT-The Internet of Things

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Information about IoT-The Internet of Things

Published on September 4, 2016

Author: TusharSharma173


1. IoT is a term that represents collection of ideas, devices and processes. Each Things is represented by a device or sensor These things usually work together to create large solutions by sending and reacting to data from an ecosystem.

2. Drivers 1.Proliferation of low cost, smaller sensors and chips that can be embedded in anything and can communicate over the Internet 2. Advanced wireless networks and cloud infrastructure 3. Increased application development 4. An increasingly connected culture

3. •Challenges 1. Security and Privacy 2.Network speed/capacity 3. Standards / Interoperability 4. Management of Big Data 5. Application development / Partner ecosystems 6. Culture, skills, and business processes

4. Implications 1.New business processes / New business models 2.Leading edge companies will use IoT to develop competitive advantages 3.Leading software companies have a window of opportunity to develop new applications and services 4.The IoT will result in new innovative applications and services we can not dream of today. 5.IT will have to have Big Data figured out in order to take advantage of data streams from IoT 6.IoT makes securing the enterprise more complex 7.The Internet ofThings (IoT) is emerging as the third wave in the development of the Internet

5. 1.The Internet ofThings will be the largest device market in the world. 2.The IoT will result in $1.7 trillion in value added to the global economy in 2019. 3.Device shipments will reach 6.7 billion in 2019 for a five-year CAGR of 61%. 4.The enterprise sector will lead the IoT, accounting for 46% of device shipments this year. 5.The main benefit of growth in the IoT will be increased efficiency and lower costs. 6.The IoT lacks a common set of standards and technologies that would allow for compatibility and ease-of-use.

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7. Collect Communicate Analyze Act

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11. Information and analysis

12. •Automation and Control.

13. Some 30 billion object may be connected to the IoT by 2020

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