iOS 7 - This Changes Everything for Designers and Developers

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Information about iOS 7 - This Changes Everything for Designers and Developers

Published on June 19, 2013

Author: techahead



iOS 7 Is A Wake-Up Call For App Developers And Publishers.

iOS 7 - This ChangesEverything forDesigners andDevelopers

According to Business Insider, “iOS 7 Is A Wake-Up Call ForApp Developers And Publishers.” iOS 7 which is beingcalled the biggest change since the first iPhone by Applehas a new aesthetic which is "flat," with less shading,texture, and 3D-style effects in the icons and app design.According to analyst, Alex Cocotas, iOS 7 also does awaywith skeuomorphism, a design philosophy that advocatesfor digital tools to intimate the physical objects they replace.For example, Apples Notes application, which formerlylooked like a paper notebook is now having a non-texturedicon that is far more abstract.

Practically, these are the important changes which are importantfrom developers and publishers point of view:• Aesthetically, the changes are significant enough thatdevelopers will have to seriously consider aligning their appswith Apples new color palette and design choices.• iOS 7 also introduces new styles and concepts for app userinterfaces, which will create a lot of work for app developers.• These changes create a tremendous opportunity for publishersand developers to create iOS 7 apps that are more in sync withthe new paradigm and leave legacy apps in the dust.

Matt Gemmell did a nice work comparing some aspects of thenew UI style in iOS 7, against that found in iOS 6.iOS 7 represents a huge aesthetic evolution. The flattening ofthe user interface did away with a lot of shadowing. The resultis a much brighter color palette, giving the impression of acleaner overall design with more open space.Lets look at the side-by-side comparisons done by Gemmell inscreenshots on following slides. And yes, iOS 6 looks stale andcluttered by comparison.You can read full details on his blog.

Comparing the Contacts app in iOS 6 and 7, when viewing a contact’s information, you findthat iOS 7 forgoes borders, instead relying on colour to indicate interactivity, and dividers toorganise information. Controls are implicit, based on labels or icons, positioning, and havingvisual ‘energy’ via a theme colour

Comparing how Messages looks now, compared to its iOS 6 counterpart, one find that iOS 7isn’t flat.There are subtle shadows, lighting effects, gradients, and even new parallax effects. It’smore flat, certainly, but not two-dimensional.

The shift in style is even more apparent when you receive a phone call. Bevels, grip-handles,embossing, shadows, gloss, inner-glows and acres of hard button-borders.The chrome on theiOS 6 screen eats away 60% of the display, and very much has the appearance of an alert.Thenewer version not only lets you see more of the caller’s photo, but is a quieter presentation.

The Home Screen, and stock icon design, is much brighter and simpler than before.Althoughit’s not obvious from screenshots, the spacing of icons is different now, and the iconsthemselves are each a few pixels larger.The sacrifice of boundary in exchange for legibility canalso be seen in the icons themselves: their content is bigger in comparison to their total areathan on iOS 6.

Linus  Ekenstam  called  iOS  7  "worst  thing  Apple  has  ever  made,  period."Developer  Marco  Arment  sees  an  opening  for  the  developer  community.  He  writes,  "I  don’t  think  we’ve  ever  had  such  an  opportunity  en  masse  on  iOS."  Arment  further  explains,  most  developers  with  a  long  trajectory  in  the  App  Store  need  to  maintain   support   for  users   who   will   remain  on   iOS   6  and  maybe  even  iOS  5.  Reactions to iOS 7 by famous Designers and Developers

Most   developers   cant   afford   to   write   two   separate   interfaces,   nor   are  they  eager  to  blow  up  their  apps  and  start  over.  So  many  will  be  to  some  extent   aGached   to   their   old   design   and   user   interface   choices.     This,  Arment  argues,  opens  up  an  enormous  opportuniIes  for  new  developers  ready   to     create   "iOS   7   naIve"   apps.   Even   in   established   categories,  newcomers  can  take   advantage  of  the  legacy  players  flat  feet   and  rush  into  the  App  Store.Established  developers,  in  other  words,  cant  afford  to  hesitate.  They  need  to  go  all-­‐in  on  iOS  7.  The  dilemma,  however,  is  that  even  if  they  do  go  all-­‐in,  they  might  sIll  be  outgunned  by  a  newbie  who  has  beGer  adapted  to  the  new  design  principles.      What iOS 7 mean for Developers and Designers

The  core  philosophy  driving  iOS  7  is  a  refocus  on  content.  No  longer  can  developers   rely   on   embellishments,   colors,   and   visual   effects,   Gemmell  writes.  The  iOS   7  style  is  more   stripped-­‐down,  and  focused   on   funcIon  rather  than  form.  Apple  wants  apps  to  succeed  or  fail  on  their  core  offering  —  the  quality  of  their  content  and  services.How Developers and Designers can succeed?Credits:

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