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Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Peppar


JAXA Network Status Updates and CCSDS Infusion Roadmap:  JAXA Network Status Updates and CCSDS Infusion Roadmap Yoshitaka Taromaru Nobuhiro Yagi Consolidated Space Tracking and Data Acquisition Department Office of Space Flight and Operations October 25, 2005 Joint IOAG/CMC Reston, VA, USA JAXA Organization:  JAXA Organization Strategic Planning and Management Department Industrial Collaboration Department Public Affairs Department Assessment and Audit Office General Affairs Department Human Resources Department Finance Department Contract Department International Relations Department Systems Engineering Office Engineering Digital Innovation Center Safety and Mission Assurance Department Information Systems Department Ground Facilities Department Spectrum Management Office CSTD Organization:  CSTD Organization Local Station Katsuura Tracking and Comm. Station Masuda Tracking and Comm. Station Okinawa Tracking and Comm. Station Usuda Deep Space Center Uchinoura Space Center Remote Station Kiruna Perth Santiago Maspalomas JAXA Network Status Update:  JAXA Network Status Update JAXA Network Design and Operations Concept Consolidate former NASDA and ISAS network Streamline the operations and the network systems Demonstrate Data Relay Technology through DRTS operations Conduct strategic JAXA network system planning with consideration of aged facilities, trend of network/space system technology, and so on JAXA Network Consolidation Ranging/Doppler data exchange capability was developed and is operational between TACC (Tracking And Control Center: Tsukuba/CSTD) and SSOC (Sagamihara Space Operations Center: Sagamihara/ISAS) Internal SLE (NASDA and ISAS network) implementations are in progress for both TACC and SSOC, which will be operational in 2006 2 S-Band Antenna systems will be refurbished to support LEOP and normal operation phase; the refurbishment requirements design review was completed, and will be operational in 2007 4 S-Band Antenna systems will be terminated by 2007-2008 JAXA Network Status Update:  JAXA Network Status Update Cross Support Capability Demonstration ERS2 and ENVISAT/ESA: Radio License update is in progress SLE implementation MUSES-C specific cross support thru the SLE (Red Book) with NASA/JPL has been demonstrated SELENE specific cross support thru the SLE (Red Book) with NASA/JPL is implementing JAXA internal SLE (TACC-SSOC) implementation is almost completed This will extend and contribute for future SLE demonstration with IOAG member control center(s) JAXA Network Assets:  JAXA Network Assets Japan region Katsuura: 18m S, 13m S, 10m S Masuda: 18m S, 13m S, 10m S Okinawa: 18m S, 18m S, 10m S Uchinoura: 34m S/X/Ku, 20m S/X, 10m S Usuda: 64m S/X Tsukuba: 11m Ka (DRTS Space Network) Hatoyama: 13m Ka (DRTS Space Network) Overseas JAXA property Kiruna: 10m S Perth: 10m S Santiago: 10m S Maspalomas: 10m S Italic: to be terminated : to be refurbished JAXA Network Overview:  JAXA Network Overview Tsukuba (TACC) Sagamihara (SSOC) ISAS Office of Space Application Explorers Science Comm./Nav. Earth Observation S/X Band S/X Band S/X Band S Band S Band S Band Ka Band X Band Usuda Deep Space Center Uchinoura Space Center GN SN Hatoyama, Ka/S Band X Band S Band Ka/S Band Earth Observation Center Network Control Network Control Flight Dynamics SLE [TLM, TC] (JFY2006) S/C Control S/C Control S/C Control S/C Control ・・・・・ ・・・・・ ・・・・ ・・・・ S/C Control SERVIS-1, MTSAT-2, JEM, HTV, etc. DRTS, OICETS, ALOS, ETS-VIII, WINDS, GOSAT, etc. EXOS-D, GEOTAIL, MUSES-B, MUSES-C, ASTRO-E2, ASTRO-F, SOLAR-B, LUNAR-A, SELENE, INDEX, etc. DRTS S Band JEM/HTV JAXA Network Location:  JAXA Network Location Katsuura Tracking & Comm. Station [KTCS] Masuda Tracking & Comm. Station [MTCS] Okinawa Tracking & Comm. Station [OTCS] Usuda Deep Space Center [UDSC] Uchinoura Space Center [USC] Tsukuba Space Center [TKSC] Tracking And Control Center [TACC] Maspalomas Remote Station Santiago Remote Station Kiruna Remote Station Perth Remote Station DRTS [90.75degE] Sagamihara Space Operations Center [SSOC] CCSDS Standard Infusion Plan:  CCSDS Standard Infusion Plan CCSDS Standard Infusion Roadmap:  CCSDS Standard Infusion Roadmap

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