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Published on August 21, 2012

Author: Thomas_Atcheson



will see a team power a seven seated circular bike over 4000km around Europe and is the latest in a The European A-Z project is a series of charity events being run by Geoff Major. Find out more about the challenge and how to get involved,

1 Giving everyone the opportunity, the inspiration and the support to involve themselves on a personal adventure that challenges them and adds value for charity. So people can say “I did it” (because that‟s what happened to me)This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

2 Before I start, let me explain who I am Name: Geoff Major Age: 51 (but my children & partner say I look younger; bless) Described As: Normal Personal motivation: To push myself beyond what I could EVER imagine I‟d be able to do What Am I NOT: I‟m definitely NOT an adrenaline junkie …… and I run my small company, BlueDucks Ltd; have done since 2001, which is when I committed to share it‟s success with others. I called it the „Involve‟ ethos ( in case you want to take a peek)This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

3 Why did I decide to do Involve? Because I knew I was more fortunate in life than some. Period !This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

4 What has the „Involve‟ ethos achieved so far? 2001 - Since it was founded, BlueDucks has been committed to helping those who need a little extra support. This is why a percentage of profits are donated to specifically improve an element of their life or work. 2009 – the approach changed, but the end aim did not And what did this noble intent deliver? Some examples from 2003 – 2009 (donations of over £18 000 in total) At the age of three, Thomas Barton is the youngest child in the UK ever to be diagnosed with Pappilliary Thyroid Cancer. Intense treatment in July 2005 meant that Thomas was classified as being radio- active, and spent an entire week in strict isolation. Hard to comprehend as an adult and a parent, let alone for someone so young. BlueDucks is providing Thomas and his family with the opportunity for some quality time together by paying for a family holiday, in acknowledgement of their strength and humbling tenacity through the past and future challenges they face. First it was water storage, then it was sanitation and now in our third and final year of donations to the Trust, to support their work in Kisumu City in Kenya, it is transport. 2012 - Ski-trekked to the North Pole, at my own expense Never have a group of children been so thrilled at the sight of a second-hand LandRover! (raising £16 500 for charity) Keep up the good work Tim and Nicky. 2010 - Cycled across Cuba A friend of BlueDucks knows how important support at my own expense So what is ? can be so, without revealing any details of the (raising £3 400 for charity) incident, we‟re proud to say we now support the Samaritans. Sometimes an hour on the phone can change someone‟s life, so we will be supporting the provision of 100 hours of service from one of their facilities.This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

5 „Involve‟ needs to change, and here‟s why The voyage of discovery I took that led me to my polar adventure “Everyone dies, but not everyone lives” - Sachs The voyage of self-discovery I accidentally took in going to the North Pole taught me 3 things: - - I realised I‟m capable of more than I (and a few others) ever expected/gave myself credit for - I loved the challenge of the preparation as much as I enjoyed the challenge of the polar trek itself - Others were as enthused as I was about my achievement and started to think about what they might be able to do - I want to live life like never before -The definitions of „challenging‟ and „exciting‟ are a very individual thing (okay, so that‟s technically a 4th and a 5th thing)This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

6 What is „Involve‟ changing in to? A series of big & little adventures that people want to get „involved‟ with. Things which challenge & excite them as individuals, raising (or saving) money for the charities they want to support so, by 2020, we can try to provide £20m in value. It really is that simple (I think the big challenges are soooooo exciting; want to know about the first three?)This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

7 A big challenge every year up to 2020 October 2013 – With a group of 29 other intrepid volunteers (each paying their own fees), we‟ll trek across more than 100km of the desert in 35 degree heat for charity 2013 or 2015 – A number of these will race from Lands End to John O‟ Groats … and back For charity. And then we might „do‟ it in America. March to September 2014 – A series of paying volunteers will complete an A-Z tour of Europe on a 7-seater circular bike, for charity, passing through 14 countries. … and the 2016 adventure being scoped is a trans-continental epic; a world first !This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

8 The delivery of every single adventure takes a plan Excert from the current brief regarding the European A to Z tour Section 4. A DRAFT PLAN OF THE DELIVERY PLAN – seed funding has yet to be secured; all costs are currently being paid by BlueDucks Ltd as part of its current £10k commitment to the Involve ethos . Without matched funding, the June 2012-March 2013 deliverables are at risk.This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

9 “So tell me again, why are you telling me this?” I‟m looking for enthusiastic people who are excited about what I‟m doing and feel they can be of support in any number of ways (for example, I‟m here because someone is already intrigued, has offered their support & thought you might be intrigued too) In order of priority I‟m hoping for: - 1. Your interest (thank you for your time and patience) 2. Your enthusiasm (assuming all this makes you feel enthusiastic) 3. The opportunity to meet people you know who might be intrigued 4. Any of the following: - a. I‟m committing £10 000 of my own money to get the planning stage of the European A to Z tour completed, but I need at least matched funding. This could be as a £129 member of the „129 Club‟ or as a solus single sponsor. b. Any introductions to people you think might be interested in sponsoring a leg of the European tour (a single sponsor or a group of sponsors). c. Free goods and services, such as office space and equipment (a shopping list is available). d. Contacts in your network that could help with the supply of, sponsorship of or participation in the tuk-tuk race. e. Your participation in the Sahara trek f. A desire to hear about & help with future adventuresThis is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

10 “And the „129 Club‟; what are the benefits?” "After learning more about the ‘129 Club’, its an absolute no-brainer for us. I recommend it to anyone trying to promote their brand. We can’t see a downside” (Andrew Cuthbertson , Business Development Manager at Virtual DCS) To bring the 2014 challenge to life I need to invest 4 months of my life and dedicate my time to providing a compelling brief and business case, a detailed project plan and the first corporate European sponsors. To help with this, Im looking for a series of small planning sponsors (129 to be precise) who will each commit £129 in return for the below: - a) All company logo’s to be #ontheflag, to be photographed and videoed in a minimum of 25 European locations b) All logo’s on a stand at the Yorkshire Mafia 2013 conference c) All logos on all PR releases, with up to 5 sponsors highlighted per release (EVERY logo would be highlighted twice) d) 12 free places to take part in the final leg of the adventure, to be allocated at random to members; thats a 1:11 chance of winning a place that would cost £500 e) 3 lucky 129 Club sponsors would have their logo published in a paper or magazine article;This is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

11 To contact me and find out a little (or a lot) more … 0113 397 1859 07884 234560 is a Geoff Major presentation v2.0

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