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Published on November 20, 2008

Author: tgiuliani



A recent presentation to local chambers about investor development.

Investor Development & Retention

Agenda • Recruitment (Marketing) – Understanding the member – Branding – Unique buying proposition – Sales • Retention (Customer Relationship Marketing) – Invoicing & financial policies – Positioning – Staff involvement

Recruitment- Understanding the investor • Investor segments with similar: – Motivations to invest – Interest in benefits Segment 1: Business Builder Segment 2: Business Investor Segment 3: Community Builder Segment 4: Community Investor Action Step: Ask questions, set expectations, segment investor and benefits

Recruitment- Branding • Why do investors invest? – Productivity – Prosperity • Who are your competitors? • What do you want prospect saying behind your back? Action Steps: Identify competitors, define branding messages, incorporate into the entire organization

Recruitment- Unique buying proposition • Why will a company invest? Community Investors Community Builders Return on Investment = Prosperity Return on Involvement = Prosperity Business Investors Business Builders Return on Investment = Productivity Return on Involvement = Productivity Action Steps: Be different, consistent, simple and relevant

Recruitment- Sales • Implement a sales system – Set goals & priorities and set expectations – Establish a clear plan – Easy to manage – Accountability – Allow people to succeed • Set expectations (internal & external) and be consistent • Standard presentation • Offer training and incentives • Build a results-oriented culture *See ACCE Presentation

Agenda- Retention • Retention (Customer Relationship Marketing) – Invoicing & financial policies – Positioning – Staff involvement

Retention- Invoicing & Financial policies • Make it easy for investors to renew • Have clear financial policies • Be proactive during renewal time • Re-sell the chamber at each point of contact • Have a clear process for delayed renewals Action Steps: Make it easy- look at the process from an outside perspective

Retention- Positioning* • Be mission-focused • Communicate value • Honor your brand • Segment your investors and their employees • Build relationships deep in the organization • Allow for feedback • Manage expectations (P.O.A.) Action Steps: Build deep relationships, communicate value and manage expectations *Just ask Hillary Clinton, John McCain or Pepsi

Retention- Staff involvement • Incent the entire staff on retention • Not 1 person’s responsibility • Impact on growth of chamber if retention rate is 80% and 90% retention rate • Have fun with this! Action Steps: Build investor experience model across the organization

Economic Considerations • Relationships matter • Renewals have lower cost than acquisition • Communicate value, be mission-focused and re- position if necessary • Transparency (internal and external) • Focus on core business Action Steps: Show value and focus on renewals

Investor Development & Retention

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