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Published on September 4, 2015

Author: BertGrobben


1. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Investor  presentation September  2015 GlassAIRO The  Breathing  Glass® Company “Always  a  breath  of  fresh  air,  by  making  glass  permeable   to  the  air  we  breathe”   Confidential

2. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Objective  of  this  capital  fundraiser ü We  are  aiming  to  raise  funds  to  complete  Proof  of  Concept. ü We  target  to  raise  $500k  USD  /  $709k  SGD. ü We  set  a  minimum  of  $10k  USD/ 14k  SGD  per  shareholder. ü We  offer  a  1%  equity  ownership  per  $50k  USD  /  $71k  SGD   invested.

3. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Bert  Grobben,   PhD CEO   Yehuda   Yarmut,   M.Sc.,   MBA CBO,  Chairman The  Founding  Team  (Bio  in  addendum)   Amnon   Kritzman,   M.Sc. Inventor   &  CTO Bringing  together  +80  years  experience  in  glass   and  business  building  experience ü Porous  Glass  technology  expertise ü Technology  Transferü Business  and  Start-­‐up  development ü Early-­‐stage  investmentsü Incubator  experience ü Technology  and  Product  innovation ü Track  record  of  +$500M  USD  start-­‐ up  value  generated ü B2B  and  B2C  expertise

4. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Problem  statement:  glass  is  a  barrier  to  fresh  air. Glass Acoustic (Noise  reduction) Indoor   lighting (quality  and  quantity) Privacy (transparency   control) Temperature (Heat  /  Cold  /  Low  E) Rain (Liquid) Air (Preventing  gas  exchange   for  fresh  breathable   air) Pollution (Particulate  /  chemical) Humidity (Vapor) Ø Current  glass  windows  lock  in  stale  air  and  create  impermeable  barriers  for   outside  fresh  air. • The  properties  of  current  glass  technologies  drive  the  need  for  complex   mechanical  ventilation  in  the  spaces  it  encloses.  

5. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Problem  statement:  poor  ventilation  has  serious  impacts. • Mechanical  ventilation  systems  are  frequently  inadequate  to  deliver  safe  and  healthy   living  and  working  environments. • These  systems  are  equipment  and  energy  intensive  (to  heat/cool,  dehumidify,  filter) • Insufficient  ventilation  has  significant  physiological  and  mental  impact. O2 <18% CO2 >5000ppm O2 20.9%   CO2 ~350ppm Indoor Outdoor Fresh  air “used”  air • Very  impactful  air  quality  changes  happen   when  residing  in  closed  spaces: Ø Adverse  effect  on  your  body Ø Worse  attention  and  thinking  skills Ø Drowsiness,  Headaches Ø Up  to  Nausea,  lethargy  and  asphyxiation

6. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) The  Breathing  Glass® Company “Always   a  breath  of  fresh  air,  by  making   glass   permeable   to  the  air  we  breathe”   Our  Solution We  make  hydrophobic  window  glass,  selectively  permeable   to  O2 and  CO2, to  allow  indoor  levels  to  match  outdoor’s  while   preventing  penetration  of  humidity  and  pollution   GlassAIRO

7. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Breathing  Glass  – How  it  works • Breathing  Glass  is  a  treated  micro  porous  connected  channels  glass   technology  that  allows  gasses  to  migrate  by  their  differential  partial  pressures   on  either  side  of  the  glass. Ø Draws  fresh  oxygen  inside,  while  CO2 is  removed  to  the  outdoor   environment. Our  Breathing  Glass® O2 20.9% CO2 ~350ppm O2 20.9%   CO2 ~350ppm Indoor Outdoor

8. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Breathing  Glass  – Indoor  fresh  air  reinvented   Fresh  Air  passes   through  the  glass! Meeting  Building   codes   /   certifications Additive   to  new   new  technology Blocks   water (Rain  &  Humidity) While  no  compromise  on   “Best  in  Class”  glass  properties Compatible   with   current  float  glass   manufacturing Passive   technology   so  NO   energy  needed Helps  reduce   total  building   energy   consumption Acoustic   barrier   Noise  control Blocks   out  pollution Particulate  and   chemical No  compromise   on   Thermal  insulation (Heat  &  Cold)

9. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Glass  Market  growth  (Architecture  &  Automotive) ü The  total  float  glass  market  ($82B  USD  in  2015)  is  projected  to  double  by  2025. • Architectural  glass  (+80%)  is  valued  $65B  USD. • High  tech  glass  is  new  and  +$2B  USD (20%  CAGR  to  $6B  USD  by  2020). ~$6B $32B $26B $52B $52B 0.00 20.00 40.00 60.00 80.00 100.00 120.00 140.00 160.00 180.00 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 $Billions  (USD) New   Construction,   26 Retrofit   Construction,   26 Interior   Glass,  13 Transport   (Total),  16 Smart  Glass  ,   2

10. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Short  path  to  profitability  – positive  EBITDA  year  3 • Sales  potential  of  +$500M  with  $178M  EBITDA  USD  after  5  years  – turning  profitable   after  3  years; ü Achieving  10%  share  in  new  glass  technology  segment  by  2022  – further  upside  as   we  compete  for  every  ‘traditional’  flat  glass  surface  (+$10B  sales,  $2.6B  EBITDA). ü Delivering  margin  improvements  from  20%  to  35%  behind  process  optimization   and  pricing. $Millions  (USD) -­‐0.4 -­‐1.03 -­‐3.6 12 38 99 178 286 343 411 493 -­‐200.00 0.00 200.00 400.00 600.00 800.00 1000.00 1200.00 1400.00 1600.00 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Value  growth   in  Smart   Glass  segment EBITDA

11. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Intellectual  Property ü US  Patent  filed  – “Breathing  Glass”  Patent  Pending.   • Filing  PCT  within  6  months. • Expecting  to  be  granted  over  the  next  2  years. • There  are  more  than  550,000  patents  where  “glass”  is  appearing. • No  related  patent  could  be  found. ü The  Company  has  freedom  to  operate  in  this  IP  space. • Applications  in  architectural,  automotive,  industrial  (e.g.  greenhouse),   specialty  applications  (bioreactor,  sensors,  etc.) ü The  inventor  has    the  process  and  knowhow  in  permeable  glass  technology.

12. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Key  Competitors • New  application  fields  opening  up  – disruptive  technology. • Potential  players  with  R&D  capability  to  compete  are: - Major  players  in  Float  Glass  industry - Smart  Glass  developers - Other  specialty  glass  developers  &  manufactures

13. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Business  Model • Technology  and  patent  portfolio  Licensing. • Early-­‐stage  contract  manufacturing  and  supply/sale  through  partner  (JV  or   other)  sales  network. • Open  for  acquisition  by  major  glass  manufacturer. • Demand  creation  with  office,  residential,  health  institutes  &  wellness   organizations  .

14. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Critical  milestones Funding  cycle Milestone Capital  (USD) Round  1 Q3  2015 • Localization of  micro  porous  glass  process   • Initial  scale-­‐up  to  10x10cm  samples Demonstrate  meeting  technical  design  criteria   Benefit  demonstration  vs.  traditional  glass   $500k Round  2 Q1  2016 • Multi-­‐variable  optimization,  installed  cost  structure • Scale-­‐up  to  full-­‐size,  Manufacturing  feasibility Compatibility  with  SoA architecture  glass   $600k Round  3 Q4  2016 Pre-­‐Launch:   • Small  scale  Contract  Manufacturing • Beta  site  installation  –pilot  site • Multi-­‐variable  optimization,  installed  cost  structure $8M 2  years after  kickoff Launch:   • Full  scale  production   • Commercial  launch • Licensing Start  of  revenue Exclusive  license,  acquisition,  buy-­‐out

15. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Year  1:  Use  of  Proceeds Capital  (USD) Research, Development  &  Demonstration $230k   Operational  expenses   $114k Marketing  and  Business  development $65k Patents  &  Intellectual  Property  Protection $45k General  expense  &  Administration $46k Total $500k Funding  Cycle:  Round  1

16. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Investor  return  proposal • Deliver value behind a strong Intellectual Property portfolio and a proven business model. • Stream of Dividend to shareholders – expected by Q4 Y3. • Position AiroGlass for a buyout or acquisition by a major float glass manufacturer or third party.

17. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) The  Breathing  Glass® Company “Always  a  breath  of  fresh  air,  by  making  glass  permeable   to  the  air  we  breathe”   Thanks  for  your  engagement. GlassAIRO

18. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) |  Addendums.

19. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Bert Grobben, PhD CEO Bert is iro seasoned executive with a 15 year MNC track record (Procter & Gamble, Avery Dennison). Expert in consumer/customer insight, product and pipeline development, innovation strategy (Open Innovation and internal), continuous improvement processes, and portfolio expansion. Wide experience across FMCG and businesses, and fluent in leading across regions and cultures. Bert has a PhD in Life Sciences from Antwerp University, Belgium Amnon Kritzman, M.Sc. Inventor & CTO Amnon is an entrepreneur, innovator and director of companies specializing in the fields of Biotechnology, Biochemistry products, Medical Devices and Medical Instrumentation. He has over 30 years experience in senior management roles at medical device companies, starting with R&D leadership roles at Elscint and as VP R&D at Digitronics Ltd, Hertzlia. He founded companies in the medical device field, materials and Bio-­‐technologies, including OCT Ltd. utilizing his porous glass technology for gas analysis sensors, Sensiv Ltd. and Common Sense Ltd. Sensiv manufactured sensors and chemical analysis systems currently used by NASA. Amnon has a BSc. in Electronic Engineering and a MSc. in Industrial Management from the Technion, Israel. Yehuda Yarmut, M.Sc., MBA CBO, Chairman Yehuda has Over 30 years’ management, investment and technological experience, including more than 20 years in early stage management, investment & tech transfer. High level business and management experience in founding and leading start-­‐ups, business development and technology transfer in the areas of healthcare, life sciences, nanotechnology & semiconductor, software development and other disciplines. Led the first privatization of incubators in Israel (‘94-­‐’95) The  Founding  Team   Bringing  together  75  years  experience  in  glass  and  business  building  experience

20. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) History  of  glass  – 3500  years  of  “containing  and  barrier”  applications • Glass  has  been  around  for  millennia  but  always  as  a  container  or  physical  barrier. • Huge  progress  has  been  made  to  enhance  scalability  and  properties  as  a   transparent  barrier.

21. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Glass  Market  Size  and  Segmentation Global  Flat  Glass  Market (2009)   8.5B  m2 /  52  metric  T Float  Glass 47  m2 Sheet  Glass 3B  m2 Rolled  Glass 2B  m2 High  Quality  Float 29B  m2 Lower  Quality  Float 18B  m2 Projected  growth • 6.6%  annual  growth  till  2018  to  10B  m2 (3pts  ahead  of  GDP  growth) • APAC  biggest  growth  contributor   • US  window  market  recovering  by  10%  annually • WE  window  market  expected  to  recover  2-­‐3%

22. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Glass  Market  is  growing  faster  by  innovation • Increased  energy  efficiency   • Lightweight  glazing   • High  value  (extra  benefit)  glass  opens  up  new  applications  and   control  over  glass  properties: üThermochromic üSuspended  particle  device  (SPD) üElectrochromic (EC) üLiquid  crystal  (LC) üPolymer  dispersed  liquid  crystal,  photochromic,   nanocrystals,….

23. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Problem  statement  1:  glass  is  a  barrier  to  fresh  air. Glass Acoustic (Noise  reduction) Indoor   lighting (quality  and  quantity) Privacy (transparency   control) Temperature (Heat  /  Cold  /  Low  E) Rain (Liquid) Air (Preventing  gas  exchange   for  fresh  breathable   air) Pollution (Particulate  /  chemical) Humidity (Vapor) Ø Current  glass  windows  lock  in  stale  air  and  create  impermeable  barriers  for  outside   fresh  air. • The  properties  of  current  glass  technologies  drive  the  need  for  complex   mechanical  ventilation  in  the  spaces  it  encloses.  

24. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) • Mechanical  ventilation  systems  are  frequently  inadequate  to  deliver  safe  and   healthy  living  and  working  environments. • These  systems  are  equipment  and  energy  intensive,  or  not  safe  (i.e.  open  windows   in  high  rise) Problem  statement  2:  effective  ventilation  is  tough  to  achieve Ventilation Draw  in  Fresh   “outside”  air Draws  in  ‘humid’ air Tropical   climate (requires   ‘drying’) Draws  in  ‘cold’  air Winter  climate (requires   heating) Draws  in  ‘heat’ Summer/Tropical   climate (requires   cooling)“Always”  on! No  fresh   air  when   turned   “off” Draws  in  pollution (requires   continuous   filtration) Energy  and  equipment  intensive “Best  compromise   between   good  indoor   air   and  optimal   utilization   of  energy  efficiency.” Fraunhofer Institute

25. |  The  Breathing  Glass® Company Investor  Presentation   (September   2015) Problem  statement  3:  indoor  air  quality  rapidly  deteriorates   • Insufficient  ventilation  has  significant  physiological  and  mental  impact. • Exhaled  breath  contains  a  10x  higher  CO2 level  and  reduces  O2 to  16%.  This  leads  to  rapid  air   quality  changes  indoor. Impact  of  Oxygen   level: Ø 20.9-­‐19.5%   :  ‘Safe’   range Ø >19%:  Adverse   physiological   effects Ø 15-­‐19%:   impaired   attention  and  thinking Ø 12-­‐15%:   poor  judgment,   emotional   impact Ø 10-­‐12%:   impaired   respiration,   nausea Ø >10%:  loss   of  consciousness,   death   Impact  of  CO2   level: Ø No  clear  ‘Safe’   range Ø >350-­‐1000ppm:   acceptable   air,   Ø 1000-­‐2000ppm:   Drowsiness,   poor  air  complaints Ø 2000-­‐5000ppm:   Headaches,   poor   concentration Ø >5000ppm:   Increased  drowsiness,   lethargy Ø >40000ppm:   asphyxiation,   death O2 <18% CO2 >5000ppm O2 20.9%   CO2 ~350ppm Indoor Outdoor Fresh  air “used”  air

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