Investment opportunity for Cryptocurrency Investors on Telegram using Bots

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Information about Investment opportunity for Cryptocurrency Investors on Telegram using Bots

Published on October 29, 2018

Author: VitalButtering


1. Hi there! If you’ve been in the crypto scene long enough, you & your mates are probably kinda tired of the manipulative pump-and-dump schemes that are now rampant in the scene. What used to be a HODL till they BUIDL strategy no longer runs true as Bitcoin & Ethereum Futures, pump-and-dump signal groups & accredited investors/whales make the most out of these situations leaving us small-time investors bag-hodling and crying. Well, there's a way to now earn 2.8% daily on your principal + recycled investment for ETH, BTC, LTC, Dash, BCH and ETC! The principal and recycled investment runs for 60 days on a rolling basis and cannot be withdrawn, but any 2.8% compounded growth you earn on a daily basis which you don't recycle can be withdrawn anytime. Eg. you invest 10 ETH on day 1. By day 2, you would have seen a growth of 0.28 ETH. If you recycle 100% of that, your principal + recycled investment total on day 2 would become 10.28 ETH. By day 3, your growth would be 0.28784. However, if you choose not to recycle the 0.28ETH on day 2, your day 3 growth would be 0.28 and you can withdraw a total of 0.56 ETH by day 3. After 60 days, if you did not recycle your 2.8% daily growth, your total growth after 60 days will be 16.80 ETH. This means you would have earned a profit of 6.8 ETH on top of the 10 ETH you've initially invested! You can try out in small quantities first and do your math via a site here: For a video tutorial, you can check it out here: To start off with BTC, ETH or LTC, you can start here: To start off with Dash, BCH or ETC, you can start here: You do however need a Telegram account first, so if you’re not on it, set it up now here: Desktop Web: iOS application: Android application: Of course, you’d also need to have a crypto account wallet if you want to invest in any of the 6 crypto assets mentioned (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash & Ethereum Classic). Just do a Google search with the keywords: set up and transfer <your local currency> to crypto wallet for <crypto asset> and you’ll be on your way. The best way is to just ask a close buddy who knows crypto for help. If you're not sure about this or thinks this is just another scam, no probs, just ignore this and carry on your merry way and wait for the next moon shot or ICO/STO. But like any all-time-high opportunities, this opportunity comes only once and if you’re late through the gate, then it’s really your date, your fate, mate! So you decide.

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