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Published on March 4, 2008

Author: Peppar


INVESTING IN THE FUTURE:  Tom Smith Modernization Manager BWXT Y-12 INVESTING IN THE FUTURE THE MANHATTAN PROJECT:  THE MANHATTAN PROJECT Y-12 began as part of the Manhattan Project during World War II. Y-12 was built as a facility to separate U-235 for the first atomic bomb. Y-12 1943 Electromagnetic Process Y-12’S LEGACY:  Y-12’S LEGACY Provided the enriched uranium for the “Little Boy” to help America and her allies win WWII Y-12’S TRANSFORMATION:  Y-12’S TRANSFORMATION In the 50’s Y-12 became a nuclear weapons component plant. Transformation continued as Y-12 played a key role in the 70’s and 80’s nuclear defense buildup. AEC EVOLVES INTO DOE:  AEC EVOLVES INTO DOE DOE’s overarching mission: To advance national, economic, and energy security To promote scientific and technological innovation in support for that mission To ensure environmental cleanup of the national Nuclear Weapons Complex NNSA:  NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration—semi-autonomous unit of DOE Oversees the Nuclear Weapons Complex design laboratories, weapon components production plants, and the test site BWXT Y-12, L.L.C:  BWXT Y-12, L.L.C Y-12’S CONTRACTOR Enterprise of BWX Technologies and Bechtel National BWXT Y-12 Management and Operating (M&O) contract in place since FY 2000 Fourth in 60-year history of successful Y-12 M&O contractors M&O contract provides NNSA/DOE with the best industrial practices, specialized engineering talent, and mission-related partnerships. Y-12 BUDGET GROWTH:  Y-12 BUDGET GROWTH Y-12’s budget has significantly increased over the years. Millions of Dollars Y-12 TODAY:  Y-12 TODAY Workforce of 4600+ people 550+ facilities covering about 5.5 million ft2 FY 2004 annual budget ~$760 million Complementary work/technology advancement with other agencies Partner of regional industrial entities to enhance U.S. manufacturing capabilities Designated as a National Prototype Center First new production facility in 30 years (PPtF) New HEUMF under way Y-12 MISSIONS CRITICAL TO NWC:  Y-12 MISSIONS CRITICAL TO NWC Y-12 Missions: Ensure stockpile safety and reliability Respond to stockpile issues with modernized production capabilities Safeguard special nuclear materials Support nonproliferation activities Support U.S. leadership in science and technology Work for others Y-12’S PLANNED FY 2005 BUDGET:  Y-12’S PLANNED FY 2005 BUDGET Total NNSA Programs 802M $ NNSA Construction Program 83M $ Nuclear Nonproliferation 68M $ Safeguards & Security 102M $ Facilities & Infrastructure. 66M $ Defense Programs 483M $ Essentiality To Security:  Essentiality To Security Y-12 is essential to both national and international security. Y-12 SECURES LIBYAN MATERIALS:  Y-12 SECURES LIBYAN MATERIALS Y-12 SECURES MOST HEU:  Y-12 SECURES MOST HEU Y-12 secures the majority of DOE’s highly enriched uranium. SAFE AND SECURE SHIPPING:  SAFE AND SECURE SHIPPING Advanced Type B Shipping Containers Wings of Security Military transports of special nuclear material and other fissile materials PEACEFUL USES FOR NUCLEAR MATERIAL:  PEACEFUL USES FOR NUCLEAR MATERIAL Y-12 selected to supply Canadian reactors with low-enriched uranium. Essentiality To NNSA:  Essentiality To NNSA Y-12 COMPONENTS FOR EVERY SYSTEM:  Y-12 COMPONENTS FOR EVERY SYSTEM DISMANTLEMENT WILL INCREASE:  DISMANTLEMENT WILL INCREASE Dismantlement workload will increase fourfold between 2003 and 2006. 10/5/01 10/5/02 10/5/03 10/5/04 10/5/05 10/5/06 Week ending date LEADER IN MICROWAVE CASTING:  LEADER IN MICROWAVE CASTING Y-12 Leads World Microwave Technology. LEADER IN DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY:  LEADER IN DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY Real-time inspections at Y-12 enabled by expertise in digital radiography. HIGH-SPEED MACHINING:  HIGH-SPEED MACHINING WORLD-CLASS INSPECTIONS:  WORLD-CLASS INSPECTIONS Essentiality To Community:  Essentiality To Community Y-12 is a safe, secure, and essential part of its community. 20TH LARGEST TENNESSEE EMPLOYER:  20TH LARGEST TENNESSEE EMPLOYER INVESTING IN THE COMMUNITY:  INVESTING IN THE COMMUNITY BWXT Y-12 and its employees are investing millions of dollars in the community. WHY INVEST IN Y-12?:  WHY INVEST IN Y-12? Y-12 is here to provide national and international security. Y-12 is critical to the success of DOE/NNSA mission. Y-12 is a good and supportive neighbor to its community. DOE/NNSA-sponsored modernization is already well under way at Y-12.

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