Invest in Mobile App Development to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

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Information about Invest in Mobile App Development to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

Published on January 4, 2017

Author: paulcook159


Slide 1: Invest in Mobile App Development to Boost Your E-commerce  Sales Slide 2: Online shops have witnessed a surge of customers in 2016 as more and more customers are opting for online shopping to avoid the hassles of brick and mortar shops. Online shopping makes it possible can easily avail the special deals without braving the huge crowds. Furthermore, mobile e-commerce has surpassed e-commerce websites when it comes to generating revenues. So, get in touch with a  mobile app development agency  for creating your e-commerce app. Slide 4: If you are e-commerce startup then you might be thinking that why not become an app-only e-commerce store. Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes always; hence you must learn from others’ too. For instance, Flipkart treaded this path only to enable its competitor Amazon India to get ahead of the competition. Although, you can reach any part of the globe with a mobile app like  Flipkart  but it was too early for them to leave the desktop-only customers. The Mobile App Only Scenario Slide 5: Most users prefer to shop via a dedicated mobile app but today’s customers’ journey starts from one device and ends at another. You have to understand and map your customer’s journey in order to guide them to perform the action that you desire. The Mobile App Only Scenario Slide 6: Next, you might consider developing a  responsive e-commerce website  to make a one-size-fit-all approach. You must know some of the reasons why online shoppers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. Mobile apps can utilize the native features of smartphones like GPS, Bluetooth, camera, etc. Why Mobile App Over Responsive Website Slide 7: They provide users with hassle-free checkout and payments and users find it quite flexible compared to mobile websites. E-stores are easier to navigate via mobile apps rather than a mobile website on a smartphone browser. Why Mobile App Over Responsive Website Slide 8: Another advantage of mobile apps is that it allows you to personalize the shopping experience of your customers by sending push notifications about news or promotions. You can ask your  mobile application developer  to integrate mobile analytics tools to your e-commerce mobile app in order to understand the buying behaviour of your customers better. That data can be utilized to send personalized offers to your customers and boost sales. Personalized user experience Original Published on - Slide 9: Interested To Know More About? Mobile App Development Service Provider Mobile App Development Company enterprise mobile application development

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