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Information about inversion exercises

Published on July 13, 2008

Author: eoimarisa


INVERSION EXERCISES : INVERSION EXERCISES Inversion Exercises by Mª Luisa de Dios Perrino is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No comercial-Compartir bajo la misma licencia 2.5 España License. What’s the difference in emphasis between these sentences? : What’s the difference in emphasis between these sentences? It occurred to me later that I had made a big mistake. Not until then did it occur to me that I had made a big mistake. In the first sentence the emphasis is on the fact that a mistake had been made. The second sentence emphasises the time, the delay in realising that s/he had made a mistake Slide 3: So lonely did he feel that he went round to see his ex-wife for a chat. He felt so lonely that he went round to see his ex-wife for a chat. In the first case there is emphasis on the depth of the loneliness, whereas in the second in what he did (visit his exwife), unless we stress other parts of the sentence, for example “SO LONELY.” Slide 4: At the top of the hill stood a solitary pine tree A solitary pine tree stood at the top of the hill. In the first case there is suspense, what is there at the top? In the second sentence there is no special emphasis on any of the two places, the tree and the hill are both important. Rewrite the following sentences : Rewrite the following sentences He was working hard all day and all night as well. Not only…………………………………………… was he working hard all day, but all night as well (but also all night) He had never stayed in such a dreadful hotel. Never (before) had he stayed in such a dreadful hotel Slide 6: She didn’t spill a drop. Not…………………………………………… a drop did she spill They don’t spend much money on entertainment. Rarely do they spend much/any money on entertainment Slide 7: We had only just gone out when it started to rain. No sooner Had we gone out than it started to rain They discovered a cure for the disease by trial and error. Only By trial and error did they discover a cure for the disease Slide 8: They didn’t understand what the fuss was about until they saw the evidence for themselves. Only when… No sooner had he bought the car than it broke down. Scarcely… they saw the evidence did they understand what the fuss was about Had he bought the car when it broke down Slide 9: I didn’t leave the office at any time. At… I wasn’t able to find a room for the night in the entire town. Nowhere no time did I leave the office In the entire town was I able to find a room for the night

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