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Published on October 15, 2014

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A power point about the invasions into Europe.


2. FROM THE ROMAN EMPIRE TO IT’S FALL. The Height of Rome Rome, once it is split. Rome goes from the biggest empire of all time to being split in half- allowing for the invasions of Germanic tribes-beginning with the sacking of Rome in 406


4. VANDALS SACK WAY DOWN ROMAN EMPIRE TO SPAIN 409 • A Germanic tribe called the Vandals, a part of them, travel down Europe from the north to the south destroying what they go past until they settle in Spain for a number of years.

5. THE GOTHS SACK ROME IN 410 CE • The sacking of Rome by this Germanic tribe could be described as the beginning of the end for Rome as it showed the western half’s inherent weakness.

6. FIRST ANGLOS OR SAXONS ARRIVE IN BRITAIN 449 • The Anglos and Saxons were both tribes from the north, though it isn’t known which group arrived in the British Isles first, either one first arrived in 449 CE.

7. VANDALS SACK ROME IN 455 CE • Another tribe from the North travels down to Rome and sacks the city- actually their actions are where we get the modern term Vandalism from as they destroyed the city.

8. FRANKS UNITED UNDER ONE RULE 0F KING CLOVIS AROUND 466 The multiple tribes called the Franks are united under a single king, Clovis who is considered to be the founder of the Merovingian Dynasty.

9. ODOACER , UNKNOWN TRIBE KILLS LAST WESTERN ROMAN EMPEROR IN 476 CE • Odoacer, a leader from a unknown Germanic tribe, kills the last emperor Romulus Augustus of Western Rome, practically ensuring its fall as he is never replaced.

10. 400’S CE ANGLOS SAXON'S AND JUTES MOVED INTO BRITANNIA AS ROMAN EMPIRE DECLINED • As Rome declined (at least partially from being too big and their borders retracted) it left the British Isles open and for the Anglos, Saxons, and Jutes to conquer it.

11. LATE 400’S THE BURUNDIANS FOUNDED A KINGDOM IN SOUTHERN GAUL • In the land which will come to be known as France, a Germanic tribe called the Burundians found a kingdom in Southern Gaul.



14. SECOND PHASE OF MIGRATIONS BEGIN FROM SLAVIC TRIBES • Referred to as the Second phase of migration from the north into Europe, Slavic tribes begin their invasions of Europe.

15. THE VANDALS CONQUER EAST ROME IN 533 CE • Tribes which were a part of the sacking of Rome a century earlier conquer the Eastern half of Rome, now called the Byzantine Empire.

16. OSTROGOTHS CONQUER ROME IN GOTHIC WAR • In a war lasting from 535 to 553 CE called the Gothic War, a tribe called the Ostrogoths win and take the city of Rome which later will cause terrible effects to the Italian Penninsula.

17. 600-1000 CE

18. VIKING INVASIONS BEGAN 700’S • Groups of Vikings begin their invasions in Europe, though there is some of a focus on stealing from weak churches and isolated villages for their gold and valuables.

19. ARAB MUSLIMS TAKE SPAIN-711 • Muslims, in their conquests, take the Iberian Penninsula from it’s current Germanic occupants.

20. 732- CHARLES EXPANDED TERRITORY • The man who will eventually be known as Charles the Great expands his Frankish kingdom.


22. BIBLIOGRAPHY • • • • • • • of-2012-Olympic-Games-Scrape-TV-The-World-on-your-side.html#.VD64A_nF9yU • • Traditions and Encounters, fifth edition.


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