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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: boswellsam



Modelling personal letter for the start of a new school year with students in grade 7. Includes a framework for students to reply.

Year 7 Introductory Letter Writing Name ______________________ GLC8 Bullsbrook College Chittering Road Bullsbrook 6084 Dear Year 7s, I am writing to you to introduce myself and model personal letter writing. As your English teacher this year, I am very keen for us to share learning experiences, especially as I am also a uni student writing assignments of my own. We will be sharing what is happening with our learning regularly in class, and also I am in email contact with your parents. How have things been progressing on the secondary side so far? Already I can see that you are a diverse group of individuals with different habits, personalities, and learning style preferences: Some of you like to speak out, share ideas verbally, and participate; others are kinaesthetic (love your sport/ ball games/ movement around the classroom); while others are quiet, reflective types who prefer having a time bubble/ space to think before answering questions or responding. There is no one right way of being as a learner! So that I can teach the way you need to learn, here are my questions for you (answer them in whatever order you like): • Tell me about your background as a learner • What are your favourite things/hobbies? • Explain your multiple intelligences • List some of your preferred reading/ viewing habits • If you could be any brand, what would you choose & why does that brand reflect your style? • What do you hope for in English this year?

Year 7 Introductory Letter Writing • Name ______________________ Who in our class would you MOST like to work with, plus who do you think MOST distracts you from doing your best? • And last, draw me a snapshot of you at your very best….. This information will be treated in confidence, of course! I am looking forward to a terrific year of learning with you in 2014 and beyond. Yours sincerely, Ms Boswell Friday February 21 2014 Your address here (could use the same one I have used – our classroom and school!) Dear Ms Boswell, Thank you for your recent letter….. Introduce yourself here…. Dramatic opening comment a possibility….

Year 7 Introductory Letter Writing Name ______________________ Tell me how you have found secondary school so far (this is a response to my first question). _____________________________ Next, you will need to use topic sentences (choose the order which makes most sense to you): • My preferences as a learner include…. • My favourite things include… • As far as hobbies go, I really like spending my time… • I scored high on ____ for multiple intelligences. I think this means you need to teach me using ____________________________ • For reading and viewing, I like…. I don’t much like…. • If I could be any ONE brand, it would be….. because…. • I hope that in English this year…. • In our class, I really like working with… • I find that the person who most distracts me is…… • Please find enclosed my snapshot Don’t forget to sign off with suitable closing comments……

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