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Published on November 26, 2007

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Kyrgyzstan: People, Geography, History, and Cultural Heritage:  Kyrgyzstan: People, Geography, History, and Cultural Heritage Presenter: Exchange Scholar Mr. Taalaibek Karpekov Presentation Contents:  Presentation Contents 1. Introduction to Kyrgyzstan: Population 2. State Structure and State Symbols 3. Economic Structure 4. Landscape 5. Water Resources 6. Fauna and Flora 7. Provinces and Main Cities 8. History 9. Manas Epic Introduction to Kyrgyzstan:  Introduction to Kyrgyzstan Official Name: Kyrgyz Republic Area: 198,500 sq km (77,415 sq mi) Land Size: 900 km West to East 410 km North to South Capital: Bishkek Population:  Population Population: 5,117,000 (March 2003 est.) Life Expectancy: 64 years People: Kyrgyz 52.4%, Russian 18%, Uzbek 12.9%, Ukrainian 2.5%, German 2.4%, other 11.8% Religion: Muslim 75%, Russian Orthodox 20% Other 5% State Structure:  State Structure Executive Body: President and Government Highest Legislative Body: Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament consisting of two chambers and 105 deputies) Legal System: Constitution adopted May 5, 1993 State Symbols:  State Symbols The Flag The State Coat of Arms Economic Structure:  Economic Structure Major Industries: Small machinery, textiles, food processing, cement, shoes, refrigerators, furniture, electric motors, gold and other rare earth metals Agriculture Products: Tobacco, cotton, potatoes, vegetables, grapes, fruits, sheep, goats, cattle, wool Major Trading Partners: China, UK, Turkey, Cuba, USA, Germany GDP Per Capita: $2,300 (1999 est.) Landscape:  Landscape Picturesque Mountainous Land: Almost 60% of the land is over 1,500 m (4,920 ft) above sea level. 40% over 3,000 m (9,840 ft) There are 86 different mountains. Highest Peaks: Peak Pobeda (7,439 m) Peak Lenin (7,134 m) Khan-Tengry (6,995 m) Drujba Peak (6,800 m) Peak Pobeda (Victory Peak) 7,439 m:  Peak Pobeda (Victory Peak) 7,439 m The Mountains :  The Mountains Water Resources:  Water Resources Water Resources: Lakes – 71% Glaciers – 26% Rivers – 2% Underground - 1% Glaciers: 8,208 glaciers (total) 8,169 sq km are covered in ice, which equals 4,2% of the entire territory Longest Rivers: Naryn, Karadariya, Chu, Talas, Chatkal, Kyzylsuu, and Sary-Jazz; Lakes:  Lakes Largest Lakes: Issyk-Kul, Sonkul, and Chatyrkul Issyk-Kul Lake: - Situated at 1,600 m above sea level - It stretches 178 km in length and is 60 km in width - The total area is 6,200 sq km - The temperature: + 4 C in the winter + 24 C in the summer Fauna and Flora:  Fauna and Flora Over 4000 species of plants are found in Kyrgyzstan. The fauna is home to over 300 different insects: - 86 species of daytime butterflies; - 87 species of ants; - 33 species of bees; - 250 species of cicadas Flora and Fauna:  Flora and Fauna 49 different species of fish 335 different species of birds 83 different species of mammals These include, the rare animals red wolf, maral, snow leopard, Tien-Shan brown bear, Tien-Shan mountain sheep (arkhar) Map of Kyrgyzstan:  Map of Kyrgyzstan Provinces and Main Cities:  Provinces and Main Cities Bishkek: The capital of Kyrgyz Republic Chui Region: Area: 18,684 sq km Population: 763,400 people Administrative Center: Bishkek Issyk-Kul Region: Area: 43,144 sq km Population: 427,00 people Administrative Center: Kara-Kol Provinces and Main Cities:  Provinces and Main Cities Jalal-Abad Region: Area: 33,647 sq km Population: 842,000 people Administrative Center: Jalal-Abad Naryn Region: Area: 46,706 sq km Population: 263,000 people Administrative Center: Naryn Provinces and Main Cities:  Provinces and Main Cities Osh Region: Administrative Center: Osh Talas Region: Area: 11,145 sq km Population: 210,000 people Administrative Center: Talas Batken Region: Administrative Center Batken History:  History Ancient History Spans from about the 6th century BC to the 5th century AD The earliest notable residents of what is now Kyrgyzstan were Saka warrior tribes In the 4th – 3rd centuries BC the ancient Kyrgyz were part of the strong nomadic tribal union In the 2nd – 1st centuries BC a part of the Kyrgyz tribes moved to Enisey and Baikal History:  History Events of the Middle Ages: In the 5th century the nomads inhabited Northern Kyrgyzstan and began a more settled way of life From the beginning to the mid 10th century, is referred to as the period of power of the Great Kyrgyz Khanat In 1863 – 1873: Kyrgyz tribes joined the Russian Empire Map of Asia:  Map of Asia History:  History 1918 began the Soviet Period: Kyrgyz lands became part of the Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (ASSR) in 1918 In 1936 they changed to Kyrgyz SSR The breakup of the USSR in 1991 was the beginning of the Independent Kyrgyzstan History :  History Establishment of the Independent Kyrgyz Republic: 1990: Askar Akayev was elected president 1991: Declaration of Independence 1993: First Constitution was adopted 1993: National currency (Kyrgyz Som) was introduced Manas Epic:  Manas Epic The epic "Manas" is a genuine epic creation and the greatest cultural treasure of the Kyrgyz people The Manas is 20 times older than the “Iliad” and “Odyssey”. Moreover, it is more than twice as old as the Mahabarata, the Hindu epic The "Manas" epic consists of three parts: 1. Manas 2. Semetei (son of Manas) 3. Seitek The epos contains a lot of historical data which can be found in written scriptures of the Middle Ages. Manas Epic:  Manas Epic A manaschi - story-teller of Manas – performs the epic in a singing voice without being accompanied by any musical instrument Famous manaschis are: Nooruz, Jaisan-yrchy, S. Orosbakov, Togolok Moldo, S. Karalaev and others First mention of Manas Epic dates back to 16th century, by Phergana writer Saif Ad-din Akshikendi Manas Epic:  Manas Epic Main Characters: Outward Appearance Mirrors Inner Character 1. MANAS Fearless, patriotic, strong, heroic, leader in battle, generous, honest, simple, just 2. ALMAMBET Knowledgeable, strong, heroic, longs for homeland, just, honest 3. CHUBAK – Skilled soldier, honest, hot-tempered, simple-minded 4. BAKAI Clever, sage, advisor and teacher to Manas 5. KANYKEI Clever wife, skilled sewer, ideal wife (even enemies praise her), generous, hospitable 6. KONGURBAI Chinese khan equal to Manas in strength and intelligence but morally lower, main enemy, shrewd The Beginning of the Fairy Tale:  The Beginning of the Fairy Tale Oh, oh, oh, the ancient fairy tale It is a high time to begin it. The Fairy tale of the olden times It is just time to remember it. We will speak much for fearless Manas's sake. We will tell you energetically for the sake of Manas's memory. Why not begin the fairy tale of your ancestors? How can we leave unvoiced The fairy tale of your fathers? The event which has been known since the olden times Should be narrated now. Jakyp's Sorrow:  Jakyp's Sorrow A child is the host of the world, If there is no child left after you There is little use from the wealth It is like a destroyed house. ____________________ * Jakyp father of Manas Manas's Birth :  Manas's Birth Membranes water ran fast the baby's voice was heard! He gave a butt to his mother's womb And he was born with his hands full of blood. Manas's First Rage :  Manas's First Rage Out of six detachments of the Kalmaks The young Manas annihilated not less than 400. Manas's Victory Over Khan Shooruk :  Manas's Victory Over Khan Shooruk 84 times in group of one thousand All was enveloped in flame Nobody escaped from death In the war in Alai Manas's Arrival at Talas :  Manas's Arrival at Talas There is a vast valley land of plenty The old man Bakai said: Let Manas be the master of Talas Manas's and his Forty Fellow Fighters :  Manas's and his Forty Fellow Fighters Between Andijan and Kashkar In the high mountains of Ala-Too There are many wild animals. The eagle was let out with a scream And the yelping dogs. Hue and cry at the hunting Everybody takes a great interest in what is going on around. Almambet's Meeting of Manas :  Almambet's Meeting of Manas He is support of tunduk* If you set out, he is your friend If you lose you way, he will help you If you attack your enemy, He is a tiger for you. He has wonderful character traits He is your loyal friend. Almambet is coming nearer I see him. his character, his menacing look is like the one of a tiger. ________________________ * A hole in the upper part of the house made of chi Kanykei :  Kanykei Her waist is like young of camel's The eyebrows are curved like chi* she has a large forehead, black eyes Her speech is sweet. Her back is sloping, her bosom is like wild ram's, She is write faced, her eyes are like young of camel's. Her rosy face shines Her slender waist sways. ___________ *Steppe grass Chubak :  Chubak Chubak, Akbalty's son, He is from noble beks* Always calm he is. He is equal in ability with Manas himself. ______________ *One of the military titles Bakai:  Bakai If he goes in advance - he is lucky, If he is behind- he is an innumerable army. Thank You for Your Time and Interest:  Thank You for Your Time and Interest

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