Introduction to WSO2 Storage Server

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Information about Introduction to WSO2 Storage Server

Published on February 27, 2014




Introduc3on   to   WSO2  Storage  Server   Prabath  Abeysekara   Associate  Technical  Lead     Dhanuka  Ranasinghe   Senior  So:ware  Engineer   27th  Feb,  2014  

About  the  Presenter(s)   ๏  Prabath  Abeysekara,   Associate  Technical  Lead   ๏  Dhanuka  Ranasinghe   Senior  SoHware  Engineer   2  

About  WSO2   ๏  ๏  Global  enterprise,  founded  in  2005  by   acknowledged  leaders  in  XML,  web   services    technologies,  standards    and   open  source   Provides  only  open  source  plaQorm-­‐as-­‐ a-­‐service  for  private,  public  and  hybrid   cloud  deployments   ๏  ๏  3   All  WSO2  products  are  100%  open   source  and  released  under  the  Apache   License  Version  2.0.   Is  an  Ac3ve  Member  of  OASIS,  Cloud   Security  Alliance,  OSGi  Alliance,  AMQP   Working  Group,  OpenID  Founda3on   and  W3C.   ๏  Driven  by  Innova3on   ๏  Launched  first  open  source  API   Management  solu3on  in  2012   ๏  Launched  App  Factory  in  2Q  2013   ๏  Launched  Enterprise  Store  and   first  open  source  Mobile  solu3on   in  4Q  2013  

What  WSO2  delivers   4  

Agenda   ๏  ๏  Organisa3onal  Data  Storage/Management  Challenges   ๏  Automated  Storage  Provisioning   ๏  WSO2  Storage  Server   ๏  WSO2  Storage  Server  -­‐  Architecture   ๏  Target  Audience   ๏  Func3onal  Overview  &  Feature  Catalogue   ๏  5   Enterprise  Applica3on  Development  -­‐  Modern  Focus   A  Classic  Use-­‐Case  &  Demo  

App  Development  -­‐  Modern  Focus   ๏  ๏  Enourmous  compe33on  among  compe3tors   ๏  Organisa3ons'  primary  focus  is  on  business  goals.  Eg.  3me-­‐ to-­‐market  ,  etc   ๏  Achieving  be_er  SLAs   ๏  6   Adap3on  to  rapid  advancement  of  technology   Automa3ng  repeatable  tasks  

Tackling  Organisa3onal  Data   ๏  ๏  Organisa3ons  generate  large  volumes  of  data  within  every   second   ๏  OHen  require  convenient  op3ons  to  store  and  manage  data   at  a  low  opera3onal  cost   ๏  7   Data  -­‐  Undoubtedly  a  defining  factor  in  any  organisa3on   Further  require  scalable  storage  op3ons  to  handle  large   volumes    

Automated  Storage  Provisioning   ๏  ๏  Enforces  be_er  SLAs  for  database  applica3on  development   ๏  Requires  minimum  database  administra3on/management   skills   ๏  8   Defini&on  :  Automa3ng  the  task  of,  assigning  storage   (typically  disk  space)  in  an  op3mal  manner   Enforces  the  ability  to  avoid  tedious  and  3me   consuming  organisa3onal  policies/processes  for   provisioning  storage      

WSO2  Storage  Server   ๏  ๏  Delivers  scalable  mul3-­‐tenant  structured  and  unstructured   storage  op3ons  for  development  projects.   ๏  Allows  users  to  create  databases,  add  users,  and  provision   access  requiring  minimum  database  administra3on  related   skill  set  to  have  be_er  SLAs.   ๏  9   Enables  rapid  provisioning  and  access  to  Rela3onal,  NoSQL   Columnar,  File  system  repositories  using  a  consistent   management  process.   Offers  minimal  overhead  in  managing  provisioned  storage.  

Product  Architecture   10  

Target  Audience   ๏  ๏  Organisa3ons  Requiring  Mul3-­‐tenant  Commodity  Storage   For  Applica3ons   ๏  Database  Administrators   ๏  11   Organisa3ons  Running  Applica3on  Development   Infrastructure  (Cloud/On-­‐Premise)   Applica3on  Developers  

Func3onal  Overview   ๏  Primary  Func&onal  Scopes:   -­‐  Self  Provisioning   -­‐  Automated  Support  For  Database  Life  Cycle  Management   -­‐  Resource  Provider  Environment  Isola3on     12  

Feature  Catalogue   ๏  Self  Storage  Provisioning   ๏  Self  Storage  Access  Provisioning   ๏  Resource  Provider  Environment  Isola3on   ๏  Wide  Array  of  Storage  Provisioning  Op3ons                            -­‐  Rela3onal  Storage                            -­‐  NoSQL  Stores                            -­‐  File  System  Repositories   13    

Feature  Catalogue  contd..   ๏  Usage  Monitoring   ๏  Cassandra  Cluster  Manager   ๏  Storage  Browsers                                        -­‐  Rela3onal  Database  Explorer                      -­‐  Cassandra  Explorer                      -­‐  HDFS  Repository  Browser   14  

Roadmap   ๏  Self Service - Self Maintenance (Backup and restore) - Policy Driven Storage Provisioning ๏  Automated Database Life Cycle Management - User-Friendly UIs for all management related tasks - Database Ingesion - Database Snapshots 15  

Roadmap  contd..   ๏  Monitoring/Auditing - Resource Utilisation (Storage capacity, bandwidth, etc) - Reporting (Audits, etc) ๏  Other - Workflow Support - Billing & Metering - Storage Provisioning for High Availability 16  

Roadmap  contd..   ๏  Other - RBAC for all administrative functionalities - Support for Document/Graph/Object store provisioning 17  

A  Classic  Use-­‐case   ๏  18   Exposing  a  database  provisioned  via  WSO2  Storage  Server   as  a  data  service  deployed  in  WSO2  Data  Service  Server   within  a  few  minutes.  

Demo   ๏  19   Provision  a  database/database  user  via  WSO2  Storage   Server  

Demo  contd..   ๏  20   Expose  the  provisioned  database  as  a  web  service  via  WSO2   Data  Service  Server  

Q&A   21  

Business  Model   22  

References   ๏  23   h_p://­‐server/  



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