Introduction to - General Assembly 2014 of Bitcoin Association Switzerland

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Information about Introduction to - General Assembly 2014 of Bitcoin...

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: VeetingCom



Launch Presentation of @ the General Assembly 2014 of Bitcoin Association Switzerland.
Veeting Rooms offers a virtual meeting environment with audio and video conferencing, business-class slideshow presentation, document sharing, text chat, and tools to take your meetings virtual. Veeting Rooms allows secure communication for teams with hosting in Switzerland, Swiss SLL Certificat Provider and even a Swiss payment provider.

Virtual Meeting Rooms   Bitcoin Association Switzerland Date: Feb. 23, 2014 Fabian Bernhard Philipp Baumann

The team / founders Fabian  Bernhard   Chief  Technology  Officer   Fabian  has  over  15  years  of  experience  in  so1ware   design  as  a  developer,  project  manager  and  has  led  a   team  at  a  large  Swiss  bank.  Fabian  holds  a  Bachelor   Degree  in  Business  AdministraCon   Philipp  Baumann   Chief  Commercial  Officer   Philipp  has  8  years  of  professional  experience  and  has   previously  worked  in  an  IT  start-­‐up  in  sales  and  business   development  and  also  at  a  large  Swiss  Bank  in  the  area  of   Business  Development  and  ConsulCng.  He  holds  a   Master’s  degree  of  the  University  of  St.  Gallen  in   Business  AdministraCon. – A virtual meeting environment What  we  offer   §  Audio  &  video-­‐ conferencing     §  Slide  show   presentaCons  and   annotaCons   §  Secure  file  sharing   §  Text  chat   §  Taking  meeCng   minutes  

How we differentiate us: Our USPs 1   Easy  Scheduling:  Sixty  Seconds  Setup   •  Organizing  a  video  conference  takes  less  than  a  minute   •  Joining  a  video  conference  only  requires  clicking  a  link   2   Zero  SoMware  InstallaCon   •  Runs  completely  in  your  browser   •  Good  user  experience  due  to  ease  of  use   3   Swiss  ConfidenCality  through  HosCng  in  Switzerland   •  Data  is  protected  by  strong  data  protecCon  and  privacy  laws   •  Safeguarding  your  privacy  

Business Model §  Our  market:  Business  soluCon  for  SME  companies  worldwide    That’s  why  we  offer   »  PresentaCon  sharing   »  No  contact  lists  or  presence  awareness  (online  /  offline  status)   »  Scheduling  funcCon  for  the  future   §  Freemium  /  Premium  Model   -  30  Minutes  free  meeCngs   -  Monthly  subscripCon  starCng  29CHF   §  Direct  Sales  through  Internet  Channel   §  Technology  used:  WebRTC  

Pricing Plan Only  ~0.09  Bitcoins!     Only  ~0.06  Bitcoins!     Only  ~0.19  Bitcoins!     Wechselkurs  vom  Freitag,  21.2.2014:  1  Bicoin  =  522CHF    Slide  6  /  24.02.14 & Bitcoins Why?                       How?      Slide  7  /  24.02.14  

WebRTC – a new technology Benefits  with  WebRTC   1   •  •  WebRTC   •  •  Solves  the  incompatability  of  browsers  for  real-­‐Cme   communicaCon   No  soMware  downloads  for  video-­‐/web-­‐conferences  (in   contrast  to  Skype,  WebEx  or  GoToMeeCng)   Peer-­‐to-­‐peer  (P2P)  connecCons  between  browsers   Direct  exchange  of  audio  /  video  /  data  between  browsers   2   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  4   Interested  Industries   Technology  Supporters  /  Drivers   3   CommunicaCon  (Telcos)   ExisCng  video-­‐/web-­‐conferencing  providers   ProducCvity  business  soluCons   Training   Customer  Support   Google  launched  technology  in  2013   Strong  supporters:  W3C  and  IETF   Browsers  supporCng  WebRTC:     Google  Chrome,  Mozilla  Firefox  and  Opera   IE  &  Safari  are  expected  to  follow  soon   How  benefits   •  •  •  runs  in  the  browser.  No  soMware   download  required   Low  latencies  for  real-­‐Cme  communicaCon   Lille  load  for  our  severs  due  to  P2P   connecCon  /  video  stream  

Where  you’ll  find  us  

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