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Published on November 14, 2007

Author: Haralda



Prepayment Meters:  Prepayment Meters Single phase METER Contents:  Contents Preface Appearance Display Functions Wiring diagram Specification Summary Security Preface:  Two types Compact design Split design Preface Preface:  Two Types of Smart Card Meter (Compact / Split Single phase) Preface Communication cable Split design Preface:  For Compact meter The installation is same with traditional meter Preface Only one part Preface:  Consisted of two parts For Split meter Preface Metering Unit Metering/Controlling Monitor Unit Display/Operation Communication cable Preface:  Preface Compact meter Split meter They are very similar in: Appearance Operation Display Preface:  For Split meter Preface Installed into a metal box Installed on the top of pole Installed in door like traditional meter Appearance:  Appearance Available credit Indicator Cover LCD Pulse Indicator Card door Page up Page down Terminal cover Terminal cover seal For Compact meter Terminal block IC card socket Appearance:  Appearance Of Metering unit of split-meter Working Pulse Terminals block Error Appearance:  Appearance Of monitor unit of split-meter Available credit Indicator Cover LCD Page down IC card socket Communication plugs Appearance:  Appearance After fixed in case Door Case brim Lock Metering Communication terminal Tubes for power line DISPLAY:  DISPLAY LCD Relay status indication Currency symbol Unit Data bits Data code DISPLAY:  DISPLAY Data code: The data code is located on the left side, the first character of 9 digits. It shows different indication codes, each code represents a kind of data. For more detailed explanation, see clause 5.5. Unit: When the displayed data is electric energy, it is kWh. Data bits: The data content consists of 8 digits character and radix point. Prompt information and alarm information displayed on LCD. DISPLAY:  DISPLAY 9 digits LCD display The MAX display value is 999999.99 kWh with Display resolution of 0.01kWh Wiring diagram:  Wiring diagram Compact-meter Phase in Phase out Neutral in Neutral out Wiring diagram:  Phase in Phase out Neutral in Neutral out Split-meter Wiring diagram Customer house Functions:  Functions Prepayment Purchase credit before consumption Meter will cut off when available credit is used up Functions:  Functions Anti-tamper for compact-meter Incorrect wiring method Functions:  Functions Anti-tamper for compact-meter Incorrect wiring method Functions:  Functions Anti-tamper for compact-meter Incorrect wiring method Functions:  Functions Anti-tamper for compact-meter Almost impossible to tamper when relay keep cut-on state. When tamper under relay cut-off , meter can judge customer tamper behaviors and transfer info into card when load credit to inform management department. Functions:  Functions Anti-tamper for split-meter Prevent various tamper behaviors below the metering unit Functions:  Functions Three levels alarm threshold Available credit is enough Available credit ≤ 30%, not enough Available credit ≤ 20% Available credit ≤ 10%, meter maybe cut off soon Three levels alarm threshold can be set Functions:  Functions Download available credit The available credit in the meter can be downloaded by customer card Functions:  Functions Self-protection When overload, the meter will cut off Inserting customer card to restore power supply Specification:  Specification Standards: ISO14000, ISO9001 Accuracy: Class 1.0 Rated Volt: 230V Current: 25(100)A, 25(50)A Rated frequency: 50Hz Meter constant: 800imp/kWh, 1600imp/kWh Specification:  Specification Working voltage:165V----265V Insulation test:≥2KVAC/1min Voltage circuit consumption: ≤2W (10VA) Current circuit consumption: ≤4VA Resistance of lightning surge: AC 6KV Dimension: 234mm*126mm*73mm Weight: About 1.5kg QUALITIES :  QUALITIES We took the best raw materials for example the PCB shell used for the meter are very strong, it is very difficult to damage if it fall down or hit by a very hard object. The LCD materials are all imported from Germany which can be used for more than 20yrs and it can with stand a very high temperature. PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES :  PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES We adopted advanced production technique jointly using the best parts and components from the top range producers in the world with zero pollution. Our factory has passed the ISO14000 certification. We are using advance production equipment put together by computers automatically without interruption of any kind. This is the first modern special production line of china for meter production. We have a strict management of meter production according to advance quality management system. HENAN STAR is the first meter factory to get the ISO9001 in china. We have continue our meter production according to this quality standard for more than 10yrs PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES :  We re-evaluate all the quality of Nigeria meter to meet the climatic condition, all meters delivered here presently are included, therefore we can confirm that no other PPM can be compare to our meters. Unistar is the first company in Nigeria to teach Nigeria how to make and install the prepayment. These expose us (HENAN STAR) to have experience. It is believe that we can offer all best technical and service support with the assistance of Nigerian engineers. PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES FEATURES OF PRODUCT :  FEATURES OF PRODUCT We have all types of prepayment, we have single phase compact and split meter, three phase compact and split meters. We also have prepayment without wire i.e. remote control to control it we also have prepayment meter without wire controlling it (remote control) and also prepayment meters that uses key pads. Our meter also have the current rating of 100A and of course other smaller current rating like 40A, 60A etc We also adopted CPU card technique which nobody can open i.e. the data’s are highly secret. This technique can be compared to the advance bank secret system. We also adopt the split technology to check tampering or by passing. We also incorporate the advance vending software system to be controlled on the meter and billing or vending on-line. Slide33:  We have made use of the best software together with advance technique so as to ensure serious monitoring of the meter i.e. we can analyze the billing data and print the report to detect the customers that did not vend according to required amount. We also have a protection device in the meter incase the customer overload his or her supply, instead of fire the meter will trip off, the meter can be revive with the customer card after necessary correction on the load. However, we can design more electric meter according to Nigeria request FEATURES OF PRODUCT PRICE :  PRICE The price of our meters are very competitive considering there robust configuration, quality and efficiency. If you pay peanut, you get monkeys. Quality of PPM in an environment likely power outage cannot be over-emphasized. There is no other Split PPM manufacturer or vendor in the country known to us. Compact PPM already in use are obviously cheaper all over the world but prone to tampering. Our Split PMM come with the following value added functions: It has high accuracy, stability and long life span of 15yrs Slide35:  The CPU card has data read back function International warrant against manufacturer defect After sales service in our local factory On-line vending facility Monitoring of each meter against tampering Difficult to by-pass Assurance of high recovery and higher revenue collection It has a high capacity for surge resistance It has protection against over load and theft. Slide36:  It has a tri colour LED to indicate the available credit level on the meter It can display cumulative energy consumption and operation recorded in turn It can identify on the LCD automatically the nature of fault on the meter. If at all it has a fault The meter case material is flame resistant, rainproof and is protected from dust and solar radiation It has radiator for solving internal heat The insulation test is 2Kv AC/min Security:  Security One card, for one meter, and vice versa ESAM Module IC card with CPU 3DES encryption arithmetic 7 kinds of cryptographic key Summary:  Summary Digital design Metering, Data transmission, Display Comply with international Standards ISO14000,ISO9001 Prepayment function Anti-tamper The meter has perfect anti-tamper functions because customers cannot access to the metering unit. Short-circuit, phase and neutral interchanged High security Smart Card, 3 DES, Seven Keys, ESAM Module Personalized design Installation, convenience, maintainability High rate of performance/cost Summary:  Summary We believe our meters can solve the fee collection and prohibit the behaviors of tamper Increase the PHCN benefits largely Slide40:  Next Introduction of software

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