Introduction to Trigonometry

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Published on July 5, 2008

Author: WiZiQ


Introduction to trigonometry: Introduction to trigonometry CHAPTER – 8 EXERCISE – 8.4 QUESTION 5:-(vi) 1 + sin A = sec A + tan A 1 – sin A: QUESTION 5:- (vi) 1 + sin A = sec A + tan A 1 – sin A sin θ – 2 sin3 θ = tan θ2 cos3 θ – cos θ: sin θ – 2 sin3 θ = tan θ 2 cos3 θ – cos θ (viii) (sin A + cosec A)2 + (cos A + sec A)2 = 7 + tan2A + cot2A: (viii) (sin A + cosec A)2 + (cos A + sec A)2 = 7 + tan2A + cot2A Please Visit Again.

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