Introduction to the Sino-Japanese War

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Published on March 4, 2014

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IBDP HL History, East Asia

Yamagata Aritomo, 1880 “It is true that the Meiji Restoration‟s achievements are outstanding…[but these gains] are nothing compared to the question of Japan‟s relationship with other countries, which in turn is tied to Japan‟s rise and fall”

Sino-Japanese war 1894 - 5 Causes, Course, Consequences and Historian‟s Interpretations Introduction based on the work of John Dower (MIT)

Reading Items and Viewing Images of a Disturbing Nature A crowd views war prints displayed at a publisher‟s shop. Although dating from 1904, this western etching captures the scale of the woodblock prints and one of the primary ways in which they were seen by a wide audience in Japan. From Japan‟s Fight for Freedom, part III (1904), p. 74.

Ukukata Toshiro remembers complex feelings about China in a 1931 memoir: Journalism Thought. (Quoted in Huffman, Modern Japan) Confronting China: Satirical drawing in Punch Magazine[ (29 September 1894), showing the victory of "small" Japan over "large" China (wikimedia commons)

Meiji Foreign Policy Developments The main feature of Japan's foreign policy before 1894 was to obtain revision of her 'unequal treaties' and thus to win international recognition as an independent nation. (Nish p.102) But there is a debate amongst historians: Was Japanese foreign policy at the time about „throwing off Asia‟ (John Dower), eradicating the the feudal past (Akira Iyrie) or throwing off the west (Nish)…or something else?

Japanese lines of attack in the Sino-Japanese War (July 1894–April 1895) Taken from ‘Throwing Off Asia II’ MIT Visualising Cultures

“Hurrah, Hurrah for the Great Japanese Empire! Picture of the Assault on Songhwan, a Great Victory for Our Troops” by Mizuno Toshikata, July 1894 [2000.435] Sharf Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

“Chinese and Japanese Troops: Picture of a Fierce Battle at Gaiping” by Nakagawa, February 1895 [21.1540] Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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