Introduction to the Connected Business

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Published on March 5, 2014



IntroducBon  to     The  Connected  Business   Chris  Haddad   VP  Pla&orm  Evangelism   Twi3er  @  cobiacomm   h3p://   Last Updated: Jan. 2014

About  the  Presenter   ๏  Chris  Haddad   ๏  ๏  Learn  more  about  me   ๏  ๏  VP  Pla&orm  Evangelism   Follow  me   ๏  ๏  h3p://   ๏  2   @cobiacomm  on  Twi3er   On  Google+  too  

  A  Connected  Business  Environment   Complex  and  Dynamic

Connected  Business  Community   Dynamics   • Ecosystem  InteracBons   • Ad  hoc  groups   • Self-­‐SelecBon  and  Social   • Mobile   • Contextual  ConnecBons   • Personalized   • Massively  Data  Driven   3/6/14   4  

SituaBonal  Context:  Traffic  Example   {incidents: [ {impacting: false, eventCode: 0, iconURL: "http://...", lat: 38.743999, shortDesc: "Exit ramp closed on I 95...", type: 1, severity: 0, fullDesc: "In NEWINGTON exit ramp closed on I-95 ...", startTime: "2010-02-21T00:14:07", lng: -77.188004, id: "368598263", endTime: "2010-02-27T05:04:19" }, Image source: Real-time traffic map:

Embrace  Contextual  PersonalizaBon   Tenant / Consumer Personalization Dimensions ๏  InformaBon  access  privileges   ๏  InformaBon  aggregaBon  and  composiBon   ๏  Social  network  access  privileges   ๏  Business  processes  and  rules   ๏  Service  levels  and  Quality  of  Service   ๏  Security  policies   ๏  MoneBzaBon  rates  

Forces  Driving  IT  Business  Re-­‐design   Mobility, Internet of Everything, and Ecosystem Business Models


Become  a  More  Connected  Business   Reduce   interac/on   fric/on  and  cost     Accelerate   interac/ons   inside  and   outside  the   organiza/on     Increase   engagement  and   enhance   produc/vity           Sense     business  ac/vity   and     automa/cally   adapt

Connected  Business     Reference  Architecture  

Key  Connected  Business  Components:   API,  App  Factories,  Big  Data,  and  Stores  

Typical  IT  business  use-­‐case   ๏  New SOA strategy [Embrace mobile and expose API] ๏  Leverage ๏  Build ๏  Use the existing IT infrastructure new business services externally available services / APIs ๏  Expose ๏  Make business services / APIs internally/externally the system enterprise ready

AcBon  Step:  Integrate   13  

AcBon  Step:  Expose  Services  As  APIs   14  

AcBon  Step:  Don t  Loose  Control   15  

AcBon  Step:  Monitor  And  Analyze   ๏  ๏  Take  decisions  in  real  Bme   through  Complex  Event   Processing   ๏  16   Monitor  millions  of  events,   leveraging  highly  scalable  NoSQL   database   Common  Events  Collector     ๏  Create  dashboards  for  both   technical  and  business  monitoring  

Insight  Architecture   17  

AcBon  Step:  Publish  and  Socialize   18  

Enterprise  Mobility  Experience   19  

AcBon  Step:  Adopt  Unified,  Full  Life  Cycle   DevOps  

AcBon  Step:    Accelerate  with  DevOps  PaaS  

Shape  the  Cloud  

How  do  you  build  a   Connected  Business?     Adopt New IT delivery models •  API-centric and Service-Oriented Architecture •  Mobile •  Cloud Integration •  Cloud-Native and Cloud-Aware Platforms •  DevOps •  BigData

Connected  Business  SoluBon  Architecture    

How  do  you  build  an     Integrated  Business   Accelerate interactions inside and outside the organization Action Plan 1.  Deliver self-service applications enabling customers to connect and view available products, inventory, and transaction status. 2.  Publish APIs exposing data/process and enabling connection  3.  Deliver automated notifications based on business activity (triggered by messages, transaction execution, and data state changes) •  Use case 1 above maps to WSO2 AS, WSO2 UES •  Use case 2 above maps to WSO2 APIM •  Use case 3 above maps to WSO2 ESB, WSO2 CEP, and WSO2 BAM

How  do  you  build  an     Accessible  Business   Reduce interaction friction and cost  Action Plan 1.  Publish APIs 2.  Offer developer portals and developer self-service 3.  Create mobile applications  •  Use case 1 and 2 above maps to WSO2 APIM •  Use case 3 above maps to WSO2Mobile

How  do  you  build  a   CollaboraBve  Business   Increase engagement and enhance productivity by improving the collaboration experience   Connected business participants more effectively collaborate by advancing their collaboration environment from: 1.  Static reports towards  Dynamic analytic dashboards 2.  Email  towards  Activity Stream Feeds 3.  File folders towards Workspaces 4.  Batch data transfer towards Event Streams  •  Use case 1 and 2 above maps to WSO2 UES •  Use case 3 maps to WSO2 App Factory •  Use case 4 maps to WSO2 BAM

How  do  you  build  an     AdapBve  Business   Sense business activity and automatically adapt Action Plan 1.  2.  3.  Capture business activity Deliver automated notifications to stakeholders and systems based on business activity (triggered by messages, transaction execution, and data state changes), stakeholder accountability, and authority.  Automatically adapt business process execution based on events and current conditions  •  Use case 1 maps to WSO2 BAM •  Use case 2 maps to WSO2 CEP and ESO2 BAM •  Use case 3 maps to WSO2 BPM

IntegraBon  Performance  Metrics   •  Foundational •  •  Optimization •  •  Time to Market Portfolio Efficiency Transformational •  Productivity

How  do  you  measure?     Enterprise  SOA  &  API  IntegraBon  Success   •  Reach •  •  •  Number of Consumers Data and Transaction Breadth Impact •  •  •  Aggregate Usage Usage per Consumer Revenue •  Direct and Indirect Revenue •  Operating Margin / Net Margin

New     Connected  Business     Results   Measurements •  Industry Ecosystems •  Community and Context •  Decreased time to market Agility Attributes •  Open Collaboration •  Micro-iterations •  User-led innovation

Recommended  Reading   ๏  The  Path  to  Responsive  IT   ๏  ๏  DevOps  Meets  ALM  in  the  Cloud   ๏  ๏  h3p://­‐meets-­‐alm-­‐in-­‐the-­‐cloud-­‐cloud-­‐devops-­‐paas   Cloud-­‐NaBve  Advantage   ๏  ๏  h3p://­‐path-­‐to-­‐responsive-­‐it   h3p://­‐naBve-­‐advantage-­‐mulB-­‐tenant-­‐shared-­‐container-­‐paas   PromoBng  Service  Re-­‐use  with  API  Management   ๏  h3p://­‐service-­‐reuse-­‐within-­‐your-­‐enterprise-­‐and-­‐ maximizing-­‐soa-­‐success  

Business  Model   33  

Contact  us  !  

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