Introduction to suburban broadband options

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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: GregW33



Communities want broadband choices, people want high speed access at reasonable prices. This presentation, uses the historic seaport of Newburyport, Massachusetts to illustrate the likely options, challenges and issues facing communities across the nation.

Introduction to Newburyport Residential Broadband Greg Whelan Greywale Management

Agenda • • • • • • • • • • Introduction Newburyport Broadband Options Most Prevalent (DSL and Cable) Technical Limitations Fiber 101 & Technical Limitations Last Mile Issues Broadband in Your Home Why no FiOS in Newburyport? City Network Options and Issues Final Comments

Broadband Background Winner

Introduction Netflix Google The Internet Facebook Twitter Your Goal: Connect to the Internet

Introduction (Part II) Netflix Google The Internet Facebook Twitter

“Simplified” Network Architecture Home Access Core Metro OSS/Billing eMTA Amps DBDS Amps CM QAM Taps Access Network STB IP Switch Optics IP Switch Metro Transport Network MTA Modulator Optic Transmitters Optic Transport Encoders Sat Receivers 6500 VOD Servers AD Servers National/Regional Transport CRS-1 HSD Mux Mux CMTS 10K CM Core IP Router (CRS-1) National Customer Care Center Network Operations Center Public Backbone Interconnect Private Backbone Interconnect IP Media Services (CDN) Voice Complex 6500 Security (SCE…) Demodulator IP Content Control Center Service Control

Newburyport Broadband (Options) Satellite Comcast Head End Verizon Central Office Wireless Power Netflix Google The Internet Cable Facebook Phone/DSL Twitter Cell Tower (Near State Police)

Most Prevalent “Wireline” Options Today The “Last Mile” Comcast Headend (Hale Street) COAX/Cable Modem, “Tree and Branch” Architecture Netflix Copper/DSL Google The Internet “Home Run” Architecture Facebook Twitter Verizon CO (Green Street) CMTS = Cable Modem Termination System DSLAM = Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer

What do they look like? DSLAM (Alcatel) CMTS (Arris)

Bandwidth Limitations • Both architectures have asymmetrical data rates due to RF Frequency issues – – “Downstream” 3M to 20 Mbps High downstream (To the home) than upstream (Away from the home) Usually not an issue because traffic flows are asymmetrical as well • “Upstream”500Kbps to 4 Mbps Web Surfing, Video/TV • Cable has a shared upstream (tree and branch) which can lead to congestion (slower performance) during peak hours • DSL has dedicated upstream but connection from the DSLAM to the Internet is “Over Subscribed” – Note: FiOS uses a Passive Optical Network (PON) architecture which is similar to the HFC architecture except the fiber terminates on each home To Internet

Fiber? Cable is a Hybrid-Fiber-Coax Architecture Fiber Comcast Headend (Hale Street) Fiber COAX Netflix Google Twisted Pair The Internet Facebook Verizon CO (Green Street) Twitter Fiber Fiber DSL is a FTTx Architecture FiOS is a PON Fiber Architecture If we had FIOS

FTTx (Fiber to the ____) • FTTH – (1 home) Fiber to the home • FTTC – (8-16 homes) Fiber to the curb – Copper to the home with higher speed DSL (Shorter distance, less signal attenuation) • FTTN (50-100 Homes) – Fiber to the Neighborhood (or pedestal or cabinet. – Those green boxes, – Longer copper cables = less bandwidth • FTTR – Fiber to the Rich 

Last Mile Issues • Expensive and labor intensive to deploy and maintain • Rights-of-way/Real Estate/Political Issues • Density is key – Cost per home passed/Cost per home served • Why don’t we all have fiber today? – $ Billions invested in deployed copper pairs and coax cable. – New technologies (e.g., DSL and DOCSIS) continue to improve bandwidth to homes.

Triple Play Distribution (SP) CAT5/6 Cable Modem/ DSL Modem Coax/Copper Coax NID Copper

Triple Play Distribution (SP) A little more complex view!

Triple Play Distribution (OTT) Coax/Copper CAT5/6 Netflix, Hulu, RoKu NID VoIP/Skype/ Vonage et al

Why No FiOS in Newburyport? • West Newbury has FiOS • Massachusetts has town-by-town franchising • Towns demand quid-pro quo for franchise – New Fire Truck, New School Wing • Verizon abandoned MA to states with statewide franchising – E.g. Texas • Newburyport is ideal for FiOS – Aerial wiring (e.g. Telephone poles, No need to dig trenches which are expensive and disruptive) – Dense neighborhoods (can serve many homes per mile of fiber) – Affluent community (Desire triple-play services and can pay for them)

City/Metro Options? • City owned Dark Fiber? Regional Broadband? – – – – – Cost to “light it”? Cost to connect each home? Interconnect Cost (To Internet)? Cost to maintain it? Regulatory/legal issues • Municipal WiFi? – – – – – Been tried in many places.. Cost of each access point X # of access points Back haul cost? New fiber? Peak time congestion issues? Cost to maintain?

Final Comments • Government cannot mandate deployments – Can only create competitive environment • Competition (or threat of) is good – Will drive bandwidth up and rates down • Don’t under estimate what it takes to deploy and maintain last mile solutions

Thank You! Greg Whelan Greywale Management

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