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Published on April 27, 2014

Author: jenagraham7


This session will introduce you to the new women’s sport of STUNT. It will cover the following issues: 1. How STUNT was developed and why 2. Guiding Principles and Objectives of STUNT 3. An overview of the structure of the game including set up, scoring, and compulsory routine development 4. Compliance with Title IX and overview of current state of STUNT as a NCAA Emerging Sport Introduction to STUNT

About STUNT STUNT is a competitive team sport derived from athletic skills of traditional cheerleading. • Crowd leading is removed. • Focus is on technical and athletic components of cheerleading. • Teams compete head-to-head in 4-quarter game format. • Scoring system is more objective.

The goal of USA Cheer in developing STUNT is to create a new sport, derived from cheer, that will accomplish the following: 1. Satisfy all Title IX gender equity requirements and qualify for sport status at the collegiate and high school level. 2. Create new opportunities for female athletes at the collegiate and high school level. (At this time, there are no plans for coed versions of this sport.) 3. To preserve traditional cheerleading as a vital and important part of a school’s spirit program. 4. Governed by USA Cheer to maintain a close affiliation with the popularity and athletic aspects of cheerleading. 5. Cost effective for schools to implement. Objectives and Guiding Principles

STUNT Game Format 4 Quarters of Play 1st Quarter – Partner Stunts 2nd Quarter – Pyramids & Tosses 3rd Quarter – Group Jumps & Tumbling 4th Quarter – Team Performance All 4 quarters will be multiple head-to-head rounds of competition using compulsory routines developed by USA Cheer and will include the music. This will allow all teams to be able to compete, unlike traditional cheer competitions where money can be issue with design of routines and music.

STUNT Routine Layout • There are compulsory routines for each of first 3 quarters, choreographed by USA Cheer. • Routines are in a proper progression and within current safety guidelines. • Routines and music are created and distributed by USA Cheer. • 4th quarter is combination of previous 3 quarter routines

Officiating • Routine Officials score routines based on the team that best executes the routine. • Referee controls game tempo and communicates routine calls. • A Technical Official assists the Routine Officials in determining the accuracy of each team’s performance.

• In each round, points are earned based on the ranking results: Winning Team: 2 pts Losing Team: 1 pt (Forfeit: 0 pts) • If there is a tie, both teams receive 2 points. • 4th quarter the points are double (in most cases) because there are will be two rounds instead of four rounds. This allows the 4th quarter to have the same weight in deciding game as the other quarters • This structure can be modified from state to state depending on associations needs and wants for their athletes Scoring

STUNT Game Layout

STUNT Game Timeline Pregame: Arrival: 30 minutes officials and teams must arrive on site prior to team warm-ups. This time will be given to you by the game coordinator. Warm-up: This timeline will be given by the game coordinator (host school or region rep). Each team will have 15 minutes official warm up time on the competition floor. Anytime prior to the start of the game the teams will have access to warm up area by their respective bench Following this break will be the team introductions, National Anthem and the start of the game.

Game Timeline • Team’s have 20 seconds to take the floor. • Immediate scoring of the round, the judges will determine the ranking of the teams and the scores will be displayed on the scoreboard. This is based on execution errors. • Quarters average 7 to 10 minutes in length. • End of 1st and 3rd quarter there is a one minute break. • 10 minute half (this is flexible). STUNT Game Timeline

Roster Size and Costs Roster Size 1. Maximum of 30 female athletes can be on a roster (this is flexible as well depending on potential funding, need, etc.) 2. Maximum of 16 athletes needed for any quarter during a STUNT game 1. This can be adjusted for a small school version with maximum number of athletes on floor is 8 (similar to 7 man football played in some states) Estimated costs to start a STUNT team 1. Mats for games and practice – approximately $5000.00 (same type of mat used by traditional cheer programs). Standard type recommended by AACCA is a carpet bonded foam mat with a minimum of 1 3/8" thickness (not more than 2”) 2. Uniforms – similar cost to a volleyball or lacrosse uniform 3. Game costs 1. Official’s pay 1. USA Cheer recommends $75.00 per game ($375.00 total) 2. Pay scale would be similar to volleyball and can be adjusted for multiple games (75 for 1st game and 50 for each additional) 4. Travel costs if an away game would be similar to travel costs for other sports

STUNT Compliance Update NCAA Emerging Sport Criteria: • There must be 20 or more varsity teams and/or competitive club teams that currently exist on college campuses in that sport. • Other data exists that demonstrates support for the sport. For example: • Collegiate recreation and intramural sponsorship. • High-school sport sponsorship. • Non-scholastic competitive programs. • Association and organization support. • U.S. Olympic Committee support (e.g., classified as an Olympic sport, National Governing Body support, grants). • Conference interest in sports sponsorship. • Coaches Association support. • Professional sports support. • Upon meeting these standards, the CWA requires 10 letters of commitment from member institutions that sponsor or intend to sponsor the sport as an emerging sport.

STUNT Compliance Update NCAA Emerging Sport Status- pending USA Cheer met the minimum standards for NCAA emerging sport during its first two seasons of STUNT and has submitted an application to the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics (CWA) for review. The CWA is monitoring the ongoing growth of STUNT and working with USA Cheer to advance its proposal for emerging sport.

STUNT Compliance Update Title IX compliance • OCR has ruled that competitive cheer cannot count for Title IX compliance • Does not meet defined criteria for sport • Collegiate programs prohibited from counting in EADA reports without written certification from OCR—which OCR does not provide • Litigation has upheld that competitive cheer cannot count for Title IX • Quinnipiac University • Michigan High School Athletic Association

STUNT Compliance Update OCR Status-STUNT as a Title IX Solution to Cheer USA Cheer has met and continues to meet with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to ensure that STUNT is designed in a way that will be compliance with OCR’s definition of sport. OCR has indicated it supports the direction and growth of STUNT. In addition, USA Cheer has received endorsements from several Title IX advocacy groups including the Women’s Sports Foundation, American Association of University Women, Sports Management Resources, and the Southwest Women’s Law Center.

Current Status Current status of STUNT at the High School level  Oklahoma – Currently approximately 30 schools are playing a spring season. You can go to and click on Broken Arrow Varsity STUNT Competition to view some high school games played this spring  Florida – Currently organizing schools to play games as a club  Will be having a limited season (couple games per team) for a Northern KY district  AR, VA and RI – Have had exhibitions at traditional cheer state championships and are looking to expand and have some exhibitions going forward  California – 2nd spring to have games in CA. Could have up to 15 schools this spring playing games.  Wake County in NC will be conducting a Title IX compliant season in the spring of 2015. USA Cheer is in the process of finalizing the structure of the game, training of officials and coaches  Have had initial interest/conversations with specific schools or state associations in PA, WI, AL and TN to introduce STUNT  Can set these up in short period of time if needed for any states that show interest in learning more about STUNT. Hope to continue to add to this list as the fall goes on

Why STUNT Is The Best Choice • More scheduling and competition opportunities for competing teams with reduced travel cost • Format easily implemented and easy to understand. • Officials training simple, and abundant national selection pool generating convenience and affordability. • Closely affiliated, but completely separate, from popular cheerleading and its huge participation base. • This affiliation with traditional cheer is very important short term because it allows for immediate large pool of athletes who understand the sport and large general public following which will allow for it to financially by viable quickly

Additional Information and Questions Other sites to go to for information This site has more detailed information, handbooks This is specific to WA for some exhibition games and will give you an idea of how the state site would look This site is about the collegiate version of the game If you have any questions about the information in this presentation or may not have been covered you can send them to

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