Introduction to Marketing Communications Lecture 5

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: neilkelley



An introduction to personal selling...


personal selling

if we consider AIDA

messages can be much more personal than any of the other methods of communication

project management - coordinating within the organisation, representing the customers interests

very high cost per contact possible inconsistency of message coordinate with direct marketing

buyer significance

communication effectiveness

advertising relatively important when… number of customers personal selling relatively important when… large small buyer’s information needs low high size and importance of purchase small large post-purchase service required little a lot product complexity low high distribution strategy pull push pricing policy set negotiable web-enabled exchanges high low resources available for promotion many few

prospecting for customers qualifying prospects developing the relationship presenting the sales message handling queries and objections closing the sale providing service and support developing the relationship maintaining trust and commitment

strength of relationship high • key account high management • field-force sales low • • • • field-force sales telesales web email account potential • directed field-force sales low • telesales • web • email • direct mail • telesales • email

all packaging has to provide info on ingredients e.g. allergy advice, fat, calories, salt… consumers make snap decisions based on whether a product “looks right” – they often don’t know why

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