Introduction to JCR and Apache Jackrabbi

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Information about Introduction to JCR and Apache Jackrabbi

Published on November 20, 2008

Author: jukka


Introduction to JCR and Apache Jackrabbit Jukka Zitting ApacheCon US 2008

JCR Crash Course! import javax.jcr.*; import org.apache.jackrabbit.core.TransientRepository; repository = new TransientRepository (); println repository. getDescriptor (Repository.REP_NAME_DESC); Jackrabbit


Sessions and Workspaces credentials = new SimpleCredentials( “username”, “password”. toCharArray ()); session = repository. login (credentials) workspace = session. getWorkspace () println workspace. getName () default println workspace. getAccessibleWorkspaceNames () { “default” }


{ “default” }

Node Hierarchy root = session. getRootNode (); foo = root. addNode ("foo"); bar = root. addNode ("bar"); baz = bar. addNode ("baz"); println baz. getPath (); /bar/baz


Properties a = foo. setProperty ("A", "abc"); b = foo. setProperty ("B", "123"); println b. getPath (); /foo/B println b. getLong () + 321; 444



Transient State other = repository. login (); println other. itemExists ("/foo"); false session. save (); println other. itemExists ("/foo"); true



XPath Query qm = workspace. getQueryManager (); query = qm. createQuery ( "//*[A = 'abc']", "xpath"); nodes = query. execute (). getNodes (); println nodes. nextNode (). getPath (); /foo


SQL Query query = qm. createQuery ( "SELECT * FROM nt:base” + “ WHERE A = 'abc'", "sql"); rows = query. execute (). getRows (); println rows. nextRow () . getValue ("jcr:path"). getString () /foo


And Remember! session. logout () other. logout ()

Content Modeling nt:hierarchyNode nt:folder nt:file nt:linkedFile nt:resource

Bottom-Up Modeling my:resource > nt:resource codec (string) bitrate (long) my:tune > nt:file artist (string) release date (date) my:album > nt:folder artist (string) release date (date) my:review > nt:file author (string) star rating (long)

codec (string)

bitrate (long)

artist (string)

release date (date)

artist (string)

release date (date)

author (string)

star rating (long)

Top-Down Modeling Album Images Tune Band Label Label Tune Album Reviews Label Band Reviews Tune Images

Finding Content by Reference Rock tags tunes Tune Tune Classic Top 10 playlists Picks link link link

Finding Content by Search Looking for XPath SQL Latest releases /jcr:root/my:tunes//element(*,my:tune) [@released > xs:dateTime(‘…’)] SELECT * FROM my:tune WHERE jcr:path LIKE ‘/my:tunes/%’ AND released > DATE ‘…’ Reviews with keywords /jcr:root/my:tunes//element(*,my:review) /jcr:content[jcr:contains(.,’…’)] SELECT * FROM my:review WHERE jcr:path LIKE ‘/my:tunes/%’ AND CONTAINS(*,‘…’)

Versioning and Publishing Version store Live Staging

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