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Information about Introduction to IPR Workshop brochure

Published on October 6, 2016

Author: KRDPravin


1. Brief agenda • Introduction • What are IPR • IPR for Businesses • Copyrights • Patents • Trademarks • Other rights • Case based discussions • Closing remarks Who should attend? • Founders, Entrepreneurs • Professionals • Teachers / Professors • Researchers / Students Duration • One day / 8 hours Workshop Outcomes • Learn what is IPR • Identify importance of IPR • Know how is IPR protected & for what duration • Identify what kind of IPR is relevant for participant’s profession • How IPR is relevant to making and executing Business and Competitive Strategies • Utilize this knowledge for career progression Course outline What are Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)? We have been hearing about Samsung and Apple contesting in courts across geographies on Patent infringements. One can buy a fake Adidas or Nike T-shirt in Palika Bazaar Delhi or Fashion Street in Mumbai. Why are those T-shirts fake? Om Shanti Om – a Red Chillies Entertainment –movie was in copyrights case controversy, why? If you start your business or if you are doing research what kind of Intellectual Property Protection you should opt for? How can IPR help you progress in your career? If these are few of your questions, you should attend this workshop. Workshop Objective The objectives, of this workshop, are to help the participants understand what different types of Intellectual Property Rights are. The other objective of the workshop is to help the participants understand what kind of rights they may enjoy for their work and what is the process to acquire and retain the rights. In this workshop participants would also learn how IPR can play an important role in making and executing Business and Competitive strategy of businesses. Why is it important? IPR gives important protections to the owners to reap benefits of the intellectual property produced by them. It also plays an important role in valuation of Companies. IPR strategies can provide competitive edge to the businesses, how? Know it in the workshop. Contact email - skype - krdpravin mobile - +91-976.9378.150 twitter - @krdpravin Introduction to IPR workshop © KRD Pravin 2016

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