Introduction to Hemoglobin Lab

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Information about Introduction to Hemoglobin Lab

Published on December 11, 2008

Author: hewletja


Protein SynthesisCentral Dogma : Protein SynthesisCentral Dogma The code : The code The mistake in the gene : The mistake in the gene DNA triplet codes 506-510 involved, involves amino acids 506-510 of the 1480 total in the protein TAG TAG AAA CCA CAA (gene) AUC AUC UUU GGU GUU (mRNA) Ile - Ile - Phe - Gly - Val (protein) TAG TAA CCA CAA (defective gene) Ile code preserved (wobble), Phe is lost Protein Electrophoresis : Protein Electrophoresis migrate through gel based on charge Changing the amino acid might change the charge The mistake : The mistake a glutamate is replaced with a valine at position 6

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