Introduction to Healthcare Apps - 11th February 2014. An overview of the market, opportunities and challenges

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Published on April 4, 2014

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An overview of the market, opportunities and challenges with Ewan Davis, HANDI.

An overview of the market, opportunities and challenges Introduction to Healthcare Apps – 11th February 2014 Ewan Davis – Director HANDIHealth Community Interest Company

The Vision • That, in the future, every citizen should have access to a set of digital tools and services that support every aspect of their health, care and wellbeing, and that of those they care for. In addition, these tools will allow for the collection, and analysis of data to enhance our knowledge of health and wellbeing and help us plan, deliver and evaluate continuously improving services. • By harnessing the power of digital technology in the uniquely fertile environment provided by the NHS not only will we be able to address the challenges of an aging population and the increasing demand for affordable care but we will also ensure the better health of future generations and create economic opportunities for the UK.

What makes and App and App? • Narrow scope – Do one thing well • Connected • Makes heavy use of pre-existing components and services • Built using a well defined development and deployment framework • Order of magnitude(s) faster and cheaper to develop and deploy • Allows niche solutions and “fail fast”

Where are we Now?

The HANDI Vision • Giving everyone the tools they need to manage heath, care and well-being

Two Visions The Heavenly Vision

Two Visions The Heavenly VisionThe Hellish Vision

Rising from Hell • Help people find safe and appropriate apps • Support the development of sustainable business models • Ensure apps can interoperate and be orchestrated to work together • Build apps that are cross platform and form factor agile • Agree some basic design principles

How? Create a Ecosystem Technical Cultural Business Community

Digital Health Ecosystem Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) User interface components (Apps) Web Services – SMART Wrapper – ITK - API Business Services Ecosystem Services - Data Persistence, Knowledge, App Stores Other Services PDS, EHR, EPR, Decision Support, Identity Management, Consent Management Choose & Book, EPS, Security Broker – Some/all could be duplicated Link to Other ESBs Link to Other ESBs

The Challenges • Identify a need – What need or want does you app address – Who else is addressing this need? • Design – Making my App Functional and Desirable • Business Models – How to I fund my App and make it sustainable – How do I sell my App • Getting apps to work together – Interoperable – Orchestrated – Platform and form factor agile – Consistent UI • Quality Assurance – Regulatory requirements – Demonstrating my App is safe and appropriate

How can HANDI Help? • Facilitating networking, learning, cooperation, competition and innovation

What Will HANDI do? • Lobby for an environment (technical, cultural and commercial) in which apps can flourish interoperate and be orchestrated

HANDI is agnostic • About – Platforms – Business models – Standards – Tools, services and approaches • Show the community the possibilities and let individuals decide

Join Us • Come and help us • Join a local cluster • Follow us @handihealth • Watch #handihealth • Come and talk after @handihealth Handi Health Community Interest Company - limited by guarantee registered in England number 07999302 Registered Office: The Oakley, Kidderminster Rd, Droitwich, Worcestershire. WR9 9AY Correspondence address: PO Box 5309 Leamington Spa, CV31 9GT

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