Introduction to fisheries and aquaculture

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Information about Introduction to fisheries and aquaculture

Published on March 20, 2014

Author: PakRose1


 Fisheries Science: Managing understanding fisheries  Fisheries: Place, capture/ cultivate fishes,  Aquaculture: cultivation of fish, aquatic animals, plants.  Type of Fisheries:  Fin fisheries Captured  (True Fishes) Cultivated  Non fin fisheries: Frog, Prawns, Crabs, lobsters, Plants, etc.

History Dietary Importance of Fisheries

International trends  Fisheries in global prospect ( Diet, Employment, Economic)  World fish production: 130 M. Ton (37 M. Ton Aquaculture, 92 M. Ton captured) 2001  China is leading: ( 42 M. Ton Total production, 33% of world), (16 M. Ton Aquaculture, 26 M. Ton captured), ( 69 % aquaculture of world)  38% world fishes traded  74 % diet use, 26% non diet use  200 M employment  950 M people’s primary diet  Problem of over fishing ( limit:100 M. Ton, Requirement increasing, Aqua culturing is need of time)

Trends in Pakistan  Rich in resources  Fisheries department is neglected  0.8 % GDP,  0.25 % of world production,  70% of caught fish is exported ( 1.6 kg /person/year fish demand as compared to world 16 kg/person/year)  1 M people involved

Marine fisheries in Pakistan  100 Km coast line with Arabian sea  Important areas of Sindh, Makran, Balochistan  Subtropical zone  30 sp. of fish, 10 sp. of crabs, 5 sp. Of lobsters, 70 commercial fishes  Sardine, Hilsa, sharks, Makerel, Butterfly fish, Pomfret, Sole, Tuna, Sea bream, Cat fish, Eel etc.

Fishing Zones:  200 Nautical miles area:  Coastal fishing zone: 1-12 NM ( for local fisher men, with small boats, old techniques)  Deep sea fishing zone I: 12-35 NM (For Fishermen with large boats and modern equipment)  Deep sea fishing zone II: 35-200 NM (For foreign, Pakistani vessels, with license from government)

Fresh Water Fisheries in Pakistan  Rich land with inland waters — reservoirs, canals, swamps, lakes, streams and rivers  Drainage Basin for Himalaya Mountains  Natural lakes: Area of 109,780 hectares  Cold water lakes: (Saif-ul- Mulook, Satpara, Hanna),  Warm water lakes: (Manchar and Kalri ).  The Indus:  Five large rivers — Kabul, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, and Sutlaj  There are 3,300 fish farms in the country in Punjab and Sindh.

Organization of Fisheries Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Fisheries development Commissioner Plans and Policies Marine Fisheries Department Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Deals with research in Fisheries

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