Introduction to Computer graphics

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Information about Introduction to Computer graphics

Published on December 12, 2013

Author: PrathimaBaliga


Computer graphics is using computers to generate and display images. It is about how to program a computer to generate photo-realistic images. Computer graphics are graphics created using computers and the representation of image data by a computer specifically with help from specialized graphic hardware and software.

Graphics is cool I like to see what I’m doing I like to show people what I’m doing Graphics is interesting Involves simulation, algorithms, architecture… Almost no area in which graphical displays cannot be used

Many of the leading scientists through the ages have been ‘visual thinkers’… -Leonardo da Vinci -Einstein -Clerk Maxwell

Interactive Graphics In interactive computer graphics user have some control over the picture i.e user can make any change in the produced image. Passive Graphics A computer graphics operation that transfers automatically and without operator intervention. Noninteractive computer graphics involves one way communication between the computer and the user.

Image processing Rendering Modeling Animation

• Image Representation ο Sampling ο Reconstruction ο Quantization & Aliasing • Image Processing ο Filtering ο Warping ο Morphing ο Composition • Raster Graphics ο Display devices ο Color models

• 3D Rendering Pipeline ο Modeling transformations ο Viewing transformations ο Hidden surface removal ο Illumination, shading, and textures ο Scan conversion, clipping ο Hierarchical scene graphics ο OpenGL • Global illumination ο Ray tracing ο Radiosity

• Representations of geometry ο Curves: splines ο Surfaces: meshes, splines • Procedural modeling ο Sweeps ο Fractals ο Grammars

• Keyframing ο Kinematics ο Articulated figures • Motion capture ο Capture ο Warping • Behaviors ο Planning, learning, etc.

Entertainment: Cinema Pixar: Monster’s Inc. Medical Visualizations Visible Human Project

Scientific Visualization Computer Aided Design

Entertainment: Games Information Visualizations

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