Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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Information about Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Published on November 19, 2019

Author: hellenjones260


slide 1: The Place Where Great Ideas Converge slide 2: 2 The most mind-blowing stories to read on the crypto blog and feast on the most unique and surprising content. Register yourself on our platform and create your author account to be able to share your thoughts through well-written unique blogs and articles. slide 3: 3 What is Blockchain • Blockchain sounds very complicated — and it’s and it is not. Basically a blockchain is made up of a series of blocks that capture and store data permanently using cryptographic coding to connect the blocks together to a chain. Normally individuals associate this cache of data with Bitcoin as well as the recording of electronic trade information around the Blockchain. slide 4: 4 Introduction to Blockchain • Essentially that a Blockchain is a safe transaction private or public ledger database — an electronic document — which can only be shared with people that are a part of a recognized network of computers. This makes Blockchain super secure transparent and since it’s handled by computers Blockchain is free of human error or deception. slide 5: 5 What Can Blockchain Do • Blockchain is now synonymous with Bitcoin news — but Blockchains can do far more than being utilized for recording digital money trades. Blockchains databases can be used to save any type of information from particulars of fiscal transfers to monitoring ownership of electronic assets within an open and transparent manner through recording the trades on a public ledger. Blockchains are fantastic for storing documents and electronic information. slide 6: 6 Why Is Blockchain Important • Blockchain has been compared to the Internet in the sense that no one really knows yet how it can evolve but people know the potential is enormous For instance blockchain technology may produce tamper-proof resilient distributed records. This means — among a number of other things — that it may help trace contributions by a donor to be certain that they find their correct path to their intended recipient. slide 7: 7 How Do the Blockchain Transactions Function • To illustrate as simply as possible how blockchain transactions operate I will use the illustration of a Bitcoin trade. Let’s imagine that you own some Bitcoin and need to send me a few. You print your goal i.e. create a payment and then wait for the computers often called nodes to scan the Bitcoin network. Every computer on the system stores a full copy of the ledger so they have a comprehensive history of what transactions have occurred. slide 8: 8 How are Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Different • You may consider the gap between cryptocurrency and blockchain as the difference between email and the net. Blockchain is similar to the Web a technology and cryptocurrency is like email which is an application of the web. The vital distinction between the two is that blockchain is technology whilst blockchain and cryptocurrency is an application of the Blockchain technology. slide 9: 9 Conclusion • In a nutshell a Blockchain is a method for recording information in an open and transparent method. In the case of Bitcoin this has been used to transfer wealth electronic currency thus the term”digital monies”. However as more and more blockchain companies arise shortly we’ll start seeing more programs of non-currency established blockchain uses. Source slide 10: 10 Features Crypto news and articles Market price analysis ICO listing and rating Tokens and coin listing DApp listing review Crypto gaming platform Exchange wallet listing Crypto discussion forum Crypto jobs marketplace Airdrop and event listing ICO Launchpad Blockchain tutorials and courses slide 11: 11 Contact us For any further queries or clarifications please contact at - - -https://blog. cr ypt okn o wmics. c om /

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