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Published on April 22, 2008

Author: Dante


Slide1:  Athens University of Economics & Business AUEB:  AUEB The leading academic institution in Greece, in the areas of Business Administration & Economics Established in 1920 230 members of Faculty (& 50+ visiting faculty) 6,000 students at the undergraduate level 1,000 students at the Masters level 200 students at the Doctoral level The most selective admission processes Approximately 40,000 graduates, many of them in leading positions AUEB Undergraduate programs:  AUEB Undergraduate programs 8 departments in: Business Administration (Management, Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Communication, Management Science & Technology), Economics (Economics, European & International Studies), Informatics & Statistics Highest admission scores in the pan-Hellenic exams All 4 Business Administration departments rate in the top 5 departments nationwide Lectures, cases, projects Large number of student recognitions More than 200 companies recruiting on campus annually More than 200 companies offering practical training to our students AUEB Graduate programs:  AUEB Graduate programs 21 different masters programs, including MBA, Decision Sciences MBA (220 students) MSc in Marketing, Communications, Human Resources MSc in Banking & Finance MA in Economics, International Economics MSc in Informatics, Statistics Both Full-time and executive programs High-quality students In MBA programs selection between 1-out-of-4 to 1-out-of-10 GMAT required (+ other criteria) Case studies are extensively used in all programs About 250 companies send their executives to our masters programs annually Annual intake 600+ students The AUEB Research Center:  The AUEB Research Center Research is of the highest priority in this University AUEB faculty are very active in research World recognised for their research contributions A number of our faculty feature in the top 20 list world-wide Editors, Conference chairpersons, EU advisors, … All funded research activity is housed in separate organization: The AUEB Research Center Budget: AUEB Research Center manages research projects of ~ 9,1 M Euros annually Currently running ~ 180 projects, funded by the European Union, the private sector, the GSRT, other funding agencies Very successful in EU competitive programs (eg. IST, …) Extensive collaborations with other Universities and Research Institutes Executive education programs:  Executive education programs Executive leadership program In-company executive programs Hellenic Post Organization Vodaphone Hellenic Railroad Organization, etc Open executive seminars on various areas Knowledge Management Leadership skills Banking and Finance E-business Change Management, etc Continuing education programs Annual attendance > 900 executives Total annual budget ~ 4,2 M Euros annually International Collaborations:  International Collaborations ERASMUS program 220 exchange students annually GEM program (Global Executive MBA) AUEB, CBS, INSEAD, Erasmus, Norwegian School of Economics & Business, Cologne, … ECR Academic Initiative AUEB, Cambridge, INSEAD, Stockholm, Cardiff, … Visiting faculty A. Odoni (MIT/Sloan), S. Senior (Wharton, Cyprus), L. Van Wassenhove (INSEAD), C. Avgerou (LSE), E. Van Heck (Erasmus), G. Walsham (Cambridge), A. Regan (UCLA), E. Thanassoulis (Aston), … EDAMBA Doctoral Network Research collaborations CBS, Erasmus, Helsinki, INSEAD, LBS, UMIST, … Contacts with Eastern and Central European Countries:  Contacts with Eastern and Central European Countries Extensive collaborations funded through EU programs since 1990 TACIS: Creation of MBA Program in the University of Kaliningrad, in the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldavia, Center of Excellence in management education in Lithuania TEMPUS: More than 30 programs in Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Central European Countries, Baltic Sea Countries Accepting students in our graduate programs AUEB Alumni club in Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia etc Assisting reorganization in Public Administration in Balkan and Eastern European Countries Assisting Balkan companies in their HR development programs AUEB faculty profile:  AUEB faculty profile A total of 228 faculty, 116 in Business Administration 53 in Economics & International and European studies 33 in Informatics 26 in Statistics Rank distribution 61 Professors 30 Associate Professors 37 Assistant professors 34 Lecturers All faculty hold a doctorate 173 from USA and from UK (Columbia, Harvard, NYU, UC-Berkeley, LBS, LSE, Cambridge, Warwick, Manchester, …) 21 from Central Europe 34 from Greece Previous teaching positions:  Previous teaching positions USA The Wharton School Northwestern University Columbia University Duke University UC Berkeley University of Chicago Dartmouth College University of Rochester University of Pittsburgh George Washington Un UC San Diego University of Maryland Un of Missouri Columbia Un of Massachusetts Amherst Baruch College Etc… Europe London Business School London School of Economics Cambridge University Imperial College Erasmus University University of Manchester City University ETH Zurich Univ. Paris Dauphine University of Reading Aston University University of Essex University of Bradford Heriot-Watt University Un of Strathclyde Brunel University Etc … Do we need to put all of these? Journal Publications (indicative list):  Journal Publications (indicative list) Management Science Operations Research Journal of Marketing Organization Science Strategic Management Journal European J of Marketing J of Marketing Management J of Market Research Employee Relations Industrial Marketing Management J of the Academy of Marketing Science European Accounting Review Accounting Review J of Product & Innovation Management Applied Economics Applied Financial Economics Managerial Finance Intern Review of Economics & Business Long Range Planning Journal of the OR Society Intern J of HRM J of the Royal Statistical Society Int Journal of Production Research J of Political Economy Economica American Economic Review Econometrica Review of Economic Studies International Economic Review European Economic Review The Economic Journal Review of Economics & Statistics Quarterly Review of Economics & Business Transportation Research Record Transportation Science IEEE on Engineering Management Mathematical Programming European J of OR European Management Journal Journal of Forecasting Information & Management IEEE Computer European J of Information Systems Communications of the ACM Business Strategy Review And many more … Editorial positions (indicative list):  Editorial positions (indicative list) J. of Business Research European J. of Marketing European J Information Systems Intern J Information Management J of Strategic Information Systems Employee Relations Logistics & Transport Review Transportation Research Record Intern J Maritime Economics Rev. of Income & Wealth Cahiers du Management Technologique IEEE Software Intern J of Accounting J of Intern Accounting Research J of Intern Entrepreneurship J of European Integration Intern J Info Technology & Management Intern J e-Commerce Intern J Research in Marketing J of Intern Consumer Marketing Electronic markets Journal J of Decision Systems J of the Royal Statistical Soc, D Applied Stochastic Models J of Marketing Channels J of Euromarketing Business Strategy Review And many more … Books with international publishers:  Books with international publishers Addison Wesley Wiley Kluwer Paul Chapman Springer Verlag Cambridge Un Press Mac Millan This slide does not look very good – any ideas? Consulting experience:  Consulting experience Senior faculty have extensive market experience in consulting and executive training Examples Bourandas: COCA-COLA, NESTLE, EUROBANK, TITAN, …. Prastacos: DELOITTE & TOUCHE, POSTAL BANK, OTEnet, …… Papalexandri: COMMERCIAL BANK, DELTA DAIRY, KPMG, … Refenes: OPAP, …… Doukidis: NOKIA, P+G, ORACLE, MICROSOFT, … Papadakis: ALPHA BANK, ROTHMAN’S, VODAPHONE, … Avlonitis JOHNSON & SON, UNILEVER, BP, BOERINGER INGELHEIM, FIAT, SIEMENS, … Gounaris: PRAKTIKER, PRATT & LAMBERT, PIREUS PORT AUTHORITY, BODYSHOP, … Zografos: ATHENS AIRPORT, … Positions of distinguished service (indicative list):  Positions of distinguished service (indicative list) Christodoulakis, Nikos Minister of Economics of Greece Agapitos, George Minister of Economics of Greece Alogoskoufis, George Member of Greek Parliament Lianos, Theodore President, Olympic Airways Chiotis, George President, National Insurance Organisation Korliras, Takis Chairman, Ionian bank, Vice Governor, Bank of Greece Lioukas, Spyros Ambassador of Greece to the OECD Kottis, George Secretary General, Ministry of Economics Zanias, George Secretary General, Ministry of Economics Panaretos, Yiannis Secretary General, Ministry of Education Bitros, George Member of electors for Nobel prize in economics Kollintzas, Tryphon Advisor to President of European Union Georgakopoulos, Th. President of Committee for Tax reform of Greece Doukidis, George Chairman, New Economy Fund Prastacos, Gregory Chairman of Deloitte & Touche Consulting Yiakoumakis, Emm. Chairman, National Telecommunications Commission Rokas, John President, International Insurance Association Other faculty recognitions:  Avlonitis George Best Paper Award, European Academy of Marketing, Prastacos Gregory INFORMS 1st World Prize on Management Science Zazanis Michael TIMS best paper award Spinellis Diomidis Best paper award, SANE Conference, Lifetime Achievement Award, Usenix Ass, UC Berkeley Yiaglis George Permanent Conf Secr of the Intern Conf on mobile business Poulimenakou Ang. Chair, IFIP Conference Doukidis George Chair, DSI Conference Pouloudi Nancy Co-Director, Ethicomp Conference, Co-chair, Other faculty recognitions This slide is not complete – help will be appreciated Our alumni:  Our alumni Veropoulos K, CEO VEROPOULOS SUPERMARKETS (2nd retail chain in Greece) Pandeliadis, CEO (5th retail chain) Goulandris I, CEO GOULANDRIS SHIPPING (top shipping company in Greece) Gourdomichalis E, CEO GOURDOMICHALIS SHIPPING (top shipping co in Greece) Daskalopoulos D, CEO DELTA DAIRY PRODUCTS CO (1st dairy products co in Greece) Lalaounis I, CEO LALAOUNIS JEWELRY (1st Greek multinational jewellery company) Labropoulos P, CEO LABROPOULOS BROS (Top department stores) Boutaris K, CEO BOUTARIS WINES (1st wine producer & retailer in Greece) Neiadas M, CEO CANA PHARMACEUTICALS (Top pharmaceutical co) Halikias D, CEO BANK OF GREECE Iliadis A, CEO BANK OF CYPRUS Fyntanidis S, CEO ELEFTHEROTYPIA (2nd in circulation daily newspaper) Papandreou V, Minister of Housing Evert M, Minister of Internal Affairs Konstantellos P, Sr Partner KPMG Tanes M., CEO AMSTEL, 2002 MANAGER OF THE YEAR Pilots of industry, since 1920 (indicative list) Guest Speakers, Fellows:  Guest Speakers, Fellows Stelios Hadjioannou, CEO EasyGroup Nikos Nanopoulos, CEO EFG Eurobank Spyros Theodoropoulos, CEO Chipita International George Ioannides, CEO OTEnet Rob Wilkinson, VP Coca Cola International A. Iliadis, CEO Bank of Cyprus J. Schill, CEO Athens International Airport K. Koronias, CEO Vodaphone In the year 2003

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