Introduction: The Purpose of This Account

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Information about Introduction: The Purpose of This Account

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: Sefferinna



How to use this account and what you need to know about formal education.

By way of introduction… About this account and how to use it.

This account is here to help you… • Hack your education by providing free content and information, • Learn how formal educational systems work and how to not be fooled by them. • It provides materials for study that have no copyright and can be freely printed and distributed, as well as modified to your heart’s content.

Interesting book you can buy at (image rights go to and the author, and publishers of the book). Here is the link: m/Hacking-YourEducation-LecturesThousands/dp/0399159 967

What you need to know about education is what you already suspected… • Education is a for-profit business. This means that it is there to get your money. • University bookstores make profits and meddle with the price of books they sell. • Any rules that spring from this are there to make sure the institution gets as much money out of you as possible. That is why they may even tolerate your low grades or your discipline issues. • To satisfy you, and because you have paid them large amounts of money, schools and universities need to keep you happy. They will organize events for you, they will tell you that you are the future leaders (which you are certainly not if you ended up in the system!), they will promise you great career in business while your country actually needs doctors and nurses, they will try to keep you from graduating by inventing new requirements and by meddling with the credits, or by randomly readjusting the percentages of assignments in your syllabi… • Most of your professors do not agree with the system. Don’t make it harder for them to help you. • All of them have graduated IN SPITE OF the system.

Formal education will not help you… • Grow strong • Grow happy • Grow knowledgeable Such education will, on the contrary, transform you into a comfortable, mainstream citizen and consumer who knows how to obey the rules. Listen to Logan LaPlante about what hackschooling is:

University Education and Prestige • University education is less and less prestigious around the world • People value hard work and experience, and skills, and knowledge • Your diploma is just a worthless piece of paper those days and you can even buy a fake diploma online • What counts is what you know and what you can do

Some links: • ogerbootle/10294912/Higher-education-is-in-anexpensive-muddle-with-too-many-uselessdegrees.html • 02.html • le/what-not-to-study-the-20-university-degreeswith-the-highest-unemployment-rates/ • oard/2013/feb/25/well-educated-but-useless •

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