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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: ibmrational


Discovery and Deployment Planning Workshop IBM Rational © Software Services © 2014 IBM Corporation

What headlines keep them up at night? Change is a Risk Dev always changes requirements Security Breach Reducing $/time of Deployments Support SLAs Avoid the Outages Manage Complex Environment Change is Our Business Biz always changes requirements Poor Quality or Missing the Mark Fail to Meet Business Needs Rework (defects) Too much time to Rolled Back Applications IBM Rational Discovery and Deployment Planning workshop is a great first step to bring these folks together and kick off you’re your improvement initiative. Ops Dev Deploy PM Release Architect QA LOB leader © 2014 IBM Corporation

Discovery and Deployment Planning Workshop IBM will collaborate with you to understand your current situation, goals and constraints. The Discovery and Deployment Planning Workshop will aim to capture sufficient information to make specific recommendations for improvement and implementation.  Intended Audience:  Key leadership from practice areas and stakeholder organizations  Value Proposition  Clear recommendations for capability improvements aligned to your business goals  Initial Architecture  Adoption roadmap based on proven best practices  Activities  Workshop planning  Collaborative discussion on current status, future goals and adoption requirements  Produce Deliverable  Deliverables  Capability Improvement Recommendations  Architecture  Adoption Roadmap  Resources  Typically 2 IBM Consultants © 2014 IBM Corporation

Plan / Measure Develop / Test Scaled Define release with business objectives Measure to customer value Improve continuously with development intelligence Test Continuously Leverage Quality Tends Manage environments through automation Provide self-service build, provision and deploy Automate problem isolation and issue resolution Optimize to customer KPIs continuously Reliable Plan and source strategically Dashboard portfolio measures Manage data and virtual services for test Deliver and integrate and build continuously Standardize and automate cross-enterprise Automate patterns-based provision and deploy Optimize applications Use enterprise issue resolution procedures Repeatable Link objectives to releases Centralize Requirements Management Measure to project metrics Link lifecycle information Deliver and build with test Automate testing Embed Quality Reporting Plan departmental releases and automate status Automated deployment with standard topologies Monitor using business and end user context Centralize event notification and incident resolution Practiced Practice based Mobile DevOps maturity model Release / Deploy Monitor / Optimize Document objectives locally Manage department resources Manage Lifecycle artifacts Schedule SCM integrations and automated builds Test following construction Plan and manage releases Standardize deployments Monitor resources consistently Collaborate Dev/Ops informally IBM’s approach to DevOps White paper Adopting IBM’s approach © 2014 IBM Corporation

Agenda Overview Step 4 Step 3 Step 2 Step 1 Theme Activities Current Status Assessment Objective •Client Capabilities: Current Status •Business Goals for Improvement •Solution Capability Oriented •People, Practices, Technology, information Capability Vision and Priorities •IBM Best Practices for Solution Capabilities •Discussions to refine Objective Capability •Prioritize Incremental Capabilities •Vision, User Value, Pain and Complexity Solution Improvement Roadmap •IBM Best Practices for Adopting Solution •Identify Key Milestones •Roadmap activity to define actionable plan •Define Quick Win Pilot Executive Sponsor Review •Review Outcomes •Assumptions & Risks •Gain concurrence •Identify next steps Draft Results IBM’s approach to DevOps White Paper Adopting IBM’s approach Current State Assessment Objective & Prioritized Capabilities Adoption Roadmap The workshop participants deliver a presentation based on the workshop outcomes that will include maturity assessment, your goals, a prioritized roadmap and recommended architecture. © 2014 IBM Corporation

Discovery and Deployment Planning Workshop  Goals and Objectives: – Gain agreement on a common understanding of your current state and business goals for as they apply in general and to your organization – IBM to gain an understanding of your current capabilities, challenges and goals for implementing or improving your capabilities – IBM will facilitate a series of presentations, discussions or demonstrations to assist you in defining the improved or new capabilities you intend to deploy and outline a roadmap achieving those improvements  Participants: – Typically a workshop will include 10-12 leaders/decision makers of your development and operations/ infrastructure teams – Technical members of these teams to attend the workshop who can provide the appropriate insight to further the workshop goals. © 2014 IBM Corporation

Assessment and Planning Workshop: Preparation  Your team will facilitate a current status discussions on first day to – Define your business and technical goals for improving your capabilities – Introduce IBM to your current capabilities, practices and architecture – Outline any your goals/objectives for the next 6-18 months  The discussion should include – Business and Technical Goals: We would like to understand your vision for software delivery improvements and how they should drive scope, direction, measures for success. – Current capabilities and challenges discussion: During most of the first day, we would like your team provide insights into your current including architecture, practices, roles/skills, usage models and pain/challenges. • Solution Adoption and Administration • Measure; Collaboration; Demand and Prioritization; Strategy; Requirements; Management • Design; Construct; Configuration; Management; Build; Test; Assess Quality • Plan; Release; Deploy; Provision • Monitor; Events; Optimize © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM Rational Lab Services Client Stories Client Win | Workshop Insurance Client uses the workshop to move forward their CLM adoption Need A roadmap outlining the overall strategy for complete enterprise-wide adoption of five CLM products purchased. Additional need for an initial phase one roadmap for short-term execution with clear milestones and activities which can implemented iteratively. Solution Discovery and Deployment Planning Workshop tailored to include business planning and some release/deploy use cases for implementing CLM/DevOps solution. Implementation Rational Services facilitated the workshop. Client provided practice and stakeholder leaders from business integration, requirements, design, development, test and UAT teams. The workshop delivered a current status assessment, architecture (heterogeneous) and a 12-month roadmap. The deliverable of the workshop helped the client’s executives make an informed decision to reallocate funds and accelerate their roll out plans. Value The workshop accelerated the client decision/planning timeline by approximately three months while benefiting from IBM’s best practices and experiences. Feedback "...the outcomes of IBM's workshop doubled my expectations and enabled us to take the outcomes directly to our senior execs for resourcing..." © 2014 IBM Corporation

IBM Rational Lab Services Client Stories | Workshop Financial Institution uses the workshop to complete the planning for the continuous delivery capability improvement Client Win Need A Financial Institution wanted to complete an enterprise-wide DevOps transformation. They needed to validate their assumptions and they wanted expertise and best practices. They needed a roadmap to follow and guidance on architectural design. Solution Discovery and Deloyment Planning Workshop focus on continuous delivery capability, and a recommended three phase adoption approach with an associated architecture that evolved over each phase. Implementation Discovery calls and meetings were conducted prior to the on-site workshop focused on understanding current state, and identify pain points and improvement points in practice areas. On-site workshop included senior management from various (tools, infrastructure, practice and user) communities to identify goals, measures and challenges to improving continuous delivery. ISSR facilitated the workshop following a prepared agenda that led the client team to make decisions within the workshop. This output led to an agreed to roadmap and architecture. Value The workshop saved a lot of time for the client by achieving the goals for planning. Additionally, it helped established a reliable partner benefiting from IBM’s best practices and experiences. Feedback “…your workshop saved us three months of meetings to achieve similar results that we achieved over three days – and we were able to leverage your experiences and best practices.” “…IBMs solution is comprehensive enough to meet our continuous delivery requirements without having to buy or build third party tools” © 2014 IBM Corporation

Questions © 2014 IBM Corporation

Capability Descriptions Capability Roles Tools Administer The capability to deploy, administer and change the technical solution including infrastructure, middleware and applications. Practice Summary SysAdmin All Adopt The capability to manage organizational change, define and deploy solutions and measure success of adoption Core team, practice area leads, department SMEs All Assess Quality The capability to assess the user experienced and defined quality of deployed applications. Developer, Tester RQM, RTC, Worklight Developer RTC, JBE, BF All All Analyst, Developer, Tester All Developer RTC Configuration Management The capability to compile, package and prepare software assets. Includes selection of source code for compilation, managing The capability to integrate lifecycle teams in a single, integrated collaborative environment. Providing context and visibility for all users through lifecycle links, displaying BI reporting in team, program, individual dashboards. Manage and govern change of content and assets. Report. The capability to manage the versions and configuration of assets, merge changes and manage the integration of changes. Construct The capability to construct, change and correct applications using a varierty of coding models and tools. Build Collaborate Deploy Design The capability to define, manage, execute, provision and deploy deployed application-related assets; collaborate Deployer, Developer, Infrastructure Dev and Ops team activities that affect deployment application-related assets. Assets include application and infrastructure code, environment specification, workflow. The capability to construct design and application/infrastructure code to successfully meet requirements Analyst, Architect, Developer expectations; analyze impact of change; control asset changes and integrations from distributed teams, build assets; centralize, automate and manage tasks and control access and flows of change. Events The capability to manage and resolve events that occur in environments across the lifecycle. Management The capability to scope, plan, schedule, manage, track and process work for a project or program (cross project). Measure Monitor Optimize The capability to define outcomes, assign value metrics and measure the adoption and operations of Release & Deploy activities The capability to configure monitoring criteria, plan and manage responses to issues, collaborate Dev and Ops responses. The capability to leverage monitoring results and user/technical requirements to optimize the deployed application experience. Infrastructure UC Deploy, MaaS360, JazzHub RTC, RDM, RRC SmartCloud Control Desk CIO staff, Program/LOB manager, RTC Project manager, Project team Assurance team, SysAdmins, All embedded, RRDI, Insight Program/Project Managers SmartCloud APM, Infrastructure SmartCloud Control Desk Infrastructure, Tester, Developer SmartCloud Control Desk Release Manager, Deployer, Program/Project Manager Release Deployer, Developer, Infrastructure SmartCloud Orchestrator, IPAS, Softlayer, JazzHub Release Manager, Deployer, Program/Project Manager Release Plan The capability to plan releases across the lifecycle and manage the plan during execution. Provision The capability to deploy environments, middleware and other assets to support application deployments. Release The capability to manage changes to applications into the software delivery pipeline. Requirements The capability to create, change, manage and use patterned requirements to support project scoping, analysis and define outcomes for design, construction and test. Assess impact of change. Analyst, Stakeholder, Project Team RRC, RTC Strategy The capability to collaboratively define, manage and change enterprise and portfolio software change delivery. All Focal Point, UC Release, RRC, RTC Test The capability to plan, define, virtualize, automate, manage and execute testing. Analyst, Tester RTC, RQM © 2014 IBM Corporation

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