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Published on April 26, 2014

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Management information system introduction

1-1 MIS.

1-2 • MIS—management information systems—is the development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives • Three key elements: • Components of information systems • Development and use of information systems • Achieving business goals and objectives Management Information System

1-3 • Hardware – desktops, laptops, PDAs • Software – operating systems, application programs • Data – facts and figures entered into computers • Procedures – how the other four components are used • People – users, technologists, IS support Information Systems components

1-4 • You should take an active role in specifying requirements and helping manage development projects since you are the one who’ll be using the system to do your job. • Your responsibilities also include using information systems responsibly and protecting the system and its data. Development and Use of Information Systems

1-5 How Can You Use the Five- Component Framework? • You can understand and evaluate new information systems by evaluating and asking questions about each component separately and then as a whole system. • The five components can also be evaluated based on the order of difficulty and disruption – hardware is the easiest part while people are the most difficult.

1-6 What is Information? • We know what an information system is – an assembly of hardware, software, data, procedures, and people that interact to produce information. But what is information? • Definitions vary. Information is: • Knowledge derived from data. • Data presented in a meaningful context. • Data processed by summing, ordering, averaging, grouping, comparing, or other similar operations. • A difference that makes a difference. • All of these definitions will do, choose the definition that works best for the situation – remember the important point is to discriminate between data and information.

What is Information? • Information is Subjective • Information in one person’s context is just a data point in another person’s context since what may be important to you may not hold the same level of importance to someone else. • Context changes occur in information systems when the output of one system feeds a second system. Data in a manufacturing system may be very important to that system. When it’s combined with data from other systems, it may lose its prominence in the larger context.

1-8 What is Information?

1-9 Characteristics of Information • Good information must be • Accurate – entering incorrect sales data creates false information. • Timely – knowing that production doesn’t have enough raw materials for next week’s schedule won’t be useful information three weeks from now. • Relevant – if your boss needs to know how many shipments were late last month, you shouldn’t give him a list of all items that shipped. • Just barely sufficient – if your boss wants to know how to send an email, you shouldn’t teach her how to build a computer. • Worth its cost – is it cost worthy to map out the entire U.S. if you only need one state?

1-10 Difference Between Information Technology and Information Systems? Because many people confuse the two terms, compare what each one consists of and how the two differ. Information technology drives the development of new information systems. • Information Systems include five components • Hardware • Software • Data • Procedures • People  Information technology pertains to  Products  Methods  Inventions  Standards

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