Introduction of lambda expression and predicate builder

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Information about Introduction of lambda expression and predicate builder

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: ltcrd


Introduction of Lambda Expression and Predicate Builder Bryan lin 2014/03/07

Agenda • Lambda Expression • PredicateBuilder • Implementation of PredicateBuilder

Lambda expression • What is a Lambda Expression? • A lambda expression is an anonymous function and it is mostly used to create delegates in LINQ. Simply put, it's a method without a declaration, i.e., access modifier, return value declaration, and name.

Lambda expression • Why do we need lambda expressions? (Why would we need to write a method without a name?) • Convenience. It's a shorthand that allows you to write a method in the same place you are going to use it. Especially useful in places where a method is being used only once, and the method definition is short. It saves you the effort of declaring and writing a separate method to the containing class.

Lambda expression • Benefits: • Reduced typing. No need to specify the name of the function, its return type, and its access modifier. • When reading the code you don't need to look elsewhere for the method's definition.

Lambda expression • Lambda expressions should be short. A complex definition makes the calling code difficult to read.

Lambda expression • How do we define a lambda expression? • Lambda basic definition: Parameters => Executed code.

PredicateBuilder • Background • Dynamic Predicate Construction • You allow the user to pick, from a check box list, any of the fields that will be included in the query, and to specify the criteria


PredicateBuilder • Background • Dynamic Predicate Construction • You can do a bunch of switch-ing if logic to figure out what kind of query to render by adding a piece of it at a time • Or you can use lambdas and the PredicateBuilder to inject multiple predicates into an expression tree

PredicateBuilder • Using the Code • To combine the two criteria below:

PredicateBuilder • Using the Code • Do with the PredcateBuilder:

PredicateBuilder • Using the Code • And then:

Implementation of PredicateBuilder • Implmentation of and logic:

Implementation of PredicateBuilder • Implementation of or logic:

References • Expressions-in-3-minutes • Predicate-Construction-at-Runtime •


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