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Published on October 22, 2014

Author: medfred3



This presentation shows you the advantages and the importance of Big Data in these days and some example about real success stories in this area.

1. Big Ideas From Big Data

2. •Big Data represents a potential to better understand consumers and target them at scale and improve your business result thanks to predictive modeling and actionable analytics. •“Big Data will Create around 4.4 million IT Jobs and to surpass 3.7 Trillion $ in company spent in 2013” Mr. Gartner WhyBigData ?

3. Election and BigData

4. •Barack Obama Won on the electionafterdoingThe first BigData DrivenMarketing Campaignfor a presidentialElection thanksto Drew Linzer’sAnalyticalProcess. Exampleof BigIdea: From‘Yeswecan’ to ’YesWeScan’

5. Nasa and BigData

6. •Nasa ishelpingdifferentcompaniesto succeedusingtheirbigdata algorithmsand systems •The Nasa Expert, MisterAshok, advicepublic to focus in Bigdata and learnitbecauseitisthe right key to analyses the pastand predictthe future. Nasa and BigData:

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