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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Umberto


From Asia / For Asia 扬名亚洲 联系全球:  From Asia / For Asia 扬名亚洲 联系全球 Top-Level Registry Root ICANN WHOIS 2nd - Level Registrar Reseller Languages ICANN 3rd-Level Registrant NS Record What’s a domain name? Domain Industry -- Stakeholders:  Domain Industry -- Stakeholders Registry (Top-Level) gTLD: Generic Top-Level Domain (.com/.net/.org/.asia…) ccTLD: country code Top-Level Domain (.cn/.jp/.eu…) ICANN Delegation Process Why so many? User’s choice. Competition. Are there more? Yes! Registrar (2nd-Level) Types: Retail, Wholesale, Corporate ICANN Accreditation Process Local ccTLD registrars Resellers Registrant (3rd-Level) General Users (company, event, place, blogger, etc) Secondary Market for listing and trade Domainers vs. Cybersquatters Domain Industry -- Stakeholders:  Domain Industry -- Stakeholders ICANN 15 Board Members are the decision maker U.S. Department of Commerce IANA Service Registry Fee (gTLD and ccTLD) Registrar Fee Government Three way relationships w/ ICANN and ccTLD Hands-on or -off approaches Reserved name Technology Provider For large scale registry operation For registrar platform (connecting to multiple registries) Tools for registrant Facts: Overall TLD:  Facts: Overall TLD In 2006, more than 120 Million Domains had been registered worldwide. Represents a 32% increase in registered Domains over 2005. On average over 10 Million Domains were registered every quarter in 2006. Retail tag price varies from $6 to $100 USD or more. .com and .net gTLDs together amounted to 65 Million Live websites: 63% Parked websites: 23% No websites: 14% Renewal rate: 77% (Q4, 2006) DNS queries: up from 1 billion queries a day in 2000 to 30 billion queries in 2007 ccTLDs grew by 31 percent to 43.7 Million registered Domains worldwide. .de: 10,422,702 ; .uk: 5,522,104 .eu: 2,426,722 ; .nl: 2,186,890 .cn: 1,803,393 Source: Verisign Facts: Asian ccTLD:  Facts: Asian ccTLD China had about 4.11 million domain names (end of 2006) 1.8 million .CN domain names; .500,000 new Domain registrations in final quarter of 2006. 1.94 million .COM domain names The 29th Olympic Games has used instead of as the official website. the first time in Olympic history that a domain name has been used for the official website. Taiwan (.tw) has about 230,000 domain name (March 2007) Japan: The total number of .JP domain name registration including is 882,325 (Jan 2007) ; 34% of the JP domain names are CO.JP names. India: .in domain has reached 200,000 registrations, nearly doubling its presence in the market place since last year. 37 per cent were registered outside India. The most popular countries are India, US, and Germany, which together account for over 81 percent of registrations, followed by the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland and Italy. Source: CNNIC, TWNIC, JPRS, NIXI Facts: .eu:  Facts: .eu A ccTLD backed up by European Union Average retail price about $20~30 euro About 30 percent of .eu domain names have been registered by private individuals while companies and organisations have acquired the rest. German users have the largest slice of the .eu cake, with over 795 000 .eu registered domain names, UK with just above 439,000 .eu domain names registered, followed by the Dutch with slightly more than 320,000 names The longest: Source: EURid Secondary Market:  Secondary Market The secondary market broke the US$100 million mark in 2006, reaching $111,376,000 across 17,974 domain name sales according to a report by Zetetic. Average domain name resale price grew by 13 percent, from $4,954 in 2005 to $5,582 in 2006. Top Domain Name Sales:  Top Domain Name Sales Opportunities and Challenges:  Opportunities and Challenges .com Reaches Peak Level Name space too crowded, still the default / priority Register Search terms / trends becomes very popular Non - .com gTLD User perception / educational effort New TLD Who gets .movie? .shop? Do we need these? Internationalized Domain Name in TLD Change in Business Landscape Google Adsense / other affilliate programs Greater demand from brand and corporate owners Naming strategy More Asian brands in recent years Web 2.0 DotAsia Organisation:  DotAsia Organisation DotAsia Organisation:  DotAsia Organisation 2007: The Sunrises in .Asia:  2007: The Sunrises in .Asia Pre-Sunrise: March 21~August 30, 2007 Deadline of Reserved Names List Submission: July 12, 2007 Pioneer Domain Program: July 11~September 10, 2007 Sunrise 1 (Government): Oct 9th, 2007 Sunrise 2 (Trademarks) & 3 (Entity Names) SR2a (Early Bird Sunrise): Oct 9th~30st, 2007 SR2b, 2c and SR3: Nov 13th ~ Jan 15th, 2007 Landrush: Feb 2008 GoLive: Mar 2008 .Asia Pre-Sunrise:  .Asia Pre-Sunrise Pre-Sunrise:  Pre-Sunrise Reserved Names Policy Tier 1: Country names and variants Tier 2: Major city / place names Tier 3: Other important city / place names, trademark / service marks in use Identify GACKREF(Government ACKnowledgment REFerence) ICANN GAC representatives as default Coordination w/ ccTLD managers Best commercially reasonable effort to outreach Reserved Names List Suggested list prepared 6 email or fax reminders to each GACKREF Pre-Sunrise Status:  Pre-Sunrise Status Total AP countries / economies defined by ICANN: 73 coutries / economies Regular Contact Established: 32 countries / economies with Gov / GAC Rep: au, hk, in, ir, jp, my, ph, qa, sg, tw (10) with ccTLD (including ccTLD managed by Gov): ae, af, cn, id, il, kr, kw, mn, mo, nu, nz, sa, sy, th, uz, vn, cx, jo, la, lk, pg, pw (22) Not in above 32 but a DotAsia member: bt, kz, tj (3) GAC members: am, az, bd, kh, ck, cy, ge, pk, to, tr, ye (11) APTLD members: fj, nf, ps, sb, tk (5) Commercially branded ccTLD: cc, tv, ws, fm (4) Total: 23 countries / economies Current Reachable: 55 countries / economies Pending: 19 countries / economies aq, bh, bn, hm, iq, kg, ki, kp, lb, mh, mm, mv, np, nr, om, tl, tm, vu .Asia Sunrise:  .Asia Sunrise .Asia Sunrise:  .Asia Sunrise October 9, 2007: Sunrise 1: Governmental Reserved Names will be reserved for China FCFS, must go through ICANN Registrar Registration Fee will depend on Registrar’s offer Sunrise 2: Registered Marks Sunrise 2a (Oct 9-30): Early Bird Sunrise November 13, 2007 – January 15, 2008: Sunrise 2: Registered Marks Sunrise 2b: General Registered Marks Sunrise 2c: Extended Protection Sunrise 3: Registered Entity Names Multiple Applications to a Domain:  All applications during each period considered received at the same time If domain has only one successful application, it is allocated accordingly If domain has more than one successful application, auction held between the successful applicants Concept Stable and orderly launch Fair allocation (instead of lottery-like situation at initial rushes) Work with one trusted Registrar (instead of having to go to multiple registrars to try to get to the head of the queue) More economical for most companies Encourage usage (highest bidder more likely to use domain) Multiple Applications to a Domain Key Partners and Providers:  Key Partners and Providers Worldwide Registrars Verification Agent Verifying claims for applications Outreach to brand and mark owners Manage high capacity process Deloitte Principal Worldwide Verification Agent AGIP (Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property) Regions in Middle East and South Asia Auction Partner Online auction platform High volume high contention transactions Secure, stable and proven infrastructure ( Commitment to develop .Asia:  Commitment to develop .Asia Pioneer Domain Program:  Pioneer Domain Program “DotAsia has worked hard to bring its .Asia top level domain name into operation. They have been careful to keep interested parties informed and to think through the 'landrush' period. The Pioneer Domains Program will be a useful benchmark for other new TLD operators to take into account.” Vint Cerf Chairman of ICANN:  “DotAsia has worked hard to bring its .Asia top level domain name into operation. They have been careful to keep interested parties informed and to think through the 'landrush' period. The Pioneer Domains Program will be a useful benchmark for other new TLD operators to take into account.” Vint Cerf Chairman of ICANN Pioneer Domain Program:  Pioneer Domain Program Pioneer Domain Program:  Pioneer Domain Program Key Benefits:  Key Benefits From Asia / For Asia:  From Asia / For Asia Emergence of Asia Internet Market:  Emergence of Asia Internet Market The Value of .Asia:  The Value of .Asia Natural word Common used identifier Showing commitment to the Asia market Largest and fastest growing market From Asia / For Asia Coming from Asia For Audience in Asia Value of .Asia: Natural Word:  Value of .Asia: Natural Word Value of .Asia: Utilization:  Value of .Asia: Utilization Online Presence that Speaks for Itself:  Online Presence that Speaks for Itself No matter how you define “Asia”, you can use “.ASIA” as your online identity Scope of business & Coherent Branding, e.g.: CNN Asia:  CNN.Asia Microsoft Asia:  Microsoft.Asia Yahoo! Asia:  Yahoo.Asia Recruiting Pioneers!:  Recruiting Pioneers! Summary:  From Asia / For Asia Value of .Asia for China and for Asia .Asia Launch in 2007 Sunrise starts October 9, 2007 Sunrise 2a ends October 30, 2007 High priority Trademark names Sunrise 2b, 2c, and 3 starts Nov 13, 2007 Ends January 15, 2008 General Trademarks and Company names .Asia Pioneer Domains Program Deadline: September 10, 2007 Best .Asia domain name for best ideas! Summary Slide37:  Pioneer Domains Program: Think Big! Think.Asia! Ching CHIAO 喬敬

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