Introducing the WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager

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Published on February 27, 2014



Introducing  WSO2  Enterprise   Mobility  Management  -­‐  Solving   Enterprise  Mobility  Challenges !   Director  Architecture  ,  Enterprise  Mobility   26  February  2014   Shanmugarajah

About  the  Presenter(s) ! Shan specializes in mobile technology with over 10 years of industry experience . He has a strong background in telecommunication software development and is a hardcore coder in Android and iOS platforms. He also lectures in advanced Android and iOS application development.   2

Agenda ! 1. Enterprise Mobility 2. Enterprise Mobility Management 3. Enterprise Mobile First Strategy 4. WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 5. Demo !   3

About  WSO2 ! ๏  Global  enterprise,  founded  in  2005  by   acknowledged  leaders  in  XML,  web   services    technologies,  standards    and   open  source   ๏  ๏    All  WSO2  products  are  100%  open   source  and  released  under  the  Apache   License  Version  2.0.   ๏  4 Provides  only  open  source  pla:orm-­‐as-­‐ a-­‐service  for  private,  public  and  hybrid   cloud  deployments   Is  an  AcIve  Member  of  OASIS,  Cloud   Security  Alliance,  OSGi  Alliance,  AMQP   Working  Group,  OpenID  FoundaIon  and   W3C.! ๏  Driven  by  InnovaIon   ๏  Launched  first  open  source  API   Management  soluIon  in  2012   ๏  Launched  App  Factory  in  2Q   2013   ๏  Launched  Enterprise  Store  and   first  open  source  Mobile  soluIon   in  4Q  2013  

What  WSO2  delivers !   5

Enterprise Mobility   Is the trend towards a shift in work habits, with more employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks.     6

Enterprise Mobility   Workfor ce     7 Challeng e Mobile Devices     BY CO Da ta   Enterp rise  

Enterprise Mobility   Mobile Devices   Workfor ce     8 BY CO Da ta   Enterp rise  

Challe nge   Security •  Data •  Remote Device Management •  Enterprise Store •  Enterprise Application Development & Management     9

Enterprise Mobility Needs to be Managed   Wh y ?   Sensitive Data can   10 stolen •  Device lost or Stolen •  Malware or

Enterprise Mobility Management   Different Levels of Management • Device Level - Mobile Device Management COPE vs BYOD • Apps Level - Mobile Application Management     11

Enterprise Mobile First Strategy   Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella promised a “mobile first, cloud first” strategy that will carry over the “devices and services” strategy of outgoing chief executive Steve Ballmer.   Mobility has become the primary access mechanism for employees and customers to interact with businesses.   The mobile first strategy refers to companies' increasing tendency to design their products for mobile phones or devices before making correlate designs for traditional desktop and laptop computers.   Mobile First Digital Strategy basically talks about how digital strategy should think mobile first in their design and concept phase. Mobile-First Content Marketing Strategy     12

Visi on   To Build a complete open source suite of Enterprise Mobile Software to solve the Mobile First Challenge   ERP   Enterprise systems   3   SCM   CRM     HCM Email     BI Legacy Systems  

Management   Mobile  Device  Management   Mobile  ApplicaIon  Management     Application Development   mBaaS   MEAP     14

Mobile  Device  Management ! ๏  ๏  IdenIty  integraIon     ๏  Policy  Management   ๏  ContainerizaIon  (Email)   ๏  Self  Service  Provisioning   ๏  Role  Based  Permission   ๏  End-­‐User  MDM  Console     ๏  Enterprise  Wipe   ๏    Supports  Industry  Leading  Smartphone   Pla:orms  (Android,iOS)   ๏  9 Employee  /  Corporate  Owned   Reports  &  AnalyIcs! 8  

Android  Features ! ConfiguraSon   ๏  Device  Lock   ๏  User  password  protected  WIPE   ๏  Clear  Password   InformaSon   ๏  LocaIon   ๏  Ba]ery  InformaIon   ๏  Send  Message   ๏  Memory  InformaIon   ๏  Wi-­‐Fi   ๏  Operator  InformaIon   ๏  Camera   ๏  Encrypt  Storage   ๏  Mute   ๏  Password  Policy   ๏  Change  Lock  Code   ๏  App  BlacklisIng!   10 ๏  Root  DetecIon   ๏  ApplicaIon  InformaIon  

iOS  Features ! ConfiguraSon   ๏  Device  Lock   ๏  Clear  Passcode   InformaSon   ๏  Ba]ery  InformaIon   ๏  Wi-­‐Fi   ๏  Memory  InformaIon   ๏  Camera   ๏  ApplicaIon  InformaIon   ๏  VPN   ๏  APN   ๏  Email   ๏  Calendar   ๏  LDAP   ๏  Black  -­‐  LisIng  Apps   ๏  Enterprise  WIPE   ๏  Password  Policy!   11

Mobile  ApplicaSon  Management ! ๏  Publisher   ๏  Store   ๏  ApplicaIon  Management  Console !   13

MAM:  Publisher   ! ๏  Supports  mulIple  pla:orms   ๏  Android   ๏  NaIve,  Hybrid  ApplicaIon  (.apk)   ๏  Web  ApplicaIon   ๏  Market  Place  ApplicaIon  (Google  Play)  [Free]   ๏  iOS  (iPhone,  iPad)   ๏  NaIve,  Hybrid  ApplicaIon  (.ipa)  -­‐  Need  to  have  enterprise  developer   account   ๏  Web  ApplicaIon   ๏  Apple  Store  ApplicaIon  [Free]   ๏  VPP  ApplicaIon  (Next  Release)!   14

ApplicaSon  Management  Console ๏  Mobile  app  policy  enforcement   ๏  Compliance  monitoring   ๏  Bulk  app  push   ๏  User  Management   ๏  Tracking  app  InstallaIon   17 ! !

Roadmap ! ๏  Content  ContainerizaIon     ๏  Dynamic  Policy   ๏  App  ContainerizaIon   ๏   Samsung  KNOX  IntegraIon             ๏  Windows  8  ,  BlackBerry     ๏  Laptop  -­‐  Mac  ,  Windows  8     19 !

Use  Case ! How  WSO2  has  implemented  EMM  SoluIon  ?   Wi-­‐Fi  Internet  access  given  through  MDM   No  PSK   LDAP  AuthenIcaIon       19

Bene fits     23 •  Open Source •  Built on top of award winning Carbon platform •  Integrates with WSO2 Identity Server for robust authentication and authorization •  Integrates with WSO2’s big data analytics framework, including WSO2 Complex Event Processor (WSO2 CEP) for real-time analysis and WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (BAM) for batch analysis. •  Multi-tenant and cloud-ready; same software can be deployed directly on servers or in the cloud. •  Highly performant, available, stable, and scalable •  Lightweight and easy to deploy •  Unified Store (Mobile Apps,Widgets,Gadgets,Books,Magazines,API’s etc)  

Demos !   18

Business  Model !   6

Call  to  acSon  page ๏  Include  links  to  product  downloads,  white  paper   downloads  ,  etc. !   7 !



Contact  us  !  

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