Introducing Songdew- The fastest growing music network in India

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Information about Introducing Songdew- The fastest growing music network in India

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: sunnydavar



Songdew provides India's first of its kind platform to artists for collaborating, creating, publishing, promoting and distributing their music. As an artist on Songdew you can take advantage of the following benefits:

1) Create your profile and increase your reach by sharing your music with thousands of fans, listeners, artists and music community.
2) Network and Collaborate with other artists to share projects and to create more music.
3) Promote your music for FREE using personalized e mailers , widgets and banners to spread your music.
4) Upload and Promote your events for free and connect with other events for opportunities to perform.
5) Sell and monetize your CDs, digital albums, ringtones and merchandise on your personalized store and Songdew store.

For more information, log on to and register for free!i

For any specific information , please get in touch on

Songdew   Songdew   Social  Music  Network  

Music Industry in India has been Dominated by Filmi Music

Economics of Business makes TV channels & Radio Stations Play Filmi Music Only

However, since last few years,one is experiencing the resurgence of indie music. Music Festivals, College Fests are catalyst to this

..BUT ,it is Internet and Social Media which have democratised the process of discovery and promotion of new music

What if there is a digital platform exclusively for music which helps artists to promote their music & enables music lovers to engage with their favorite bands

A platform which provides career defining opportunities (both online & offline) to artists and bands

Within  few  months  of  its  launch,   Songdew  has  emerged  as  the  largest   music  network  in  India  with  15K  +   ar9sts  using  the  innova:ve  features  of   site    to  promote  its  music  and  engage   with  their  fans.   Av  9me  spent  on  site  =  12  Min  +   (  more  than  any  music  network)  

What  makes  Songdew  the  most   preferred  and  leading  music  network   amongst  ar9sts  and  music  lovers?  

Exposure  to  Ar9sts  &  Their  Music   Featured  ar9st  /Songdew   Pick   The  profile  of  popular  and   upcoming  ar:sts  are  featured   and  their  music  is  promoted   through  widgets  on  website,  on   Songdew  Radio,  through  e   mailers  &    on  social  media      

Exposure  to  Ar9sts  &  Their  Music   Songdew  Charts   bring  the  popular   music  /  ar:sts  every   day  to  the  music   lovers.   Genre  filters  allow  people   to  listen  to  the  music  of   their  choice      

Exposure  to  Ar9sts  &  Their  Music   Songdew  Radio  &   Playlists   Good  music  gets   exposure  on   Songdew  Radio   and  also  on   Featured  Playlists  

Exposure  to  Ar9sts  &  Their  Music   Ar9st  Profile  Page   A  profile  page  gets   created  for  every  ar:st  as   he  uploads  content  and   other  relevant  details.   Easy  for  Ar:sts  to   promote  their  work  and   for  music  lovers  to  have   all  informa:on  about  an   ar:st  at  one  place  

Tools  To  Promote  Music   Easy  Sharing  with   Exclusive  Songdew  Wave   Player  Widget     Ar:sts  and  music  lovers   can  share  any    track,  video   etc.  on  all  prominent  social   networks  (  Facebook,   twiKer,  Pinterest,  Tumblr,   G+  )   A  wave  form  gets  created   for  every  track  uploaded   and  the  same  could  be   shared  with  the  player  on   facebook  :me  lines.     Thus,  the  tracks  could  be   played  on  Facebook  itself.  

Tools  To  Promote  Music   Customised  E-­‐mailers   for  Fans   Ar:sts  could  create   customised  e-­‐mailers   to  promote  their   music,  videos,  events   by  few  clicks  and   send  the  same  to   their  fans..   They  could  also  check   key  analy:cs  like   open  rate/click  rate  … all  for  Free  !  

Tools  To  Promote  Music   Songdew  Propacks   Op:ons  for  ar:sts   to  promote  their   music  on  Songdew   and  social  media  

Facilita9ng  Engagement     Every  user  could   track  various   ac:vi:es  and   gets  news  feed   of  his/her   followers  on   easy  to  navigate   dashboard  

Opportuni9es  for  Ar9sts   Songdew   features   various   opportuni:es   for  ar:sts  to   promote  their   music  or   perform  in   gigs  

Opportuni9es  for  Ar9sts   A  few  partners  with  whom  Songdew  is  working     to  create  opportuni9es  for  ar9sts/bands  

Mobile  Site  with  simplified  UI  for   people  on  the  go  

Free  The  Music  –  A  Unique  Ini9a9ve   Bands/ar:sts  from   the  pool  of  ar:sts  on   website  are  iden:fied   and  their  music  is   launched  globally  by   Songdew  with   extensive  promo:on     and  the  opportunity  to   ar:sts  to  perform  in  the   best  venues  in  the   country    

Free  The  Music  :  Jumpstart    to  the  Career  

Songdew  provides  unique  des9na9on  to  reach   young  audience  through  music.     We  will  be  happy  to  discuss  ideas  of  developing   unique  and  engaging  concepts  integra9ng  your   messaging  /posi9oning  requirements  around   music    and  community  on  Songdew.    

Thank  you  

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